Choi Daniel Profile: Real Name, Wife, Family, Movies and TV Shows

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Choi Daniel, the Korean Actor

Having debuted on School Stories on the educational television broadcast channel EBS at a very young age and already having received notable awards such as Best New Actor in a Sitcom at the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2009, Excellence Award in the category of Actor in a Miniseries at the KBS Drama Awards in 2011, and Excellence Award in the category of Actor in a One-act Drama at the KBS Drama Awards in 2013, Choi Daniel’s status as an actor is certainly not to be underestimated by us. Even though his name is rarely hyped up among avid K-Drama viewers, he has quietly starred in several dramas and taken different kinds of roles, making him a great actor. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Choi Daniel, starting from his full profile, his wife, his family, his television dramas and radio shows list, and his movies and music videos list. So, stay tuned!

Choi Daniel’s Full Profile

choi daniel

Real Name: Choi Daniel

Nickname: Yogi Daniel

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 22 February 1986

Age: 33 (Korean age) / 32 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Astrology: Tiger

Blood Type: A

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Christian

Height: 186 cm

Sibling: 1 (older brother named Choi Sung-woo)

Agency: J.Wide Company

Who Is Choi Daniel Wife?

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Good news for those who just become recent fans of Choi Daniel, and got curious about his love life because apparently, the star of our article has not yet tied the knot yet –at least in the reality. However, we found out that Choi Daniel has been linked to some female Korean celebrities throughout his career as an actor. Well, who are they?

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The first female Korean celebrity who was rumored to have a relationship with Choi Daniel is actress Hwang Jung-eum, his co-star on the MBC sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof!” in 2011. While it may look like such ordinary occurrence that is bound to happen between an actor and actress who play lovers in a drama, the relationship rumors between Choi Daniel and Hwang Jung-eum were actually harmful, as they affected Hwang Jung-eum’s real relationship with SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong-joon.

In details, the rumor stated that both Choi Daniel and Hwang Jung-eum were seen at a cafe together, which made even Hwang Jung-eum’s manager personally ask whether they were indeed dating, and Kim Yong-joon, who saw the rumors, had so much stress he decided to break up with Hwang Jung-eum temporarily before getting back together again.

In relation to his rumors with Hwang Jung-eum, Choi Daniel stated, “This may look selfish, but since it wasn’t true, I did not feel the need to officially deny the relationship. I thought it would be weird to start listing excuses when it wasn’t even real to start with.However, there was still misunderstanding because of that. When biased people gather, rumors are created. Stories with no evidence were made. But I didn’t want to say anything just for that reason. If I acted that way, wouldn’t it have looked like I was creating excuses for myself? I think viewers think that the characters in sitcoms are the actual actors. This sort of prejudice and how the show was promoted made these misunderstandings. But it was difficult to convince the people who already believed so firmly that it was false. I was just sad. There are instances when people don’t accept the truth. If it was a mini-series, maybe there wouldn’t have been a scandal.” Well, now we are glad that the rumor has been cleared since Choi Daniel and Hwang Jung-eum have clarified that the two of them are not dating!

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The second female Korean celebrity who was rumored to have a relationship with Choi Daniel is pop singer BoA, his co-star on the KBS2 drama “Looking Forward to Romance” in 2013. Unlike the previous scandal, the dating rumor between Choi Daniel and BoA is merely an assumption because they seemed close during the filming of their drama. In addition, the two of them are also the same age, so perhaps the viewers and fans of “Looking Forward to Romance” are eager to ship them as a real couple like in the drama!

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The third and also last female Korean celebrity who was rumored to have a relationship with Choi Daniel is actress Lee Da-hee, his co-star on the KBS2 drama “Big Man” in 2014. It is known that among the actresses that he has worked with, Choi Daniel has the best chemistry with Lee Da-hee, which prove that they took very close and intimate selfies in the above pictures. In addition, Lee Da-hee revealed on 17 May 2014 on KBS2 Entertainment Relay that Choi Daniel was watching her kissing scene with actor Kang Ji-hwan, and joked that he was jealous because of it. Well, which one of those female celebrities do you think would look the best paired up with Choi Daniel, dear readers?