Get To Know BTS Jungkook’s Childhood Friend From Cherry Bullet, Park Chaerin

Former Bighit Trainee, Cherry Bullet’s Park Chae-rin

FNC Entertainment, known for their bands such as FT Island, CNBlue, and N.Flying, has recently debuted a new girl-group, under the name Cherry Bullet. After the success of AOA with hits such as Like A Cat, Heart Attack and Good Luck, it only made sense that they would look for a way to recreate the success of the senior girl-group. Cherry Bullet, composed of ten members, debuted in early 2019, had initially gained some popularity and hype due to one of the members being a Produce 48 alumni, and a highly ranked one at that. But recently, new facts have come out and it seems one of the members has ties with BTS’ Jungkook, a member of arguably the biggest boy-groups on the scene right now.

So are you interested to know more about Chaerin of the group Cherry Bullet? Stay tuned and find out all about her as we discuss her profile and pre-debut story!

Full Profile and Random Facts of Chaerin
 Park Chae-Rin
March 13th, 2002 (17 Years Old)
Kyungi-do, Goyang-si
South Korean
165 cm
Blood Type
Shoe Size
235 mm
Cherry Bullet
Entertainment Agency
FNC Entertainment
Academic Background
Daehwa Middle School
School of Performing Arts Seoul
Vocal, Dance
Let’s live our best life everyday (하루하루 열심히 살자)
Exercising, Reading Essays
Special Skills
Lifting objects with eyelashes, Exercise
So-geumie (Salty), Chae-so (Vegetable)
  • People have said that she looks a lot like her senior, Seol-hyun from the group AOA. Chae-rin is also a fan of Seol-hyun
  • She went on the show Star Audition: The Great Birth before her debut, during the show’s first season. She sang the song ‘Ben,’ by Michael Jackson for her audition.

Pre-Debut Story

As mentioned before, long before she became a trainee at any company, Chae-rin went on the audition program, Star Audition: The Great Birth, which aired on MBC. Seeing her star potential, the CEO of Bighit Entertainment, Bang Shi-hyuk, approached and recruited her to train under his company. At the ripe age of 10, she began training in singing and dancing to continue on her path to stardom, making her one of the longest-term trainees in the group, with 8 years under her belt.

Her training under Bighit Entertainment even went as far as going to the States in order to hone her craft in singing and dancing, making her one of the more promising trainees under the company. Interestingly enough, during her time in Bighit Entertainment, she was then joined by fellow Cherry Bullet member, Hae-yoon, who also spent a good chunk of her time training under the company. Despite that, the company decided to debut a girl-group in 2012, when Chae-rin was still way too young to join and then a boy-group in 2013.

The girl group fell through not long after, creating quite a bleak future for her. Thus, when her contract with Bighit Entertainment was up, she decided to move to FNC Entertainment along with Hae-yoon, as her chances of debuting under the new company seemed to be brighter than with her current one. She still kept in touch with Bighit employees and staff, leaving without any bad impressions, as seen in the way one of the staff members even congratulated her through an Instagram post when she was announced as a part of Cherry Bullet.

Debut With Girl-Group, Cherry Bullet

On August 20, 2017, FNC Entertainment revealed a teaser for a new, eleven-member girl-group that was to be revealed on August 22. On August 21, the first member, Yuju, was revealed with the date “2017.08.23 00 AM” in the caption, this was followed by the second member, Jiwon, on August 22, and the third member, Bora, on October 3. However, no further news about the group was released after Bora’s reveal, including Chae-rin, who at this point was assumed to be part of FNC Entertainment already, hence it was presumed that FNC Entertainment had either delayed or cancelled the group’s debut.

On November 20, 2018, a year after the initial teaser the agency dropped, FNC Entertainment revealed a teaser image for a ten-member girl group named “Cherry Bullet”, to be revealed on November 21, 2018, along with new social media accounts. The first three members Ji-won, May, and Yu-ju were revealed on November 21, members Hae-yoon, Lin Lin, and Chae-rin on November 22. On November 23, the final four members, Kokoro, Mi-rae, Re-mi, and Bo-ra were revealed. The first episode of their debut reality television series, Insider Channel Cherry Bullet, aired on November 28 at 19:00 (KST) on Mnet.

On January 4, 2019, a teaser website was launched for the group’s debut, with a clock featuring a countdown for the debut and another one for the title track reveal. On January 6, the title track, “Q&A”, was revealed along with the debut single album name, “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet” and the debut date as January 21. Check out the music video below!

Childhood Friend of BTS’s Jungkook

As mentioned previously, Chae-rin spent most of her childhood training under Bighit Entertainment and consequently trained with BTS member, Jungkook. The two were recruited in a very similar fashion, in which Bang Shi-hyuk approached them after an attempt to show off their skills on an audition program. The two were trained with each other as they are similar in age, presumably the youngest trainees in the company, with Jungkook being 15 years old and Chae-rin being 10 years old at the time. The two were then sent to America to hone their crafts singing and dancing, a chance that most trainees don’t get to have unless they were a part of one of the big three companies. This explained their closeness in childhood, despite coming from different hometowns. Check out their cute pictures in America below!

Latest News

Recently, Cherry Bullet has returned with the refreshing summer song titled, ‘Really Really.’ Following in the footsteps of their debut song, Cherry Bullet once again went with the game and virtual reality aesthetics present in their previous music video, alluding to a shared cinematic universe. Despite it, the song has less electronic undertones, unlike their debut which was a song filled with synth and bass. Check out the music video above!

So what do you think of Cherry Bullet’s Chaerin? Do you think that she will get a chance to meet her childhood friend, Jungkook, in the future? Comment your thoughts and opinions below!