Cho Hye-jung: Full Profile, Weight Loss, and Controversy Involving Her with Lee Sung-kyung

Controversy with Lee Sung-kyung

In 2017, Cho Hye-jung and Lee Sung-kyung experienced a controversy that was quite shocking to the public because the pair had played in the same drama and had a very good relationship before. However, past Instagram activity from Lee Sung-kyung and Cho Hye-jung came to the public’s attention. The issue related to the time when Lee Sung-kyung started a live Instagram feed right after Cho Hye-jung’s started hers. Cho Hye-jung turned on Instagram live to communicate with her fans. Not long after, Lee Sung-kyung also turned on Instagram live, which led the netizens to believe she purposely did that in order to best Cho Hye-jung and take her fans attention. A rep from Cho Hye-jung’s Jellyfish Entertainment label spoke up about the issue and explained, “What Lee Sung-kyung stated on her fan cafe is true. We have spoken with Lee Sung-kyung and we have responded. There is no tension .”

Reporting from Soompi, in her statement, Lee Sung-kyung stated that both she and Jo Hye Jung were confused and surprised that the incident had become a controversy. The actress said, “Cho Hye-jung and I are like Bok Joo and Nan Hee. We have many memories together and care for each other very much. Those who watched the drama will know but how could anyone not like someone as lovable as or want to hurt her feelings?”

Lee Sung-kyung stated, “The comments I made that might read as hurtful align with the jokes are usually taking place between myself and Cho Hye-jung on see. We always bickered in a way that was cute and fun. For those who don’t know this, I understand how the situation could have been misunderstood. We truly didn’t know that those teasing remarks would be perceived in this way.”

Lee Sung-kyung also stated that she had apologized to Cho Hye-jung, just because the actress had been hurt because of her comments. In response, Cho Hye-jung said, “You already know this but I really like you and I was really happy that we were able to work on such a great project together. I want to be friends for a long time so I’ll try even harder too.” Lee Sung-kyung explained, “Cho Hye-jung is someone that I can’t help but adore. I’ve never thought of Cho Hye-jung as just a junior.”

Then Lee Sung-kyung wrapped up her statement and said, “I will act more responsibly and thoughtfully from now on. I am someone who is still very lacking in many ways. I will reflect on my actions and returns after I have made improvements. Thank you for everyone who pointed this out to me.”

Cho Hye-jung’s Latest News

There hasn’t been much recent news about Cho Hye-jung. She continues to focus on her individual activities and preparing for her next drama project. However, in 2018, Cho Hye-jung had to deactivate her Instagram account because she kept getting negtive comments related to her father, Jo Jae-hyun’s, case of sexual abuse.

Two months after disappearing from Instagram, Cho Hye-jun resumed using Instagram but turned off the comment column feature because many people gave her evil comments related to her father’s case. Until now, the case of sexual harassment committed by her father still hasn’t been fully resolved. If you want to know more about her activity, you can follow her Instagram @haejung_c.