Choi Bool-am Profile: Movies and Food Shows

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Choi Bool Am The Korean Actor

Debuted in some plays before making a career as an actor of movie and television drama, Choi Bool-am has successfully become the veteran actor that South Korea can be proud of. Notable awards such like Best TV Acting on the 10th Baeksang Arts Awards in 1974, Best Actor on the 18th Grand Bell Awards in 1979, and Star Hall of Fame on the 3rd Seoul International Drama Awards in 2008 are the proofs how Choi Bool-am has to be considered as one of the greatest actors. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Choi Bool-am, starting from his full profile, his movies and television series list, and his food shows. So, stay tuned!

Choi Bool Am Full Profile

choi boolam

Real Name: Choi Young-han

Stage Name: Choi Bool-am

Date of Birth: Geumgok-dong, Donggu, Incheon 15 June 1940

Occupation: Actor and Professor

Age: 79 (Korean age) / 78 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

Blood Type: B

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Education: Hanyang University, Seorabeol Art College, Jungang High School

Parents: Choi Cheol and Lee Myeong-suk

Spouse: Kim Min-ja (married in 1970)

Children: Choi Dong-bi and Choi Dong-nyeok

Choi Bool Am Movies and TV Shows List

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As has been explained previously, Choi Bool-am is considered as a senior actor who has starred countless movies and television dramas throughout his career, proven that he got many awards related to the acting field. Thus, in this section, Channel-Korea compiles the list of movies and television series that Choi Bool-am has acted in.

1968 – The Lady Bandit

1970 – The Evening Bell

1970 – A Friendship for the Future

1971 – Say Goodbye Like a Man

1971 – MBC Inspector Chief

1973 – Nongae the Kisaeng

1973 – With My Love, Forever

1974 – Gypsy of the Heart

1974 – Blue Jeans (as Officer Ha)

1974 – Transgression

1974 – A White Handkerchief

1975 – Yeong-ja in Her Prime

1975 – Chun-ja’s Love Story

1975 – The 49th Day After Death

1975 – Lust

1975 – Red Shoes

1976 – A Byegone Romance

1976 – The Rocking Horse and the Girl

1976 – Graduating Student (as Jeong-shik)

1976 – I Really Have a Dream

1976 – Love of Blood Relations

1977 – I Really Like You

1978 – The Gate

1978 – King Sejong the Great

1979 – Romance Gray

1979 – Run Towards Tomorrow

1980 – Be Courageous Man-seok!

1980 – Son of Man

1980 – An Innocent College Student

1980 – Last Witness (as Hwang Ba-woo)

1980 – Good Windy Day (as Kim Hwi-jang)

1980 – MBC Lifetime in the Country (as Kim Min-jae)

1981 – Whale Island Escapade

1981 – Three Times Each for Short and Long Ways

1982 – Choon Hee

1986 – Gilsoddeum

1987 – Our Sweet Days of Youth

1991 – MBC Eyes of Dawn (as Yoon Hong-chul (Yeo-ok’s father))

1995 – MBC Woman (as Sung-hyuk)

1996 – MBC Mimang (as Jun Chuh-man)

1998 – MBC You and I (as Park Jae-chul)

1999 – MBC Jump

2000 – MBC More Than Love (as Kim Han-bong)

2002 – MBC Sunlight (as Choi Myung-ho)

2002 – MBC Remember (as Moon Suk-chun)

2003 – MBC Forever Love (as Mr. Jang)

2004-2005 – MBC The Age of Heroes (as older Tae-san)

2004 – None of Your Cheek (as Brick)

2005 – She’s on Duty (as Chief Prosecutor)

2005-2006 – MBC Sweet Spy (as Choi Bum-koo)

2006 – MBC I Really Really Like You (as Jang Min-ho (the President))

2006 – MBC Princess Hours (as Emperor Seong-jo)

2008 – SBS Gourmet (as Mr. Oh)

2009 – SBS Smile, You (as Kang Man-bok)

2010 – MBC Road No. 1 (as old Tae-ho (special appearance))

2011-2012 – Channel A Heaven’s Garden (as Jung Boo-sik)

2012 – JTBC Happy Ending (as Doo-soo’s father)

2014 – SBS Glorious Day (as Kim Cheol-soo)

Choi Bool Am Food Show

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Besides acting on movies and television dramas, Choi Bool-am is also famous for becoming the MC of KBS Korean Cuisine and Dining, a food show which has aired since 6 January 2011 and has received the award as Best Educational or Cultural TV Show on Baeksang Arts Awards. Occasionally, Korean Cuisine and Dining would invite the guests who are the popular K-pop idol group members or singers so the demographics of this show is not limited to the native Koreans only but also the fans of certain guest who are curious about the appearance of their favorite idol. Contrastly, Korean Cuisine and Dining is not Choi Bool-am’s first food show because previously in 2008, Choi Bool-am has starred in SBS Gourmet, a television drama which is aimed to show the true potential of Korean food by offering a wide range of traditional and daily Korean food recipes. In relation to the drama, Choi Bool-am stated that he usually does not go to the kitchen because he was actually scared. Even so, because of his role which is a person who cooked his entire life, Choi Bool-am tried to act as best as he can to practice how a chef’s workload would be. Well, being an actor is surely not an easy job, don’t you think so, dear readers?