Check Out DBSK’s Latest Concert ‘TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2019 XV’


The New Concert of TVXQ

TVXQ just did a concert! Not only a concert but a big and successful one. It was held in Japan at Tokyo Dome. The concert was a blast. And TVXQ was one of the most successful K-Pop stars in Japan. Do you want to find out more about all the details of the concert? Lucky for you, because today, Channel-Korea will share with you all the information about the concert. Check it out by scrolling down.

3-Day Concert At Tokyo Dome

The South Korean pop duo TVXQ, known as Tohoshinki (東方神起, Tōhōshinki) in Japan, have embarked on eight Japanese concert tour. Tohoshinki debuted in Japan as a five-member pop group in April 2005, and held their first Japanese tour, the Heart, Mind, and Soul Tour, in 2006. This was followed by the Five in the Black Tour in 2007 and the T Tour in 2008, the latter tour bringing in an estimate of 150,000 fans from 17 shows. From May to July 2009, Tohoshinki held their fourth and last Japanese tour as a quintet, The Secret Code Tour, attracting 300,000 fans. For the tour’s finale, Tohoshinki performed at the Tokyo Dome.

The duo held their first worldwide concert, the Catch Me: Live World Tour from November 2012 to July 2013, visiting North America and South America for the first time. In December 2014, the duo celebrated their tenth debut anniversary with the Tistory: Special Live Tour, touring cities in South Korea, China, and Thailand. It was the duo’s last headlining concert tour before taking their indefinite hiatus to enlist in South Korea’s compulsory military service. Since the completion of their service, TVXQ have headlined three concert tours, two of which were exclusively based in Japan. They performed in Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia with the Circle – #welcome tour from May 2018 to August 2019.

Not surprisingly, the number of spectators who packed their concerts in Japan always succeeded in making netizens amazed. ⁣⁣Recently, TVXQ, known as “Tohoshinki” in Japan, returned to visit Tokyo Dome to hold a concert for 3 consecutive days, namely from November 19th to November 21st, 2019.

Based on The K-Pop Herald, the group that has the Japanese name Tohoshinki has gathered around 780,000 fans for 17 concerts held in five domes in Japan, as part of the “Begin Again” tour.

This figure fulfilled TVXQ’s achievement which finally won 1 million viewers for the “Begin Again” concert tour. This achievement also made TVXQ a K-Pop artist who has the largest number of concert goers in Japan.


At the concert, TVXQ performed at least 27 Japanese songs. The audience of the entire venue was stunned by Yunho and Changmin’s totality.

In the middle of a very energetic dance, Yunho and Changmin could still sing live. TVXQ are known to have stable vocal qualities on the stage.


Dominating Japan’s Oricon Weekly Album


The group TVXQ once again wrote a new page in the history of the Japanese Oricon chart. Not only topping the Oricon’s Daily Album chart with “XV” – the 15th debut anniversary album in Japan – for 5 consecutive days since its release date (October 16th), TVXQ also occupied the top place on the Weekly Albums chart (statistics from October 14~20), thereby helping the group reap the “glorious” achievement with a total of 8 times dominating the chart above.

​“XV” was released on October 16th to mark TVXQ’s 15th debut anniversary in Japan and contains a total of 15 tracks. The album was also released on Korean music streaming sites on October 23rd at noon KST.

In particular, TVXQ has once again proven the group’s unique status and popularity level in Japan when setting a new record of becoming the first foreign artist with the most times to get the No. 1 position (8 times) on Oricon’s Weekly Albums Chart.

This album has a total of 15 songs in a variety of genres, including 12 new songs like “Guilty,” along with three released singles, “Jealous,” “Hot Hot Hot,” and “Mirror.” The group is receiving positive responses from fans when they are expected to also release songs in the album on Korea’s digital music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, etc. at 12 pm (KST) on October 23rd.

Sold 1 Million Tickets In 2018


According to the agency, the team ranked No. 1 on the list, compiled by Nikkei Entertainment, of performers’ ticket power. The duo’s concerts in Japan this year were attended by 1.28 million people. The agency said the duo outperformed Japan’s legendary stars, including rock duo B’z, boy band Arashi and Japan’s popular female artist Namie Amuro. TVXQ is the only Korean artist that made it into the top 10. The complete tour sold about 1,010,000 seats in total, with 220,000 seats being sold in Yokohama. That means TVXQ made an estimated amount of $110 million USD throughout the entire tour, just from the ticket sales!



That’s all about the last concert. They just confirmed they will be holding a concert in 2020, but we will see what comes up. If we find out more about them, we will tell you all the details.

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