Actress and Power Time Presenter Choi Hwa-jung’s Profile

If you have ever heard your idol appear on Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time FM, you might be wondering, who is Choi Hwa-jung?

Choi is a multi-talented artist. She started her career as an actress. One of her notable works is the Drama “Hotelier”, in which she played the comedic character, Lee Son Jung. Her other notable work is the drama “Wonderful Days”, along with other famous actors such as Lee Seo-jin and Kim Hee-sun. She also used to host her own food talk show and wrote a book about food. For now, she is more active as a radio DJ on SBS’ Power FM.

Choi Hwa-jung’s Profile

Name: Choi Hwa Jung

Date of Birth: February 10, 1961

Educational History: Jinmyung Girls High School

Religion: Christianity – Protestant

Instagram: @1077power

Fancafe: ultrahwajung

Choi Hwa-jung’s Filmography


Youth March – 1983

Yeah – 1986

TV Novel Love – 1987

Blue Sunflower – 1987

Hotelier – 2001

Kim Su-Ro, The Iron King – 2010

The Greatest Love – 2011

Can We Get Married – 2012-2013

A Word From Warm Heart – 2013-2014

Wonderful Days – 2014

Jealousy Incarnate – 2016

The Best Hit – 2017


Prostitute – 1988

Behind The Camera – 2013

Miss Granny – 2014

Right Now, Wrong Then – 2015


Choi Hwa Jung’s Delicious Book – 1999

Chois’s Real Delicious Story – 2001


Korea Brand Conference Radio DJ #1 – 2009

SBS Broadcasting Entertainment Radio DJ Awards – 2008

Voice of SBS Award – 2006

Dong-Ah Theater Daesang – 1993

Choi Hwa-jung on Power FM

Choi has been a radio DJ for a long time, mostly on SBS’ Power Time. SBS Power FM itself is a K-pop music radio station from SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System). Her radio show is known as the show that idols have to be a guest on, along with EXID and Infinite, to promote their new album. Her specialty is her soothing voice and her fun way of talking with guests. She even had a cameo in the Drama “The Best Hit” and the movie “Miss Granny” as a radio DJ.

Choi Hwa-jung’s Scandal

According to the profile section on her internet site, Choi Hwa-jung graduated from Jinmyung Girls High School and Sangmyung Women’s University. However, the university released a statement saying that Choi Hwa-jung didn’t attend the university because her documents were not in their records from 1985. After this news broke in 2007, Choi Hwa-jung publicly apologized for forging her education.