‘Signal’ Actor Cho Jin-woong’s Full Profile: Weight Loss, Wife, and Movies

Cho Jin-woong in Drama “Signal”

Cho Jin-woong

We all know that as a huge part of the Drama “Signal”Cho Jin-woong really deepens his skills in this drama. It is no wonder that after this drama ended he gained a lot of popularity, and also won the Daesang Award for his acting in “Signal”. However, did you guys know that after this drama ended Cho Jin-woong himself didn’t feel special but depressed?

Cho Jin-woong said in an interview with local media that he felt a sense of depression after acting in “Signal”, which had earned him fame.

I suffered terrible after effects,” Cho said in an interview with Sports Chosun. “The storyline shows viewers a gloomy and saddening atmosphere, which made me want to choose a bright character in my next role.

During the interview, he shared a story about a bereaved family member of a victim of crime, who sent a text message of gratitude to the entire staff of “Signal”.

Everyone there cried out loud,” he said. “I had to act with grave responsibility, in order not to ignore the message.

Cho Jin-woong’s Weight Loss

Cho Jin-woong

Just as we told you above, Cho Jin-woong had to make a huge transformation for his career. To act as a very sensitive character in the movie “Bluebeard”, he had to lose around 18kg of weight!

With a little effort, he was successful at losing weight, and look at him, doesn’t he look more handsome?

Cho Jin-woong’s Personal Life (wife)

Jo Jin-Woong

On November 9, 2013, actor Cho Jin-woong married his a long-time non-celebrity girlfriend, Kim Min-a. Cho Jin-woong’s marriage ceremony took place in a Lotte hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Prior to the ceremony, Cho Jin-woong did a press release and shared his thoughts on marriage.