Cho Seung-woo’s Wife: Dating Rumor, Ex-Girlfriend, Ideal Type, Etc.

cho seung woo wife

The South Korean Charming Actor, Cho Seung-woo Revealed His Status

Cho Seung-woo is a South Korean actor. He was part of movies Chunhyang, Tazza: The High Rollers, and Love Phobia. The actor, born in 1980, became a hit at the box office with those movies.

This popularity leads to the question of whether Cho Seung-woo is already married or has a girlfriend. For short, Cho Seung-woo is not married yet. Check this article about Cho Seung-woo’s wife: dating, rumor, past girlfriend, ideal type on this Channel-Korea below! Stay reading!

Cho Seung-woo is Not Married Yet

cho seung woo wife

Cho Seung-woo is single and has no wife yet. He also does not have any controversy in the relationship. Although he has already reached his 40s, Cho Seung-woo still has not found his true love.

No one is late while talking about marriage, everyone has their clock. He dreamed to married in his 20s, but it was not happening. However, he had a promising career in the movie industry.

Cho Seung-woo’s Past Girlfriend: Kang Hye-jung

cho seung woo wife

Cho Seung-woo ever dated a celebrity, Kang Hye-jung for three years. In the period 2004 to 2007, they become in a relationship after working together on the film Love Phobia. They both co-starred in that movie.

They met in the drama God’s Gift-14 days in the beginning, but the love just grows in their second project. They broke up after three years of relationship. Cho Seung-woo admitted that they remained good friends afterward. On 2014, he ever stated good wishing for Kang Hye-jung for her new album and asked her out to have a meal. They are true friends!

Cho Seung-woo is Clean in Dating Rumor But Has Marriage Plan

cho seung woo wife

Talking about marriage, Cho Seung-woo planned to get married when he was 20 years old, but he has failed. So, he wishes to get married in his middle 40s.

Cho Seung-woo admitted that it might be challenging to maintain a relationship since he is quite close to the social. He is the kind of person who loves his job in the movie industry. Although passed his marriage time, he felt ready to married anytime.

Cho Seung-woo’s Ideal Type: Has Good Attitude Than Just Appearance

cho seung woo wife

Cho Seung-woo’s ideal type is someone with a likable character. He is interested in a woman who shows a good attitude rather than only physical appearance. He revealed that he does not have a specific appearance but how they could grow a relationship. Cho Seung-woo doesn’t have an Instagram account to know what activity he had on, but this Instagram fan’s account could do.

It’s all about Cho Seung-woo’s wife, dating rumors, ex-girlfriend, ideal type, etc. While he might not have a specific appearance on his perfect type, everyone could have a chance, right? What do you think about putting your comment below! Keep sending positive messages always.