Check Out The Most Iconic Hairstyles of K-Pop Idols!

Hair Styles of Korean Star That Will Mesmerize Your Eyes

Hairstyle become trends when someone famous makes them get cool and go viral. The hair styles below have been worn by K-Pop stars, causing many people to want to have the same styles. Let’s take a look at what kind of hairstyles they have below, in this Channel-Korea article; stay tuned!

Mullet Hair

The mullet is a hairstyle that has been cut short in the front and on the sides, but is left longer at the back. This kind of hairstyle is usually worn by men, and started being seen in 19th century.  The last time it was really trendy was in the 1980s.


V from BTS wore this hairstyle in 2018. He started making all of his fans scream with his new look. This kind of hair made him look like a character in an anime. He even changed his hair color to blonde.

NCT 127’s Taeyong

The mullet is a type of cut that people generally either love or hate. This kind of style has been described as “business in the front, party in the back,” and has been making a comeback recently. Some men have been reviving the retro style, including Taeyong from NCT 127.

With this style, and a brown hair color, he looks both cute and handsome. This kind of hairstyle fits him so well.

Seventeen’s The8

The8 from Seventeen changed his look with a mullet. This kind of style gives him a sharp, rock and roll look that really seems to match his character. By the way, with changing his hairstyle, The8 could alter his look to give a different mood. What do you think, do you like this kind of hairstyle?


For girls, wearing bangs is a popular part of many hairstyles from around the world. This kind of style is very accepted in public eyes, and bangs make it easy to get a new, different look. Below are pictures of K-Pop stars rocking their bangs.

TWICE’s Nayeon

Nayeon has using bangs since she debuted as part of the girl group TWICE. She’s been seen on stage doing different things with her bangs to keep her look fresh. Sometimes she curls her bangs, sometimes making it up like curls buns. She is very confident and is unafraid to stand out, which has really impressed people.


Luna Chu is looking cute and young using her bangs hairstyle. She look so girly and feminine on this kind of style. She’s tried out experimenting with different colors to change her style.

Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy has been using bangssince she debuted with the girl group under SM Entertainment. Wendy of Red Velvet usually wears bangs as part of her style, and only changes it up by altering their length or playing with her hair color. She look so cute and lively with this style, and it seems very suitable to her character.

Bobbed Hair

Bobbed hair is kind of style that involves cutting the hair shorter, between chin and shoulder length, and making it so the ends of the hair slightly curl under. This kind of style has been popular for a long time, with several times booming again. Here are some K-Pop idols who have bobbed hair, below!

Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi used to wear a brown long wavy style, but make a huge transformation with black, short bob style. This hairstyle creates a different and new look for her fans, making her look more mature, elegant, and beautiful, indeed.

She showed her happiness over her new hairstyle by sharing selfies on Instagram with caption,  “I love my�haircut and new color!! Do you? Hope you do cause I’m obsessed. Major hairstyle transformation for SOMSOM.”


IU looks as beautiful as a princess with her bobbed hairstyle. IU, who is solo singer under LOEN Entertainment, wore her hair long from the time since she first debuted until she started rocking this bob style, making her look so bright, innocent, and pure like Snow White. What do you think? This style gives her a young vibe and is so enchanting!

CLC’s Yeeun

Yeeun is a membe of  the girl group of CLC, formed under Cube Entertainment. Through this kind of style, her look is more fascinating and mature, she probably looks the most different with this hair style among all. She looks more bold, and gives off a totally different vibe when using this bobbed style. She looks absolutely amazing and cool. Do you agree?

That’s the overview of the most iconic hairstyles that K-Pop Idols have ever tried. By using different hairstyles, these stars have achieved whole new looks and different vibes. It’s brave to try different styles, which might be a better fit for your personality, but of course, the character inside is more important than how someone looks on the outside. Cheering their braveness to choose and try different hairstyles. Which style do you prefer? Give your commentw and share your thoughts below!