Profile of EXO’s Chen: Name, Birthday, Girlfriend, Plastic Surgery, and Facts

  • Chen is considered the troll of the group, always messing with the other members.
    Even though he seems quiet in some interviews, he’s actually very hyper, especially when he gets to speak Korean instead of Mandarin.
  • He’s very close to Xiumin, and they’re almost always seen side-by-side.
  • In China, Chen was roommates with Kris, but in Korea he was with Lay.
  • He debuted at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun, alongside Luhan, Tao, and Kai.
  • He has very prominent cheek bones that the other members are jealous of.
  • However, despite having a great singing voice and good cheekbones, he says that his main charm is his beautiful legs. He especially likes his small feet (not joking).
  • He says that he’s stubborn, and likes to get what he wants.
  • He doesn’t like people touching his ears.
  • His dream is to become the world’s best singer.
  • While he likes being complimented on his voice, he especially lights up when people compliment his looks, which ironically doesn’t happen very often.
  • He is very considerate. Once when Lay injured his back during dance practice, Chen took him to the hospital.
  • He also rushed over to Xiumin on a variety show, when Xiumin injured himself.
  • Chen’s Mandarin is improving, and at some points during interviews, he can respond to the MC’s questions before the translator gets a chance to do their job.
  • He has quite a good accent when speaking in English, even though he is not fluent.
  • He is one of the most underrated members of EXO, alongside Xiumin.
  • He joined SM Entertainment in 2011, after being scouted by an agent.
  • Before joining SM Entertainment, he was auditioning for a music conservatory.
  • Before debuting, his parents were against him becoming a singer, but when they learned that it was SM Entertainment who offered him the opportunity, they became supportive.
  • He wasn’t a trainee for very long. He made his debut a little less than a year after joining SM.
  • Chen was the last member to join EXO M
  • His ideal type is a woman who is like a noona. Someone who will be able to take care of him.
  • His Favorite Foods are Lamb Kebab, Chinese food, hotpots, steamed buns, fried cakes, fried bread twists, anything cooked at the Korean dorms. But he says that most of all, he likes his parent’s cooking. He often misses them.
  • His favorite cartoons: Donald Duck and Garfield
  • His favorite color is pink.
  • His favorite possessions are his MP3 Player and Notebook.

Rumor: Who is EXO Member Chen’s Girlfriend?

If you are an idol, rumors and gossip will never leave your life. It’s the same for Chen. Throughout his career, there was one time when Chen was rumored to have a girlfriend. There were some photos of Chen hugging a girl and taking selca, and they became viral. But netizens assumed that he had broken up with this girl. So the rumor says that she is his ex girlfriend. Also, there are rumors saying that his ex-girlfriend is Apink’s Bomi. But that will remain a mystery, because nothing was confirmed.

EXO Member Chen Plastic Surgery?

When pre-debut photos of Chen were revealed, some fans thought that he couldn’t have had plastic surgery. It is because all of his facial features haven’t changed at all. At least regarding his jaws, eyes, and nose. But if we look closer, maybe his chin was a little bit rounder and shorter than now. Take a look at his before and after debut picture!

We all know, puberty can change people. We can see the same thing with Chen. Moreover, makeup and lighting can do wonders for people’s looks, that changes the features of a person. While the idol doesn’t exactly look the same, that doesn’t mean that they got plastic surgery. Despite his good looking face, Chen has incredible talent, especially his voice and that will always earn him a place in fans’ heart.

After all that, who is your favorite member of EXO? Is it Chen or any other member? Check out our articles about the profiles of the other EXO members.