K-Drama Review: ‘Cheese in the Trap’s Ending Has Netizens Furious

Cheese in the Trap controversial ending (SPOILER ALERT!)


As the TV show’s final episode approached, the webtoon was still very much on, and the story was not finished, so the drama had to end before the comic. The final episode started with the unconscious Hong Seol, who was rushed to the hospital after being shoved into traffic. Yoo Jung accompanies her as she is being taken to surgery, and the doctors reveal that the surgery is going well. Seol’s family arrives at the hospital, and everyone feels relieved.


Yoo Jung then approaches Baek In-ha at the police station, he confronts her about causing Hong Seol’s accident, and then Baek In-ho arrives. He threatens In-ho that if anything happens to Seol, he will kill him. Baek In-ho wants to go to the hospital, but Nerdy calls him out because In-ha will be taken to a psychiatric hospital as per the Chairman’s decision (to hide In-ha to protect his company’s pride). Baek In-ho accompanies his sister all day long to make sure that all is good, but In-ha keeps rejecting him.


Back at the hospital, the Chairman visits Hong Seol’s family and says that he will take care of all the fees, and he will do his best to help Seol. Yoo Jung watches this with dark eyes because he knows his father has no altruism in him. He wants to protect his pride. At this time, Yoo Jung is blaming himself for making Seol suffer because of him. He thinks that she wouldn’t be like this if she had never met him in the first place. Yoo Jung fights himself so much, whether to have Seol at his side to relieve his ego or leave Seol for her own well-being. Well, Yoo Jung chooses the second choice.

Hong Seol wakes up at the hospital and can’t see Yoo Jung around. Eun-taek and Bora are also questioning Yoo Jung’s absence. She feels so sad because the more time she spent together with him feeling strange, awkward, and afraid, she even got to know another side of him that she doesn’t really want to leave him alone. When she finally comes home, Yoo Jung visits her without wearing their couple ring. Yoo Jung asks Seol to break up to prevent Hong Seol from suffering even more. Anyone would break into tears when they watch this scene. Seol then locks herself in the room due to the unbearable sadness.


Baek In-ho visits Hong Seol’s family to tell them that he has decided to resign and focus on his career as a pianist. In-ho also says goodbye to Hong Seol, and Seol wishes him good luck in his day’s competition. Baek In-ha is also finally released from the psychiatric hospital and is given some punishment. She texts Seol to say sorry and tells her that Jung will be leaving at 3 PM. Seeing the clock ticking to 3:01 PM, she bursts into tears while Jung leaves somewhere, bringing with him his precious memories of Hong Seol.


Three years later, Hong Seol has finally gotten her dream job. Bora has opened her own store and is dating Eun-taek, the rising star of Korea. Baek In-ho has become a world-famous genius pianist, accompanied by his sister. Hong Seol herself doesn’t give up on her feelings for Yoo Jung. She keeps sending emails to Yoo Jung, but those emails just remain unread. In the last scene, Hong Seol is thinking back on Jung’s precious memories in front of her computer, and suddenly her mom calls her. We can see Hong Seol’s computer screen; the unread sign becomes read, and Yoo Jung’s voice calls pops and says, “Seol-ah!” Then, we see the flashback memories of when Yoo Jung and Hong Seol were spending their time together happily in love.

Cheese in the Trap: Review

The story wrapped up very well; the characters themselves have their own personal struggles. The unique side is the psychological element in this drama when the cold-hearted man met the super kind woman and fell in love. From hate to love relationship. As soon as the relationship started getting better, the twins In-ha and In-ho involved Hong Seol in their own problems. The main idea of this drama is quite clever, unique, and original.


However, the ending brought disappointment to the viewers because it was a sad ending. Hong Seol shouldn’t have separated from Yoo Jung just because he couldn’t deal with himself. The characters’ struggles for years is all for nothing at the end; there’s no turning point for the cold-hearted Yoo Jung that can be proven by his attitude, only his mind. He chooses to leave Seol for a noble reason, but the fact is that he just caused them both additional suffering.

