Choi Daniel Profile: Real Name, Wife, Family, Movies and TV Shows

Choi Daniel’s Family

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Choi Daniel is considered as a Korean celebrity who allows his private life be known to the public. It is proven by the interview for Baek Ji-yeon’s People Inside, where Choi Daniel revealed some of his family stories, in which he lost his mother when he was only five years old. Then, Choi Daniel’s father’s business went bankrupt, which led to him being separated from his six-year older brother and father as he lived in his aunt’s house whereas they went to some other relative’s house. Even so, the young Choi Daniel never thought that those times were difficult, even though he admitted that it was uncomfortable and inconvenient for him. In addition, Choi Daniel also has shared the story of how he got his unusual name as a native Korean. After she delivered Choi Daniel’s older brother, Choi Daniel’s mother was unwell so she did not want to have another child and Choi Daniel’s father even got a vasectomy. However, Choi Daniel was born six years later, which is why the parents of Choi Daniel named him so as it means as “the son from the heavens”. Wow, what an interesting story!

List of Choi Daniel’s TV Shows and Radio Shows

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As was explained previously, Choi Daniel is a multi-talented actor who is able to play any kind of role in television dramas, proven by the fact that he has awards in the acting field. In addition, Choi Daniel has also become the permanent host of some radio shows. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television dramas and radio broadcasts that Choi Daniel has starred in and hosted.

2000 – EBS School Stories

2005 – KBS2 Golden Apple

2008 – KBS2 The World That They Live In (as Yang Soo-kyung (Assistant Director))

2008 – MBC General Hospital 2 (as cameo)

2009 – MBC Good Job, Good Job (as Lee Eun-hyuk)

2009 – MBC High Kick Through the Roof! (as Lee Ji-hoon)

2010 – tvN Once Upon a Time in Saengchori

2011 – KBS2 Baby-faced Beauty (as Choi Jin-wook)

2011 – SBS The Musical (as Hong Jae-yi)

2011 – MBC High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged (as Lee Ji-hoon, cameo on episode 95)

2011-present – KBS World Radio News Plus

2012 – TV Chosun Ji Woon Soo’s Stroke of Luck (as the Guy at the bank, cameo on episode 3)

2012 – SBS Ghost (as Park Ki-yeong / Hades, guest role on episode 1, 2, and 6)

2012 – KBS2 School 2013 (as Kang Se-chan)

2013 – KBS2 School 2013 Special (as Kang Se-chan)

2013 – KBS2 Looking Forward to Romance (as Cha Gi-dae)

2013-present – KBS 2FM Pops Pops

2014 – KBS2 Big Man (as Kang Dong-suk)

2015 – tvN Heart to Heart (as Neighborhood Bakery Owner, guest role)

2017 -2018 – KBS2 Jugglers (as Nam Chi-won)

List of Choi Daniel’s Movies and Music Videos

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Not only having participated in television dramas and radio shows, Choi Daniel has also starred in countless movies and became the main model of several Korean singers’ music videos. Well, aren’t you curious about the list of Choi Daniel’s movies and music videos, dear readers?

2004 – Model of Sung Hyun-ah’s music video Turn It Up

2009 – Yoga (as Dong-hoon)

2010 – Cyrano Agency (as Lee Sang-yong)

2010 – Model of Browneyed Souls music video Love Ballad

2011 – Age of Milk

2012 – The Traffickers (as Sang-ho)

2012 – The Peach Tree (as Cameo)

2013 – 11:00 AM (as Ji-wan)

2004 – Model of Im Chang-jung’s music video Open The Door

2014 – The Con Artists (as the Owner of Art Gallery (cameo))

2004 – Model of Wax’s music video Coin Laundry

2015 – The Chronicles of Evil (as Kim Jin-gyu)

2015 – Untouchable Lawmen (as Detective Jo Yoo-min)