Check Out The Friendship Between Wanna One’s Ha Sung-woon and the Other Band Members!

Ha Sung-woon with Kang Daniel


Although their closeness was not very visible during ‘Produce 101 season 2’, after their debut, the closeness of these two was increasingly visible. Even though Ha Sung-woon is older than Kang Daniel, and is included in the ‘Hyung line’ in the group, instead, Ha Sung-woon often looks cute and adorable.

Before debuting as Wanna One, in ‘Produce 101 season 2’ debut evaluation, all the remaining participants chose the position and song for their debut evaluation. It was the final evaluation before they were chosen to become members of Wanna One. They chose their positions one by one, from their least ranking to their highest ranking.

At that time, Kang Daniel was ranked first, meaning he would be the last person who would choose a position and could freely change the position of anyone who had filled the position he wanted.

Kang Daniel kindly took the position of subvocal 1, whereas he usually becomes a rapper. He did it so that Ha Sung-woon could be the main vocal on the song ‘Super Hot.’ Seeing this, Ha Sung-woon was very happy and thanked Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel also felt that Ha Sung-woon was suitable to be the main vocal, so he did that.

In a clip of Wanna One backstage, it shows Kim Samuel, a former participant of ‘Produce 101 season 2’ who failed to debut with the boy-group, who came to wait for Wanna One in their waiting room, carrying his pet dog.

When the group finished performing and returned to their waiting room, they were surprised and welcomed Kim Samuel. The members were very cool playing with Samuel’s pet dog, Kang Daniel ‘feeds’ Kim Samuel’s dog to Ha Sung-woon, who ‘eats’ it. After eating it, Kang Daniel just told Ha Sung-woon that it was dog food, and hearing that, Ha Sung-woon immediately spewed the food into his hands and left.

Ha Sung-woon with Park Ji-hoon


Ha Sung-woon and Park Ji-hoon started becoming close when they were on the ‘Boy In Luv’ team during the group evaluation in ‘Produce 101 season 2.’ When it was formed, the team was given the nickname ‘the Avengers Team’, because it contained popular participants.

On this team, Ha Sung-woon was chosen as the leader and showed more of his dance skills than his vocal.

At their fan meeting in Malaysia, ‘Wanna be Loved’, the members did several games on the stage. One of them was a palm push game, which is a game between two people, where both of them had to stand in place and push their opponents to become unbalanced. When it was Han Sung-yoon’s turn, he had to fight Park Ji-hoon.

After going through a fierce battle, because both were equally good at this game, finally Han Sung-woon tried to push Ji-hoon, but, instead, he became unbalanced and ended up hugging Park Ji-hoon. causing Park Ji-hoon to win the game.

On ‘K-rush Idol Weekly with Wanna One’, which aired on KBS, Wanna One promoted their comeback song, ‘Beautiful.’ In this event, four members of the group, Kang Daniel, Hwang Min-hyun, Kim Jae-hwan, and Bae Jin-young, were unable to attend because they had other schedules.

Guided by their leader, Yoon Jisung, as the MC, they began by giving greetings one by one and explaining their comeback songs.

When all the members gave their little bits of choreography footage, Ha Sung-woon teased Park Ji-hoon by doing the back hug movement in the song, by hugging Park Ji-hoon from behind while dancing. Park Ji-hoon, who was currently focused on dancing, turned in shock and confusion, and jokingly asked Ha Sung-woon to do it himself. Ha Sung-woon must’ve really liked Park Ji-hoon.

Ha Sung-woon with Park Woo-jin


As well as Ong Seung-woo, Park Woo-jin and HanSung-woon began to become close after they both were in class A on the individual evaluations during the first episode of ‘Produce 101’, and getting back to A during re-evaluation. Along with Ong Seung-woo, they both received the ‘Royal A’ since then, because of their excellent singing and dancing. Even though Park Woo-jin is a rapper in the group, he is also good at singing.


Following in the footsteps of Ha Sung-woon and Ong Seung-woo, who had already followed the ‘Law of the Jungle,’ this time Park Woo-jin made his preparations before going to the forest. A little different from the two of them, this time Park Woo-jin went alone, without any other Wanna One members.

Remembering that Ha Sung-woon was experienced in the forest, Park Woo-jin contacted him to assist in preparing the items that would be needed to be brought to the forest.

After reminding him of some things that needed to be brought and those that didn’t need to be brought, Sung-woon stated that he believed Woo-jin could definitely survive in the forest, which he was a bit worried about. Park Woo-jin might feel lonely, because he had gone with Seung-woo. Sung-woon also advised him not to get hurt while there, and Park Woo-jin replied that he would return safely. Then Sung-woon cheered him.

Park Woo-jin Han Sung-woon Vlive
V Live

Ha Sung-woon once did a V Live with Park Woo-jin. At the beginning of their V Live, they said that, in fact, they were currently V Live and demonstrated their choreography but were suddenly disconnected, and they thought maybe God didn’t want them to give spoilers regarding their comeback.

