Left FNC Entertainment, Here is the History of AOA’s Main Vocalist, Choa

Japan Debut and Activities


On October 1st, 2014, AOA released their first Japanese single, which was a remake of the Korean single “Miniskirt” with the same single title, but with song lyrics adapted to Japanese, including songs from their first mini-album, Short Hair.

AOA released a Japanese version of Like a Cat on February 25th, 2015, the single also came with the Japanese versions of “Elvis” and “Just the Two of Us.”

Choa Officially Leaves AOA!


After a vacuum from various activities of her group AOA, Choa finally announced that she would be leaving the group. She made her official announcement via a post on her Instagram account on Thursday (06/22/2017).

Choa wrote a long caption and mentioned the reason for leaving the group that had raised her name. Previously, many fans speculated about the state of Choa and now she also stated that she left AOA because of depression and insomnia.


Here is the message from Choa that she wrote on his Instagram post.

Hello, this is Choa. I’m sure many people are shocked by the cessation of my activities in the group. Many people are worried and curious about me, so I thank you for that. I want to share the reason why I have to rest and the decisions I made aren’t easy.

Shortly after AOA debuted, AOA did not immediately receive a lot of love so I learned that love is something that must be appreciated and is very important. That’s why I am very grateful for getting a lot of love and support.

In my group, I’m an Unnie (as called for older member), but in my heart, I’m still very young. When I do promotions, often I want to cry. However, the reason people come and support me is that they want to see a smile on my face and a happy me. I know that, but in my heart, I actually want to cry. This cycle keeps repeating until finally, I realize that inside me I feel sick.

I suffer from insomnia and depression and have received treatment. During the promotion period in the last 2 years, I have quite reduced my activities and when I rest it seems like I can’t really rest. There are still many eyes that see me and I realize that this feeling will continue and I can be an obstacle to my group.

After discussing with my agency, starting from today… I am no longer a member of AOA. I will leave the group and I hope people will continue to give support to my group. When I was a celebrity for 8 years, I learned a lot. I also realized that the difficult times I had to face would make me grow over time. I saw that as an opportunity to learn.

This year I will be 28 years old. I will reflect on the turbulent times of my life and will work hard to improve myself for the future and to enjoy the rest of my 20s.

In addition to my personal activities, there are no other activities that I think of. When I am no longer afraid and become better, then I will come back and show myself better. Please continue to support and pray for my best when that time arrives. You are still there to support me, surely I will return.

There are so many people who support me to this day and always worry about me. I’m very grateful because you have given me support and love. To the members of my group who are always beside me at all times, I’m also very grateful.

To all those who love me and AOA, I really thank you.

Former Member of AOA Choa, Revealed To Have Left FNC Entertainment!


It has belatedly been revealed that Choa has left FNC Entertainment.

Choa’s departure from AOA was announced in June 2017. However, her contract with FNC Entertainment still remained valid after she left the group.

On May 13th, it was reported that Choa has now also left FNC Entertainment. In response to the reports, the agency confirmed, “Our contract with Choa has ended. We ask for your understanding of not being able to reveal the exact timing due to the terms of the contract.”

Former Member of AOA, Choa, Thanks Fans for Birthday Gift in First Instagram Post in a Year

Kpop Profiles

On March 5th, former AOA member Choa took to her Instagram for the first time in a year and thanked her fans for the birthday wishes.

She posted photos of a subway ad prepared by fans in celebration of her birthday and wrote, “I am sincerely grateful to you for celebrating my birthday again this year. It is a bit late, but I wish everyone a Happy New Year.”

Choa departed from both FNC Entertainment and AOA in July 2017. Since then, she has been staying out of the public eye, except for the time she thanked her fans for celebrating her birthday last year.

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