The webtoon version, on the other hand, actually has a happy end. Yoo Jung finally realizes and expresses his true feelings for Hong Seol by crying in front of her. He turns to a better person for Seol, and Seol herself supports Yoo Jung by staying by his side. This kind of ending is what viewers want to see, a happy ending with a good solution to the characters’ complicated problems. The only ending that satisfied the viewers was that In-ho finally became a famous pianist, and his hand fully healed. Bora also ending up with Eun-taek, after their unspoken love.

If we look at the characters’ appearances in the drama and compare them to the ones in the webtoon version, we can immediately notice differences. Yoo Jung is actually quite similar to his webtoon version, but Kim Go-Eun is just too chubby, and her hair is too messed up compared to the webtoon version of Hong Seol, who is super skinny with orange and wavy hair. Baek In-ho and Baek In-ha are said to have a western-look in the webtoon version.

In the drama version, Baek In-ho looks like a Japanese with a little bit of western touch, while Baek In-ha is actually a Korean face. For the people who have read the webtoon version first, it must have been a little bit disappointing when they realized the choice of actors and actresses for the characters. But, Kim Go-Eun and Lee Sung-Kyung delivered the characters’ personalities really well, making them similar to the webtoon version even though their look is not really suitable.


Well, in reality, any ending could have been unsatisfying for the viewers. As entertainment connoisseurs, we can just enjoy what the TV delivers to us. I rate this drama 8/10. The drama is worth watching because of its smart plot; however, get ready to be furious at the end of the drama. You can read the webtoon version to get the happy ending version of Hong Seol and Yoo Jung.

Cheese in the Trap webtoon ending: How different is it from the live-action?

Cheese in the Trap webtoon ending

The ending is one of the most important parts of stories. Many people are curious about the ending of a story they read or watch. And most people want a happy ending for the story that they read or watch because they do not like sad endings that can make them feel sad and frustrated.

Unfortunately, we cannot expect that every story will have a happy ending because the writers have their own perspectives and ideas about ending the story they write. Whether it is a happy ending or a sad ending, only the story’s writer will decide what ending they want to write.

For Cheese in the Trap itself, because the story has two versions (webtoon and drama) with two different writers, the stories’ ending has some differences.

The story has a happy ending for the webtoon version where the main characters of the story, Yoo Jung and Hong Seol, are still together and enjoy their relationship as lovers even though there are many problems in their life and relationship. While in the drama version, the story has a sad ending where Yoo Jung and Hong Seol break up and are going their separate ways. Of course, this is very different from the webtoon version. Even though the drama was adapted from the webtoon, but at some points, there are many differences, including the ending of the story, which is the opposite of the webtoon version.

Many people are disappointed with the drama’s ending because the ending was not something that they expected. No one likes sad endings, especially after all Yoo Jung and Hong Seol’s struggles in their life and relationship. Still, not every story will have a happy ending, just like what people want and expect. It depends on the writer.

Cheese in the Trap Season 2?

Cheese in the Trap Season 2

Since the first time it was announced that the webtoon Cheese in the Trap would be adapted into drama with the same title, the project had received much support and love. The webtoon itself was already popular among the webtoon fans. So, when the webtoon wanted to be adapted into a drama, the fans liked that very much and eagerly anticipated it.

Unfortunately, there are many differences between the webtoon version and the drama version, especially the ending. When the drama was going to the end, the story in the webtoon was still going on and far from the end, so the writer had to make an alternative ending for the drama version due to the limit of time and duration. That is why the drama version’s ending is hanging and makes the audience unsatisfied with the sad ending. It was something that people did not expect at all. They still wanted a happy ending for the main characters and let Yoo Jung and Hong Seol end up together again. And because of that, many people keep asking and want the writer to make a Season 2 because they did not like it and are not satisfied with the ending.

However, after four years since the drama ended, still, there is no official news or announcements about Cheese in the Trap Season 2. At the same time, the webtoon version has a different ending from the drama version. The webtoon version has a happy ending with Yoo Jung and Hong Seol still being together at the end. So, if you are still unsatisfied with the drama version’s ending, maybe you can read the webtoon version with a happy ending.

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