Sibling Goals! Check Out These K-Pop Idols Who Are Siblings!

#10 Zico & Taewoon

Zico from Block B and his brother, Taewoon from Speed, were invited to Happy Together 3 with the topic sister’s special. These K-pop idol siblings from the hip-hop genre both shared their naughtiness as brothers.

#11 AOA’s Yuna & Berry Good’s Seoyool

Yuna of AOA and Seoyool from Berry Good are sisters. Yuna is a talented singer and  Seoyool appeared on Mnet’s The Voice Kids in 2013, also performing with fresh vocal talent. These sisters are proof that idol genes really exist.

Yuna and Seoyool are always showing their sisterly relationship. They even did a photoshoot together in the Korean Magazine “Instyle” in May, 2017.

#12 B1A4’s Baro & I

Baro is a member of B1A4 and his sister Yoonji was once was a trainee from WG Entertainment, who has made her solo debut as I. They get attention for their cute sibling relationship, recently they were even seen wearing each other’s clothes!

#13 BtoB’s Ilhoon & Joo

Jung Min Joo, also know by the stage name Joo, was a former artist under JYP Entertainment. Her older brother is Ilhoon, who is a member of the boy-band BTOB. Recently, Joo, who is under Woolim Entertainment, was married in Seoul, South Korea. Ilhoon, who is really close to his only sibling must get used to living alone in their home now.

#14 WINNER’s Mino & New F.O’s Dana

Song Min Ho is a member of the boy- band Winner, after first being on the reality-survival program called “WIN: Who is Next?”  and then debuting in 2014. Dana is his younger sister, who had already debuted before as a member of New F.O in 2011. Dana is always supporting her brother, she attended her brother’s survival program and brought a big banner that said, “Song Mino Very Good.”

#15 TWICE’s Jeongyeon & Gong Seung-yeon

Jeongyeon from TWICE has a little sister, Gong Seung-yeon, who is also an artist. They share lots of sweet times and some were spotted when Jeongyeon was filming Seventeen, and Gong Seung yeon visited her.

#16 NCT’s Doyoung & Gong Myung

Recently Doyoung and Gong Myung were exchanging their social media accounts during April fools. Goo Myung, who was a member of 5urprise, is the older brother of Doyoung from NCT.

Gong Myung posted a selfie on NCT’s official Twitter account that said “Hello. I am DoYoung. Even today, my selfie was taken cutely~ Hehe”. Meanwhile, DoYoung also posted a selfie on his brother’s Instagram account. Check it out below,

DoYoung’s caption reads “Hello! This is Gong Myung! Going out~ Weather please get warmer!”. They are such adorable siblings and close to each other.

#17 INFINITE’s Seungyeol & Golden Child’s Daeyeol

Seungyeol from INFINITE is the older brother of Daeyeol from Golden Child. During Golden Child’s reality show, “2017 Woollim Pick”, Seungyeol, who was the MC for the show, revealed that the leader of Golden Child, Daeyeol, was his younger brother. Like many siblings, Seungyeol teased his brother about whether he became the leader of the group due to age or for another reason. On top of that, Seungyeol always smiled proudly when his brother’s name was mentioned.

#18 ASTRO’s Moonbin & YG Trainee’s Sua

Moonbin from Astro has a younger sister who was a YG Entertainment trainee, Moon Sun Ah, known as  Sua. Sua started getting attention after participating on the Mnet rap competition show called Unpretty Rapstar 2. Moonbin said he always supported her and was cheering for her, since she was under a big label and might be getting more pressure than he had. The newest information said that Sua is leaving YG Entertainment, but that still needs to be confirmed.

That’s all about a bunch of K-Pop Idol siblings. We are cheering for all their entertainment careers. They can really support and understand each other’s difficulties surviving in the competitive K-Pop industry. Which siblings do you like the best? Give your thoughts and comment below!:)