Known As A Child Singer, Here’s NCT Dream’s Chenle’s Pre-debut Singing Compilation!



Get To Know This NCT Dream Member – Zhong Chenle

Chenle (천러) is a Chinese singer under SM Entertainment. He is a member of the boy group NCT and its subunit NCT Dream. Ever since his debut, NCT’s Chenle has had a flood of pre-debut content since the idol was active as a solo singer in China before his NCT days.

In this article, we will give you some videos of Chenle’s singing during his pre-debut days, so stay tuned!

Hey Jude


In his performance of this song, which is a popular song from the legendary band The Beatles, considering he is at a very young age when he made this cover of the song, who was 13 years old, it is really unbelievable because his performance sounds like that of a professional artist: he has memorized the lyrics and melodies without using a paper in front of him. His voice is powerful and beautiful to hear. He really is a genius.

There are netizens’ reactions to his “Hey Jude” performance.

[Jade Cristine] “Congratulations SM cause you have got a pretty nice talent here wow!”

[imen0312 Inspirit] “SM’s precious diamond.”

[Nana StNurhasanah] “Really, I think I understand why SM let him debut only 3 months after his casting. SM are so lucky to find such a huge and genius talent like Chenle. Hope SM gives him a chance to debut as a solo singer in the future.”

[Stan Seventeen For Clear Skin] “SM hit the jackpot.”

You guys can watch the video below!

You Raise Me Up

Naver x Dispatch

His singing ability was not a joke, which is obvious from the reaction of the judges who were happy at the same time admiring the beautiful voice of Chenle. He brought the song with deep feelings.

Here are the netizens’ reactions:

[Inriana] “Chenle pre-debut back then looks more mature than now haha 😂😂”

[Hyun Jinnie] “He deserves so much to be a member of NCT. He is pure talent.”

[Wink Girl] “Chenle’s a complete artist, singing or dancing, he’s so good. I’m blessed to be a nctzen and all. Love him so much <3”

El Romance Del Dragon


I really love all of his live performances. He looks so cute in this performance and I’ll say it was the cutest thing seeing him acting after his singing ended.

Netizens’ reactions to his performance:

[Laura] “Chenle is talented, he has a good voice, I hope he does well in NCT. And that the SM will take good care of him.”

[woojae] “Chenle is amazing, he’s super talented and I couldn’t love him any more than this.

[Chimchim In your AREA] “I was watching the NCT dream interview until I saw this. Who would have thought that the little boy is going to succeed that way? But with the voice he has, he makes me proud of him, I hope to see him soon with the NCT boys, in the not too distant future we will be able to observe what this baby has become. What a pride it is to say that I’m a fan of NCT and Chenle hahaha…
Here is a video of him rehearsing.



He is known as the 11-year-old little boy who has such an amazing voice in this performance. His English pronunciation is so clear, and it’s something that is very hard for an 11-year-old Chinese boy but Chenle can do it very well.

And this is how netizens reacted:

[Xin Liu] “Future variety king. Why is he so cute???”

[Jackloperman Himuro] “Remember the time I knew what happiness was… the day I listen Chenle singing this beautiful song <3”

[Thi Din] “Chenle ah~ You’re great… Ah~~”

[Phương Anh Nguyễn] “His voice is so clear”

Heal The World


In this performance, Chenle played the role of Paopao in a musical show. Chenle is sooo cute all the time, the precious boy from NCT. He really deserves everyone’s love.

[Kandyce Xiong] “Suddenly I feel so happy!”

[Anonim] “Please, this kid needs to be protected!”

[BBY RUTH] “I just wonder if he has a PERFECT PITCH.”

If you watch the video when you are in a bad mood it will make your mood better. Watch to see the cuteness of Chenle.

Tell Me Why


Once again his agency is so lucky to have this very talented boy. Zhong Chenle has a unique voice and it makes anyone who hears his voice for the first time to become obsessed with his voice and wanting to hear it again and again.

[Sanemi] “He’s cute, talented, handsome… I know why SM made his debut after just 3 months of joining the company.”