During their V Live, they were waiting for their food to come. When it finally came, they were eating steak. Not long after the food arrived, Park Ji-hoon came to their room and joined the V Live. They talked about how their appearances have changed from the beginning of their debut to the present. Han Sung-woo said that Ji-hoon looked more manly now than before, and Woo-jin added that Ji-hoon used to do aegyo a lot.

Ha Sung-woon with Bae Jin-young


The closeness between Han Sung-woon and Bae Jin-young began when they were on the ‘Boy In Luv’ team when they were still in ‘Produce 101 season 2’. At the time, Bae Jin-young still didn’t have his confidence.

On their variety show, ‘Wanna One Go’, Bae Jin-young sang the song ‘In Front of Your House’ by Kim Bum-soo. It’s Ha Sung-woon’s favorite song, and is the song Ha Sung-woo sang at his audition for ‘Produce 101 season 2’. At first, Bae Jin-young sang along with Hwang Min-hyun, but it wasn’t long before Ha Sung-woo came out, with hair that was still wet from his shower.

Seeing Ha Sung-woo, Bae Jin-young and Hwang Min-hyun immediately gave him their mic so he could sing. after the first song, Ha Sung-woon sang alone for the second song, another of his favorites, an OST from a famous drama in South Korea, ‘Sassy Girl Chun-hyang’, but when he was singing the song, the other members kept taking themic during the chorus. The first time, the mic was taken by Bae Jin-young, and in the second chorus it was taken by Ong Seung-woo.


in the behind the scenes video taken when they were filming the music video for their last album, Bae Jin-young was as a reporter who was interviewing Ha Sung-woon in a Q&A format. In this clip, Bae Jin-young tells us that, initially, when Ha Sung-woo gave him advice, it was like bitter pills to swallow, he didn’t understand. But, as time went by, Bae Jin-young began to understand that what Ha Sung-woon said to him was for his own good, so he would be better. Ha Sung-woon also said the reason he advised Bae Jin-young was because Bae Jin-young had practiced a lot, and he always monitored Bae Jin-young’s progress. He was sure Bae Jin-young could be better, and he gave Bae Jin-young 77 points.

Ha Sung-woon with Lee Dae-hwi


Having a cheerful and playful nature makes is easy for Lee Dae-hwi to get close to everyone, including Ha Sung-woon. Both of them were in Class A, and earned the nickname ‘Royal A.’ Lee Dae-hwi, who was the center of the song ‘Pick Me’ in ‘Produce 101 season 2’, had an advantage during group evaluation, by being the first person to choose a group member.


Han Sung-woon Lee Dae-hwi Wanna One Produce 101 season 2

In the group evaluation, Lee Dae-hwi was in a group with Han Sung-woon, Bae Jin-young, and Park Ji-hoon. They performed a song by their senior, BTS, ‘Boy In Luv.’ With the advantage of being able to freely choose his members, Dae-hwi stated that he wanted to make the Avengers team and the first person he chose was Ha Sung-woon, followed by other popular members.

While training, the other teams posed to show off the shoes they just got. Seeing this, Lee Dae-hwi and Ha Sung-woon didn’t want to lose and posed like in the picture above, to show off their shoes.

On their variety show, ‘Wanna One Xcone’, they made sub-units and went to his grandfather, Han Sun-woon’s, house. At first, Dae-hwi refused and said he just wanted to go home. At his grandfather’s house, he and Ha Sung-woon learned to pick lettuce. Dae-hwi’s ability to pull out lettuce was praised by local people and, finally, they brought home a box of lettuce.

Ha Sung-woon with Lai Kuanlin


The last member is the ‘maknae‘, who debuted at a young age. Lai Kuanlin is not Korean, and wasn’t fluent in the language, which makes things very difficult for him. Besides learning to communicate in Korean, he also had to learn the Korean culture.

In ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, the closeness between Lai Kuanlin and Ha Sung-woon was not apparent to the camera. They were part of a group of debut evaluations, performing ‘Super Hot’, where Ha Sung-woon was the center for the first time. In the group evaluation, both of them performed the song ‘Boy In Luv’, but not as a team. They were rivals for the fight for benefit votes. As they both debuted with Wanna One, the two got closer.

On their variety show, ‘Wanna One Go,’ Ha Sung-woon was watching Zumba dances. Seeing this, Lai Kuanlin immediately stood behind Ha Sung-woon and followed the Zumba dance moves, along with Hwang Min-hyun, while holding bottles of mineral water in their hands. They moved their hands and thighs with enthusiasm and were generally adorable.

On one of their variety shows, ‘Wanna One’s Amigo TV’, all the members were together answering questions from their fans. When asked about what nickname they wanted from fans, Lai Kuanlin answered he wanted to be called ‘Lai Kuanlin’. Then, in a strange tone, Ha Sung-woon called the name ‘Lai Kuanlin’ to tease him, which made all the members laugh. Ha Sung-woon got the same question, and he answered, ‘Cloud.’ Lai Kuanlin then immediately called Ha Sung-woon ‘Cloud’, but in the same strange tone Ha Sung-woon had used to him, and all the members laughed again.