Check Out the K-Pop Companies of Your Favorite K-Pop Groups

HYBE LABELS: Artists, Background, and Building

hybe labels

Back then, the K-pop industry had 3 giant companies named SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. But, ever since BTS hit a huge success, the company Big Hit Entertainment also gained a lot of wealth. They are known both nationwide and worldwide. Even though they started as a small company with a small building, Big Hit Entertainment is now known as one of the biggest K-pop companies.

Well, they changed their name now. As of 2021, the company is now known as HYBE LABELS. However, even though the name has changed, the staff did not. The main producer of HYBE LABELS is still Bang Shi-hyuk, the founder of Big Hit Entertainment who started it all in 2005.

big hit entertainment 2am

HYBE LABELS, known as Big Hit Entertainment at the time, started with their first trio called 8Eight. They also managed a group along with JYP Entertainment, 2AM. In 2013, the future of K-pop was born from that small company. BTS debuted under Big Hit Entertainment without knowing that they were going to be this big.

bts big hit entertainment

Well, BTS didn’t just get their huge popularity in the first year of their debut. Just like the group, the company also struggled for some years after BTS released their first single. Finally, in 2016, BTS started to get attention. They got their first win in a music show and were even known outside of Korea in places such as the United States.

big hit entertainment txt

Years after the phenomenon of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment finally debuted a new boy group. Just in time for the 4th generation of K-pop, they debuted TXT or Tomorrow X Together.

After that, Big Hit Entertainment as one of the biggest K-pop agencies acquired some other K-pop agencies such as Source Music, the agency of Gfriend, Pledis Entertainment, the agency of Seventeen and Nu’est, etc. They also founded a joint venture agency named Belift Lab which produced Enhypen.

big hit entertainment new kpop groups

In March 2021, Big Hit Entertainment officially changed its name to HYBE LABELS with a structure like this:

hybe labels

Hmm, what a huge family they have! So, are your idols under HYBE LABELS? They must be really talented!

FNC Entertainment: Artists, Background, and Building

fnc entertainment building

Big Hit Entertainment or the beginning of HYBE LABELS was founded in 2005, and FNC Entertainment was born a year after that. It is a company founded by a singer and producer named Han Seong-ho. Well, seems like they didn’t follow the naming trend of JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, or YG Entertainment. FNC Entertainment’s name is from “Fish and Cake.”

fnc entertainment ceo

Before, we knew some agencies who built K-pop groups and singers, but for FNC Entertainment, they debuted a phenomenal K-pop band! Well, we must not call it K-pop then, but K-rock!

ft island cnblue

FNC Entertainment debuted F.T. Island in 2007. F.T Island may not be the first band in Korea, but their popularity is so huge around the world! Years after that, FNC Entertainment debuted another band named CNBLUE. After succeeding with the bands, they debuted a girl group with two concepts, K-pop and band, AOA.

fnc entertainment aoa n flying sf9

AOA Black was a sub-unit of AOA which had their members play instruments as they sang, just like bands do. But, AOA Black didn’t continue, and they just go on with AOA with a concept like other girl groups in K-pop.

However, FNC Entertainment debuted another band after AOA debuted in 2012. N. Flying followed their seniors’ path after debuting in 2013.

cherry bullet fnc entertainment

As the popularity of K-pop grew, FNC Entertainment produced new girl groups and boy groups with the K-pop genre, such as SF9, Cherry Bullet, and P1Harmony.

Well, if your bias is from FNC Entertainment, they must have unique colors in music, right?

CUBE Entertainment: Artists, Background, and Building

cube entertainment

Born in the same year as FNC Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment started its journey in the K-pop industry in 2006. CUBE Entertainment’s founder is Simon Hong or Hong Seung-sung. He worked in JYP Entertainment as a president before building CUBE Entertainment.

Unlike other companies, CUBE Entertainment debuted its artists years after being established. CUBE Entertainment produced new K-pop groups and a singer that filled the second generation of K-pop. It debuted Beast for the boy group, 4Minute for the girl group, and G.Na as the solo singer in 2009.

cube entertainment

Being a productive K-pop agency, CUBE Entertainment also debuted their next groups, BTOB and APINK, in the early 2010s. As for APINK, they were handled by CUBE Entertainment’s subsidiary, Plan A Entertainment. But, it separated from CUBE Entertainment and formed a new agency named Play M Entertainment.

joker pentagon gidle

Years after the success of BTOB and APINK, CUBE Entertainment started their next generation of K-pop by debuting CLC, Pentagon, (G)I-dle, Lai Kuanlin, etc. Some of CUBE Entertainment’s artists also went independent with their music styles after becoming producers in their own groups such as Yoon Junhyung of Beast, Hui of Pentagon, and Soyeon of (G)I-dle.

Some of the trainees of CUBE Entertainment who debuted as their idols also came from JYP Entertainment, such as Doojoon, Minhyuk, HyunA, Chorong, etc.


That’s all the information that we can gather for you about some K-pop companies. It may not be all of the K-pop companies in the K-pop industry, but at least now you know some of the popular ones. Anyway, which K-pop company do you like the most? Where does your group bias come from? Write down your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to spread this out to your fellow moots through social media!