Profile of Korean Child Actress Lee Joon-ha

lee joon ha

Probably some of people haven’t hear her name yet. Well, Lee Joon-ha might be ain’t a familiar name. But, she’s one of the Korean child actress that has been appears in many movies and TV shows. Lee Joon-ha increasingly famous after her appearance in Midnight FM (2010) and The Suicide Forecast (2011). When she was starred in those films, she was still in 9-10 ages. Now, Channel Korea will give you the general information about Lee Joon-ha!

General Information

Name: Lee Joon-ha

Hangul: 이준하

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, April 15, 2001

Age: 17 (international age) / 18 (Korean age)

Lee Joon-ha’s TV Series and Films

lee joon ha

Started her career in such a really young age, her image as a child actress attached to her. Here’s the list of Lee Joon-ha’s TV series and films! Which one of them that have you seen?

TV Series

Year Title Role
2006 Love Truly Jang Joon-won’s Daughter
2007 New Wise Mother, Good Wife Child
2007 By My Side Saet-byul
2007 The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince Child at Taekwondo Class
2007 Auction House Yoo Ri
2008 Saranghae (I Love You) Mi Joo
2008 Our Happy Ending young Kang Mi-na
2008 My Life’s Golden Age Yoo Hyo-eun
2010 Smile Again Lee Soong-yi



Year Title Role
2007 Small Town Rivals Yeo-jin
2008 The Little Prince Saet-byul
2008 Truck Jung Da-young
2009 Running Turtle Second Daughter
2010 Harmony Children’s choir
2010 Midnight FM Ko Eun-soo
2010 Finding Mr. Destiny Woo-ri
2011 The Suicide Forecast Mi-hee


Based on her role in Midnight FM and The Suicide Forecast, her name starting to be recognized by people. In Midnight FM, Lee Joon-ha starring as Ko Eun-soo, a sick daughter and can’t talk from Ko Sun-young, a Radio Announcer. In The Suicide Forecast, Lee Joon-ha appears as one of child from Bu Book-soon.

lee joon ha

Lee Joon-ha also has been in the same film with the famous Goblin actor, Gong Yoo. They were filming Finding Mr. Destiny that has been released in 2010. Lee Joon-ha starring as Woo-ri, a niece from Gi-joon (Gong Yoo).

Lee Joon-ha’s past TV shows and films are released in 2010 and 2011, that means it’s already 7 years since her appearance in entertainment. There’s no recent news about her, even her recently appearance. Well, let’s guessing how’s her recent looks and hopefully she will come back to entertainment and continuing her acting career!