Korean Actor Choi Dae-sung’s Profile, Movies, and TV Shows

choi daesung

The Korean Actor Choi Dae-sung

Starting his career as an actor in a movie in 2002, Choi Dae-sung’s face must be familiar because he is often seen as the supporting cast in movies and television dramas that K-drama fans are usually occupied with. Even though the information related to him is limited, Channel-Korea has compiled what you want to know about Choi Dae-sung, which consists of his full profile and his movie and television drama list. So, keep reading!

Choi Dae-sung’s Full Profile

choi daesung

Real Name: Choi Dae-sung

Date of Birth: South Korea, February 2, 1976

Age: 43 (Korean age) / 42 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

Nationality: South Korean

Choi Dae-sung’s Movie and TV Show List

choi daesung

Surprisingly, Choi Dae-sung has starred in many famous movies and dramas as the supporting cast, such as “The Host” in 2006, “Portrait of a Beauty” in 2008, “You’re Beautiful” in 2009, “I Can Hear Your Voice” in 2013, “Bring It On”, “Ghost” in 2016, and “Live Up to Your Name” in 2017. Well, aren’t you curious about the other movies and television shows of Choi Dae-sung, dear readers? For you, Channel-Korea has listed the other movies and dramas of Choi Dae-sung below!

2002 – True Colors of a Gangster (as Myung-suk)

2006 – The Host (as Duck boatman)

2007 – M (as Min-woo’s friend)

2008 – Romantic Island (as Manager)

2008 – The Good, the Bad, the Weird (as the Japanese gentleman)

2008 – Portrait of a Beauty (as a Patrol at police bureau)

2009 – SBS’s The City Hall (as Anarchist)

2009 – You’re Beautiful (as CF Director)

2009 – Soon-ji

2010 – Blades of Blood (as Im Chul-min’s subordinate 1)

2011 – Battlefield Heroes (as Silla soldier)

2012 – SBS’s Welcome Rain to My Life (as Jo Ki-dong)

2013 – SBS’s I Can Hear Your Voice (as Doyeon’s office employee)

2014 – SBS’s Only Love (as Director Joo)

2015 – KBS’s Snowy Road (as pro-Japanese collaborator)

2015 – Alive (as Dae-sung)

2016 – KBS2’s The Master of Revenge (as Ra Won-sang)

2016 – tvN Bring It On, Ghost (as Sauna owner in episode 4)

2016 – tvN’s Cinderella and Four Knights (as fabric wholesaler)

2016 – MBC ‘sWoman with a Suitcase (as Go Goo-tae)

2016 – Luck-Key (as Director 2)

2016-2017 – KBS2’s Sound of Your Heart (as a taxi driver)

2016 -2017 – KBS1’s The Shining Eun-soo (as Yong-sik)

2017 – KBS2’s My Father is Strange (as General manager)

2017 – tvN’s Live Up to Your Name (as Heo Im’s teacher)

2017 – Snowy Road (as pro-Japanese collaborator)