Cherry Bullet’s Remi: Profile, Facts, Appearance in ‘K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’

Meet Cherry Bullet’s Main Dancer Remi

Cherry Bullet is the sister group of AOA. The girls debuted in January 2019 under high expectation to reach the level of their senior. Cherry Bullet gathered huge attention because of the visual and vocal of all members. Among the members, Cherry Bullet’s Remi is responsible as the main dancer.

Despite her position as the main dancer, she rarely gets enough attention and screen time during live performances. But that was during their early debut days. These days, her singing parts increase and she gets more part as the group’s center. In September 2020, Remi was selected as a special judge of the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival. It was proof that she has the talent just like the main dancers of popular girl groups.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about Cherry Bullet’s main dancer Remi. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

Cherry Bullet’s Remi’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Remi

Name: Katsuno Rise

Birthday: April 26th, 2001

Place of Birth: Tokyo city, Japan

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Zodiac: Taurus

Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Snake

Blood Type: A

Position: Main dancer, Vocal

Agency: FNC Entertainment

Instagram: @cherrybullet

Twitter: cherrybullet

Facebook: CherryBulletOfficial

Cherry Bullet’s Remi’s Facts
  • Remi’s specialties are dancing, karate, and swimming
  • She always has overflowing energy, high curiosity
  • Her hobby is watching Disney movies
  • Her nickname is Doremi
  • In Cherry Bullet, her character is a rocket punch
  • Remi, May, Yuju, and Haeyoon stay in the same room in Cherry Bullet’s dormitory
  • Remi is FNC Entertainment’s first Japanese trainee
  • She can’t use her birth name, Rise, because of the similarity with Ladies Code’s Kwon Rise
  • Among Disney characters, her favorite character is Rapunzel
  • Remi, Bora, and Chaerin competed in the 2020 Idol Olympics and won the gold medal in Korean Traditional Wrestling
  • Bora and Remi always use double ponytail hairstyle since their debut
  • Remi revealed a short hairstyle on the last VLive segment in 2020

Remi’s Official Debut with Cherry Bullet

Before joining FNC Entertainment, Remi joined Avex Proworks, a Japanese entertainment company, as a trainee. She also appeared in a Japanese-Korean anime series in 2012 and was part of idol group Prism. She failed the audition to become an official member of Prizzmy.

Remi debuted with Chery Bullet on January 21st, 2019. She trained with FNC Entertainment for one year and a half. Among Cherry Bullet members, she was the last member to be revealed. Cherry Bullet made their debut appearance in Yes24 Live Hall when they performed “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet” in a showcase event. At the time of debut, Cherry Bullet consisted of ten members but three members left the group in December 2019.

In the showcase event, fans praised Remi’s dance moves. She had a splendid performance and everyone loved Remi’s cute smile.

Remi deserved the position as Cherry Bullet’s main dancer because her dance moves are so fluid and energetic. However, Remi needs to improve her Korean language skills. If she can improve her language skills, she can appear in variety shows or radio programs. She rarely speaks during interviews and this could be improved in the future.

Cherry Bullet’s Remi’s Dance Cover

As Cherry Bullet’s main dancer, Remi set a high standard for every member to follow. Most of the dance cover videos in Cherry Bullet’s official channel show Remi’s dance covers. Subscribers have praised her covers and said that she belongs to the same level as K-Pop’s best dancers. However, her dance moves seem too exaggerated at times. She makes too many moves in feminine choreography. Perhaps, she has too much energy, or perhaps she wants to put forward her best moves. Fans worry that she spends too much energy on the exaggerated moves and becomes exhausted early in the live concerts.

Judging by her moves, dancing is part of her daily routine. Her feet are fast and light but she moves without a sense of rhythm and sometimes moves faster than music. However, no one can deny her passion and energy whenever she dances.

Cherry Bullet’s Remi’s Fan-cam

In her early debut days, Remi had the least lines and parts in singing. Fans also noticed that she rarely got the center position, or got a dance break position during live performances, or in music videos. In recent days, her singing parts have gradually increased and she got the most parts in “Aloha Oe.” FNC Entertainment should also consider giving her more screen time and center position in the group choreography.

Remi looked extremely pretty in Cherry Bullet’s latest comeback. She has the best body proportions in Cherry Bullet. Her face is very small and child-like, while her legs are long. She should get more attention as Cherry Bullet’s visual.

Cherry Bullet is formed with a cute, feminine, and girly image. Most of their choreography puts more attention on cute expressions and girly costumes. Meanwhile, Remi looks more comfortable in intense and fast choreography. She rarely makes cute expressions other than smiling at the camera and fans. In order to get more screen time, she should practice some cute acts during live stage performances.