Cherry Bullet’s Remi: Profile, Facts, Appearance in ‘K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’

Cherry Bullet’s Remi’s Appearance in K-Pop Cover Dance Festival

In order to overcome the effects of Covid19, the Korean Cultural Center held the 2020 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival (KCDF) in Japan. The competition was held online on September 19th, 2020, and in collaboration with Seoul Newspaper. Japan is one of the Asian countries that is highly influenced by K-Pop culture. The competition was held locally and used a face-to-face format. Performances from every competitor were linked to real-time video and were judged in real time in Korea.

At this event, SF9’s main dancer Yoo Taeyang and Cherry Bullet’s main dancer Remi were selected as members of the judiciary committee. The winner of this event and the winner from other countries can compete in the final round. As a special judge, Remi said that the event was a great stage for everyone to show their outstanding skills. She felt encouraged by the hard work and talent of every performer.

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