Chocolat’s Tia’s Full Profile, Focus Fancams, Visual, and More That You Should Know!

Chocolat's Tia profile

Everything That You Should Know About Chocolat’s Korean-American Member Hwang Tia Cuevas!

2011 became a legendary year in K-pop because there were many rising K-pop groups that debuted that year, including Chocolat. This girl group debuted on August 2, 2011, under Paramount Music with their single “Syndrome.” Chocolat had a 5-member lineup consisting of Jaeyoon, Min Soa, Juliane, Tia, and Melanie. Besides that, Chocolat also became the first mixed-race girl group that debuted in South Korea, and it certainly attracted the attention of Korean citizens and also international fans.

In this article, let’s get to know one of Chocolat’s members who had the position as the visual and often gained the spotlight from fans because of her beauty and talent. Without waiting any longer, find out more about Chocolat’s Tia’s full profile, fun facts, and latest news in this article below!

Chocolat’s Tia’s Full Profile

Chocolat's Tia profile

Real Name: Tia Hwang Cuevas (Hangul: 티아황에바스)

Stage Name: Tia (Hangul: 티아)

Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S., March 15, 1997

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 171 cm (5’7″)

Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Blood type: B

Position in the group: Vocalist, Visual, Main Dancer

Religion: Protestantism

Education: Bachelor of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

Nationality: Korean-American

Official Site:

Chocolat’s Tia’s Fun Facts

Chocolat's Tia profile
  1. Chocolat’s Tia’s Chinese star sign is the Rooster
  2. Chocolat’s Tia is mixed with Korean, German, and Puerto Rican
  3. Chocolat’s Tia’s mother is from Jeolla-do
  4. Chocolat’s Tia came to Korea when she was 6 years old and lived there for 3 years
  5. Chocolat’s Tia also lived in Japan for 2 years because his father had to work there
  6. Chocolat’s Tia grew up in Korea since she was 12 years old
  7. Chocolat’s Tia attended foreign schools in Korea in elementary, middle, and high school, and she graduated from college in the United States
  8. Chocolat’s Tia speaks both Korean and English fluently
  9. Chocolat’s Tia received attention for her mature and tall appearance compared to her age when she just debuted
  10. Chocolat’s Tia debuted when she was 14 years and 5 months old
  11. Chocolat’s Tia’s specialty was freestyle dancing
  12. Chocolat’s Tia appeared on TV Kindergarten Funny Funny as an English teacher in 2010
  13. Chocolat’s Tia was selected as a model for the Korean cosmetic brand Lioele from November 2011 to February 2012
  14. Chocolat’s Tia appeared on High Kick 3 on February 10, 2012, as Kang Seung-yoon’s girlfriend
  15. Chocolat’s Tia appeared as a reporter for Section TV’s Entertainment News in April 2014
  16. Chocolat’s Tia worked as a freelance model after the group disbanded
  17. Chocolat’s Tia is the host of TBS eFM’s The Scoop as of August 23, 2021
  18. Chocolat’s Tia is close friends with f(x)’s Amber, NUEST’s Aron, Shannon William, and Dani
  19. Chocolat’s Tia’s name, Cueva, is a Spanish surname because Tia’s paternal grandfather is Spanish from Puerto Rico
  20. Chocolat’s Tia often posts Bible verses on social media
  21. Chocolat’s Tia’s father was a soldier in the U.S. Armed Forces
  22. Chocolat’s Tia doesn’t like using Hwang as her surname because it’s her mother’s maiden name

Chocolat’s Tia’s Visual

Chocolat's Tia profile

The South Korean entertainment industry is known as an industry that has many artists when it comes to idols, actresses, actors, and other workers who have to perform in front of many people. It’s not a strange thing anymore when the South Korean entertainment industry has a good-looking entertainer who becomes a role model for many people because they always look perfect.

As a member of a multi-racial girl group, Chocolat’s Tia’s visual and appearance also attracts a lot of attention from the public because she definitely looks like a goddess! If you’re curious about Chocolat’s Tia’s visual, let’s find out more in this session below!

Chocolat's Tia profile

As one of the multi-racial K-pop idols, Chocolat’s Tia received huge attention from K-pop fans, which at that time provided an opportunity for many groups to debut and enliven the Hallyu Wave. In the picture above, Chocolat’s Tia, who at that time debuted at the age of 14, certainly looks mature and very beautiful. She has perfect visuals for a kid her age and also has long, straight hair, naturally formed eyebrows, big eyes, and a high nose like a celebrity.

Chocolat's Tia profile

Chocolat’s Tia’s beauty certainly cannot be compared with other members or idols who at that time were also promoting vigorously to maintain their career journey. Chocolat’s Tia’s beauty is unmatched because she seems too perfect as an idol and also has very good body proportions.

Chocolat’s Tia, who was the visual of the group, looks beautiful with her tall and slim body. Many can’t comment on Chocolat’s Tia because she seems to have no flaws when it comes to visuals.

Chocolat's Tia profile

Chocolat’s Tia’s pre-debut pictures also look perfect! As a member who has dual nationality as a Korean-American, she has a half-American visual and she also has a slightly beautiful appearance as a Korean that was inherited from her mother.

If you look at the picture above, Chocolat’s Tia doesn’t look like she’s wearing any makeup, and it’s still clear that her cheeks are still chubby because she hadn’t debuted at the time this picture was taken. Her wavy hair also suits her the most because it is her natural beauty that comes out really great as a multi-racial K-pop idol.

Chocolat's Tia profile

When Chocolat debuted, this girl group had a good reputation during their debut era. Chocolat’s Tia also looked very beautiful like an idol who debuted earlier than her. She looks very good at showing every pose and looks good in every picture. Chocolat’s Tia who was a teenager at that time was able to give off her aura as a K-pop star, and her beauty is truly undeniable.

Chocolat Tia profile

During Chocolat’s promotion with “Black Tinkerbell,” Chocolat’s Tia looked more mature and gained a little weight. Her visual and appearance look even more beautiful over time.

One of the members who has also appeared on Korean variety shows several times was a talented young idol at the time. As you can see from the picture above, she looks very beautiful with her long wavy brown hair, and her makeup looks thicker than the previous images because her facial features had also changed due to puberty.

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