Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon: Profile, Facts, Appearances in ‘Produce 48’, Focus Fan-cam

Find Out More About Cherry Bullet’s Cute Main Vocal Haeyoon.

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon has everything that she needs to become the best idol. She has the best vocal and the cutest face among Cherry Bullet members. She looks much younger compared to her actual age and her face is very cute and fresh. Haeyoon hardly needs heavy makeup or sophisticated clothes to back up her performance.

Haeyoon debuted with Cherry Bullet in 2019 after competing in Mnet’s Produce 48. It appeared that failing to debut with IZ*ONE was a blessing in disguise because she could show her singing talents with Cherry Bullet.

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Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Park Hae-yoon

Name: Haeyoon

Birthday: January 10th, 1996

Place of Birth: South Jeolla Province, Suncheon city, Korea

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Shoe Size: 230 mm

Zodiac: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Pig

Blood Type: A

Education: Dongah University, Broadcast and Arts department

Position: Leader, Vocalist, Face of the group

Agency: FNC Entertainment

Instagram: @cherrybullet

Twitter: cherrybullet

Facebook: CherryBulletOfficial

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon’s Facts
  • Haeyoon loves traveling, writing songs, and eating
  • Her specialties are singing and writing calligraphy
  • The meaning of her name is Ocean’s Gloss
  • She was a Big Hit Entertainment trainee
  • She has many friends from other idol groups such as IOI’s Chungha, Aqua’s Haesol, IZ*ONE’s Chaewon and Eunbi
  • Haeyoon is one of the most flexible members of Cherry Bullet
  • She looks like actress Park Ha-seon

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon’s Career

Haeyoon joined Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee before joining FNC Entertainment. In June 2018, Haeyoon and Cho A-young represented FNC Entertainment to compete against other trainees in Mnet’s Produce 48. Both of them failed to reach the top positions and missed a good chance to debut as IZ*ONE members. In total, she was an idol trainee for four years and four months before making her debut as a member of Cherry Bullet in 2019.

In November 2018, Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon collaborated with N.Flying’s Yoo Hee-sung and recorded a duet single. They performed the live version of “Like a Flower.”

Haeyoon debuted with Cherry Bullet on January 21st, 2019, with their debut single “QnA.” As AOA’s junior, K-pop fans looked forward to Cherry Bullet’s album and stage performance. The name of Cherry Bullet means that all the members are like cherries, sweet and fresh. Cherry Bullet consisted of 10 members and both Haeyoon and Bora were selected as the main vocals.

Other than appearing in Mnet’s Produce 48, Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon appeared in the SBS Power FM Bae Sung-jae’s TEN and MBC FM Idol radio. Haeyoon competed fiercely against the other lead vocals from various girl groups in tvN’s V1 Girl Group Vocal No 1 Survival. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the second round and lost to the eventual winner, Yeon-jeong of WJSN.

Apparently, she has no intention for variety shows appearance or acting. Up until 2020, she has yet to appear in a non-music variety show program or Korean dramas.

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon’s Appearance in Produce 48

In Produce 48, Haeyoon was in charge as the main vocal in her groups and performed “Like Ooh Ahh” and “See You Again.” In the program, she was known as the trainee who has a powerful and fresh voice. Every time she sang her part, audiences cheered for her. Her vocal range can go up to three octaves easily. However, Haeyoon lacked the talent in other fields and failed to debut with IZ*ONE because she only reached the 19th position.

Haeyoon teamed up with Miyawaki Sakura, Takeuchi Miyu, Kang Hye-won, and Wang Yi-ron and formed the Promise team in the Concept Evaluation episode. Their team performed “See You Again,” a pop dance song.

For the Position Evaluation episode, Haeyoon formed a group with Kim Na-yeong, Kim So-hee, Yoon Hae-seol, Aramaki Misaki, and Sato Minami. Their group performed a BoA song. In the episode, Haeyoon became team center and managed to reach the first rank in her team. At the end of this episode, Haeyoon gathered 169.987 votes and reached the 30th position in the overall standing.

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon’s Focus Fan-cam

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon is always the fan’s favorite lead vocal. Even though her dance movements were slightly awkward, she made up for it with her incredible vocal skills and cute expression. Whenever she performed, she would always look fresh and easily look like the youngest member. She doesn’t need heavy makeup because a simple one will do just fine. With big eyes, pure image, girly haircut, she captivates the heart of every fan. Most important thing is that she is always praised for her wide vocal range.

One of Cherry Bullet fans made a video of Haeyoon’s performance. The video displays the best collages of her vocal performances.

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon’s Hand-Washing Campaign

Haeyoon was selected by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency to promote the Correct Hand-washing Campaign through public commercials. In order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Korean government encouraged all citizens to wash their hands frequently and correctly. Haeyoon demonstrated the correct way to wash your hands and explained the importance of always washing your hands correctly.

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