Cherry Bullet’s Chaerin: Profile, BTS’s Jungkook’s Friend, and Acting in ‘Love Revolution’

Popular Lead Singer of Girl Group Cherry Bullet and Former Big Hit Entertainment Trainee

Chae-rin is a South Korean singer from the girl group Cherry Bullet under FNC Entertainment. She is also known as a childhood friend of BTS’s Jungkook. Let’s get to know about Chae-rin’s profile and her career in the entertainment industry below in this Channel Korea article! Stay reading!

Cherry Bullet’s Chae-rin’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Chae-rin (Hangeul: 채린)

Real Name: Park Chae-rin (Hangeul: 박채린)

Birthplace: Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Height: 166 cm (5ft 5 in)

Weight : 45 kg (99 lb)

Position: Lead Vocalist, dancer

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Blood type: A

Shoe Size: 235 mm

12 Fun Facts About Cherry Bullet’s Chae-rin

– Chae-rin has the ability of a power booster character.

– She graduated from Daehwa Middle School of Performing Arts in Seoul.

– Her role model is Seolhyun; Chae-rin adores her so much!

– Chae-rin’s special skill is lifting objects with her eyelashes.

– Her nicknames are So-geumie (Salty) and Chae-so (Vegetable).

– Chae-rin attended SOPA.

– She has huge stamina that makes her surroundings happy.

– She became a trainee in BigHit Entertainment in 2012.

– She is friends with BTS’s Jungkook.

– Chae-rin’s motto is “Let’s live our best life every day.”

– Her favorite colors are black and white.

– She trained with GFRIEND’s SinB.

Cherry Bullet’s Chae-rin’s Pre-Debut in BigHit Entertainment

Before debuting, Chae-rin tried the audition program on the television station MBC called Star Audition: The Great Birth. She was scouted by the CEO of BigHit Entertainment, Bang Shi-hyuk, to become their trainee. Chae-rin learned to sing and dance starting at the age of 10. Her journey as a trainee in BigHit Entertainment was not smooth sailing to enter the debut line. The company debuted a girl group in 2012, yet during that time, Chae-rin was still quite young.

Later on, after her contract ended with BigHit Entertainment, Chae-rin decided to move to FNC Entertainment, following the path of her future fellow Cherry member Hae-yoon. Chae-rin still has a good relationship with the staff of BigHit Entertainment who still support her after she became a member of the girl group Cherry Bullet.

Cherry Bullet’s Chaerin’s Debut With Cherry Bullet

Chae-rin debuted with Cherry Bullet on November 22, 2018. The group released the album Let’s Play Cherry Bullet on January 21, 2019. The members of Cherry Bullet include Ji-won, May, and Yu-ju, Hae-yoon, Lin Lin, Chae-rin, Kokoro, Mi-rae, Re-mi, and Bo-ra.

Cherry Bullet’s Chae-rin is Childhood Friends With BTS’s Jungkook

Chae-rin spent her younger years as a trainee in BigHit Entertainment and trained alongside BTS’s Jungkook who was under the same company. Eventually, their talent led them both to be recruited from the audition program.

BTS’s Jungkook and Chae-rin were 15 years old and 10 years old when they first met and started training together. They were also together when they trained in the USA to sharpen their singing abilities. The opportunity of going abroad to train their talent is not simply granted, and not many trainees are allowed to train abroad unless they are part of the big three entertainment companies.

Here are some cute photos from their togetherness in the USA and when they were trainees in BigHit Entertainment.

Cherry Bullet’s Chaerin’s Acting Career in the Drama Love Revolution

Chae-rin’s ability is not only in singing and dancing. She also tries acting to spread her wings in the entertainment industry. Chae-rin obtained a role as a guest in the drama Love Revolution. She portrayed a character named Nam Yu-ri.

The drama is about a 17-year-old high school student who falls in love at first sight with his friend at school named Wang Ja-ri. The story is about getting his crush who has a cold character with many attempts including involving her closest friends and the popular person at school.

Later, in December 2020, Chae-rin became the main role in a drama called Youtuber Class. She is cast as Ha-ol and started on December 27, 2020. She is going to continue to expand her career into acting!

That’s all about Chae-rin’s profile, pre-debut, a career in Cherry Bullet, being childhood friends with BTS’s Jungkook, and acting career. Keep supporting her all the way and share this on Twitter! What do you think about Chae-rin journey?