Cherry Bullet’s Yuju: Profile, Facts, Appearance in BTS’ Highlight Reel, Relationship With FT Island’s Hongki

Meet Cherry Bullet’s Angelic Rapper Yuju

Cherry Bullet is a second generation girl group of FNC Entertainment. After the success of AOA, Cherry Bullet is set to follow their senior’s path. Just like AOA, all the Cherry Bullet members are talented and pretty. Among other members, Yuju stands out because of her appearance. She looks very fresh and young and captivates fans with her contagious smile.

Yuju is Cherry Bullet’s main rapper but she is nothing like most girl group rappers. Rather than the strong and intimidating image, she radiates innocence and a girly image. In her first official photoshoot, she looked angelic in a white dress and minimal makeup.

In this article, Channel-Korea is going to talk all about Cherry Bullet’s rapper and visualYuju. So, stay tuned!

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju’s Full Profile

Name: Choi Yuju

Birthday: March 5th, 1997

Place of Birth: Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 46

Zodiac: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Ox

Blood Type: A

Education: Dongdeok Woman University, Broadcast and Entertainment

Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Visual

Agency: FNC Entertainment

Instagram: cherrybullet

Twitter: cherrybullet

Facebook: CherryBulletOfficial

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju’s Facts
  • Yuju’s specialties are playing piano and practicing traditional Korean wrestling
  • In the Idol Olympic program, she was part of the winning team in the traditional Korean wrestling competition
  • She appeared in BTS’ Highlight Reel
  • Her favorite words are Cherish Every Moment
  • Her hobbies are listening to music and playing by herself
  • She is an expert in arranging hairstyles
  • She loves wearing white clothes
  • Yuju resembles SF9’s Chanhee and actress Jin Ye-seol
  • Yuju, Remi, May, and Haeyoon live in the same dormitory
  • Yuju, Jiwon, and BTS members are models for a school uniform advertisement
  • Yuju, Bora, and Jiwon were the first members to be announced as part of FNC Entertainment’s new girl group
  • Jiwon and Yuju are part of the visual line of Cherry Bullet
  • Yuju of Cherry Bullet and Yuju of Gfriend have many things in common. Both have the same family name, Choi, and both were born in the same year and same city. However, they don’t have any close relatives or mutual friends and were born in different months
  • Yuju of Cherry Bullet is promoting by her birth name, but Yuju of Gfriend is promoting by a stage name
  • She trained for three years before debuting with Cherry Bullet
  • Cherry Bullet’s Yuju’s Instagram account is operated by her agency
  • Each Cherry Bullet member represents a character for a game and Yuju represents a Rong-Range Missile character.

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju’s Career

Yuju’s appearance in BTS’ Love Yourself Highlight Reel marked her debut in entertainment. In the MV, she is the first girl to appear among other girl trainees. At the time, she was unknown and there was no information about her. BTS Army called her the notebook girl and they were curious about her profile. She captivated BTS fans with her long hair and friendly smile.

On August 22nd, 2017, FNC Entertainment announced Yuju and Jiwon as the first candidate members of the new girl group. She looked angelic and innocent in her first concept photo. Later that year, Yuju appeared in a school fashion wear commercial and Honeyst MV.

Cherry Bullet officially debuted on January 21st, 2019, with the debut single “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet.” The group initially debuted with ten members but three members left in December 2019.

Cherry Bullet made their first stage appearance at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. Yuju had a charming and girly appearance despite her position as the main rapper of Cherry Bullet. Usually, all the rapper positions in girl groups are occupied by girls with strong and confident appearance. Rather than strong and confident, she was charming and angelic because she loved wearing white clothes. She had a fresh and contagious smile that can attract every K-pop fan.

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju’s Appearance in BTS’ Highlight Reel

Yuju became the subject of envy from every BTS fan because of her appearance in BTS’ Love Yourself Highlight Reel. She talked about the precious moment when appearing as a guest on the radio program Ji Seok-jin’s 2 O Clock Date. Other than Yuju, Cherry Bullet’s Bora, also appeared in the video. They became close after the appearance. In the BTS Highlight Reel, Yuju looks very pure and innocent.

In the video, Yuju and Jin wait on the opposite side of a train crossing. As the train passes, both of them look at each other. Yuju walks toward Jin and passes him by. Jin is amazed by her appearance and only stands still. Accidentally, or perhaps purposively, Yuju drops a red note and Jin picks the note.

In the later part, Jin prepares for a romantic date with Yuju. He drives all the way to the meeting place. As Yuju walks toward Jin, she gets into a terrible accident. It isn’t a happy ending for Yuju and Jin.

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju’s Dramas and TV Shows

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju accompanied her senior, FT Island’s Lee Hongki in tvN’s Amazing Saturday/Doremi Market. It was her first appearance in a mainstream variety show. In the program, she looked relaxed and enthusiastic. Her blunt comments and cute acts as the youngest guest made her the star of the episode.

On December 23rd, 2020, Cherry Bullet’s Yuju made a short appearance in the teenage web drama Fifty and Fifty.

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju and FT Island’s Hongki

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju and FT Island’s Hongki made a guest appearance on tvN’s Amazing Saturday. In the episode, Yuju and Hongki cooperated to solve a task in a segment. Both of them looked determined and eager to complete the task. It was Hongki’s last appearance before military enlistment and Yuju tried hard not to fail on the task.

While working on the task, they had a difference in opinions and insisted on their own opinions rather than finding a solution. It was very funny when both of them argued just like an older brother and a younger sister. However, they succeeded in completing the task. In the end, Yuju finally got to be with Lee Hongki in his final appearance before military enlistment.