Everything You Need To Know About Choi Han-bit, a South Korean Idol Who Was a Popular Transsexual

choi han bit

Choi Hanbit: Between Her Career and Transsexual Experience

The South Korean model Choi Hanbit gained a lot of attention due to her stunning visual, her career with the girl group Mercury, as well as the fact that she had sex-reassignment surgery. Let’s get to know more about Choi Hanbit here!

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Choi Hanbit’s Full Profile

choi hanbit

Birth Name: Choi Han-jin, legally changed to Choi Han-bit (최한빛)

Stage Name: Choi Han-bit (최한빛)

Birth: Gangneung, South Korea, June 16, 1987

Age: 33 years old

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 180.4 cm

Weight: 62.9 kg

Occupation: Singer, Model, Actress

Position in Mercury: Leader, Vocalist

Years Active: 2009 – Present

Label: Goan Entertainment, Starship Entertainment

Associated With: Mercury

Instagram: badahb87

Twitter: @badahb87

Choi Hanbit’s Fun Facts: A Guide To Know More About Her

choi han bit
  • Hanbit was a member of Mercury, a South Korean girl group
  • She was famously known as a model before joining Mercury in 2016
  • She also participated in Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 and ended up in 10th place
  • Hanbit graduated from Korean National University of Arts in Seoul and majored in Korean traditional dance
  • In 2006, Hanbit underwent gender reassignment surgery from male to female with the support of her parents
  • Hanbit legally changed her name from Choi Han-jin to Choi Han-bit
  • Her name Choi Han-bit has a meaning of a ray of sunshine in Korean

Choi Hanbit’s Flawless Visual

choi hanbit

Choi Han-bit is also famously known for her lovely visual appearance which is acknowledged by people as well. Even without any makeup on her face, her well-defined face has everything that every woman needs! Through several pictures down below, you’re gonna find the reasons why Hanbit is considered one of the angelic visuals:

choi han bit

Even with minimal makeup, Hanbit looked extremely stunning! She has delicate skin, black silky hair, innocent eyes, a small face shape, and obviously beautiful visual features as in her nose and her lips! Hanbit’s visual was effortlessly beautiful, right?

choi hanbit

On a daily basis, Hanbit has appeared with a casual style and natural makeup that emphasized her pure visual appearance. The mixture of chic, adorable, and cute vibes of hers has proven enough that Hanbit’s visual is something real! She could easily turn from a chic woman to an adorable girl as well.

choi han bit

People might be willing to glance over Hanbit’s sparkling visual since everything about her visual also made her into such a beautiful creature, especially her baby face! Hanbit appeared with a white outfit, low ponytail, and natural makeup which focused on her coral lips and were a perfect mixture for a gorgeous visual appearance!

Choi Hanbit’s Debut as a Mercury Member


Choi Han-bit made her debut as a girl group member with Mercury under Gaon Entertainment, and she was in charge as a vocalist and the group’s leader! Mercury was a four-liner group that consisted of Hanbit, Hyena, Seehee, and the added member Seoa. It was also revealed that Hyena and Seehee were Hanbit’s college friends at National University of Arts. Hanbit explained that the CEO of their company cast them after seeing their dance performance.

They released a debut single entitled “Don’t Stop” in March 2016 and gained a lot of attention, especially with the fact that Hanbit was a member who underwent sex-reassignment surgery. However, the group also established their popularity due to their talent and visuals as well, especially Hanbit who was known as Mercury’s vocalist with her husky-deep voice!


Through the single albums Don’t Stop and Let’s Play which were both released in 2016, Hanbit and other members proved their skills as K-pop idols. In one of Hanbit’s focus fancams during Mercury’s “Don’t Stop” performance, she looked absolutely gorgeous while singing and dancing on the stage!

As a leader and vocalist, Hanbit did a bunch of good works as well as took care of other Mercury members as well. She used to explain that Mercury wanted to be an incomparable and artistic girl group. Unfortunately, Mercury was only active for nearly a year after its debut in 2016. Due to their inactivity, the group was rumored to have disbanded in 2017, and the members have separated down their own paths.

Interview With Choi Hanbit

choi hanbit

In an interview session with The Korea Times, Hanbit explained her thoughts about transsexuals in South Korea since the country was known for its conservativeness. With self-confidence, Hanbit also encouraged people who were sexual minorities to not hide and to “embrace yourself.”

She also revealed her desire to get married one day with her future prince charming and wanted to have children. Although she couldn’t have biological children, she would adopt one son and one daughter instead.

choi han bit

Meanwhile, through one of the interviews with Mercury, Choi Hanbit who was in charge as the leader and vocalist also introduced their girl group through a special greeting. According to her, it was one of the ways to impress people as if with magic since their group name Mercury was kinda unique. Later on, Hanbit also explained about Mercury’s point dance for their debut single as well!

It also revealed that Hanbit used to experience a lot of comments about herself, especially everything that related to her previous career as a model and actress before she joined a girl group. However, she considered that as such a special experience and a great study opportunity to challenge herself.

Following a question and answer session, Hanbit and other Mercury members agreed that she was the most beautiful member without makeup. Then, she revealed that, usually, she didn’t use a lot of makeup since she had a well-defined face.

Watch the full interview here:

Choi Hanbit’s Instagram Account

choi hanbit

Choi Hanbit’s Instagram account is filled with a bunch of her content during daily activities. Currently, she has shared more than 700 posts on her account and reached more than 9k followers!

choi hanbit

Mostly, Hanbit would share her dance activities, self-portraits from vacations, her moments with colleagues and family, and her photoshoots. Instagram also became a platform for Hanbit to communicate with fans since they can make tiny interactions through the comment section as well!

Choi Hanbit has proven herself to people who might underestimate her as a transsexual with her self-confidence and talent which should be praised even more. Let’s always support Choi Hanbit’s career and look forward to her appearance in the future! Let us know your thoughts about her through the comment section!