South Korean Actor: Cho Yeon-woo Profile

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The Korean Actor Cho Yeon-woo

Cho Yeon-woo is an actor in South Korea’s showbiz industry and has been active since 2003. He started from a mere guest role as a part of a yakuza (organized crime syndicates, originated in Japan). Despite only being nominated twice at award events, Cho Yeon-woo has won an award as New Star Award on SBS Drama Awards in 2005 for his works Dear Heaven and Bad Housewife. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Cho Yeon-woo, including his full profile and the list of his television series, films, and television shows. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Cho Yeon-woo

cho yeonwoo

Real Name: Cho Jong Wook

Stage Name: Cho Yeon-woo

Date of Birth: May 30, 1973, in Seoul, South Korea

Age: 46 (Korean age) / 45 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Astrology: Ox

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Blood Type: O

Spouse: Cha Se-won (married since 2009)

Talent Agency: JIstory Entertainment

List of Cho Yeon-woo’s Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

cho yeonwoo

Cho Yeon-woo’s most famous works include a few dramas, such as Dear Heaven, The Invisible Man, What’s Up Fox, Moon Hee, The Scarlet Letter, and Can Love Become Money? in which most of his roles are the leading ones. In addition to dramas, Cho Yeon-woo often participates on variety shows, be it as the host or guest star. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series, films, and TV shows that Cho Yeon-woo has starred and appeared in.

2003, SBS: All In (guest role as a yakuza)

2003, KBS2: Not Divorced (supporting role as Lee Jae-young)

2005: Bad Housewife (main role as Ji Sun-woo)

2005, SBS: Dear Heaven (main role as Kim Cheong-ha, a movie star)

2006, SBS: The 101st Proposal (guest role as a man on a blind date)

2006: Old Miss Diary the Movie (supporting role as PD Park)

2006, KBS2: The Invisible Man (main role as Ha Joon-ho)

2006, MBC: What’s Up Fox (supporting role as Bae Hee-myung)

2007, MBC: Moon Hee (supporting role as Yoo Jin)

2007, MBC: Yi San (supporting role as Jeong Hu-gyeom)

2009, MBC: What’s for Dinner? (supporting role as Yoo Joon-hee)

2010, KBS2: Drama Special: Hot Coffee (main role as Choi Chang)

2010, MBC: The Scarlet Letter (main role as Lee Dong-joo)

2010, XTM: Lucky Strike 300 (host)

2010, QTV: Behind – Season 2 (host)

2011, Story On: Lee Seung-yeon and 100 Women (host)

2011, MBC: KOICA’s Morning, Senegal Episode (fixed cast)

2011, MBC: Hooray for Love (guest role as Director Park)

2011, MBC: Dangerous Women (supporting role as Kang Dong-joon)

2011, KBS2: Drama Special: The Sound of My Wife Breathing (main role as Lee Joon-hee)

2011, Channel A: Happy and (main role as Sung-wook in episode 3)

2011, Channel A: Queen of Coffee (supporting role)

2012, JTBC: Kimchi Family / Fermentation Family (supporting role as Choi Yong-bin)

2012, MBN: Can Love Become Money? (main role as Kim Sun-woo)

2012, MBC: Can’t Live Without You (supporting role as Kim Sang-do)

2012, JTBC: Childless Comfort (guest role as Oh Hyun-soo)

2013, SBS: The Suspicious Housekeeper (supporting role as Manager Choi)

2013, MBC: Give Love Away (supporting role as Jang Yoon-chul)

2013, KBS2: Drama Special: Chagall’s Birthday / Some Kind of Relationship (supporting role as Kim Tae-soo)

2013, SBS: Honey (supporting role)

2013-2014, KBS1: Real Experience! Embrace the World (host)

2014, KBS2: Hi! School – Love On (supporting role as Hwang Woo-jin)

2014, MBC: Oh! My Baby (fixed cast)

2015, SBS: Enchanting Neighbor (supporting role as Choi Dae-kyung)

2015, MBC: Glamorous Temptation (supporting role as Kwon Joon-hyuk)

2016, SBS: I’m Sorry, But I Love You (supporting role as Gong Chun-soo)

2016: Female Wars: Wandering Eyes (main role as Chang-woo)