Experienced as an Actor, Check Out BTS V’s Appearance as a Director on the V LIVE ‘BTS Run!’

Still Amazing As An Actor


Even though it’s been a few years since he acted in drama, he’s still doing great. V made a few mistakes but they were very small ones, like slips of the tongue. You should take a look at V’s face when he was murmuring Jung Kook’s name to scold him. When Jung Kook replied, he looks terrified. V looked terrified when he heard J-hope’s voice behind him and started coughing after the other members praising him as a good actor because of his scene. He has a really great facial expression especially he’s confused and shocked face is so on point. One of their best acting moments was when V shouted “chicken” and all of them had to give their natural reaction towards fried chicken. We can see that V gives his best when it comes to acting. He was smiling really brightly even though they just recorded audio for the very last scene.

While waiting for the camera to set, V rehearsed by himself and played a little bit with the prop. Even though V had the role as the director, he still managed to give his best when he was on set. Either as a director or an actor, V still V, He accepts other people’s feedback and fixes it.

The DALBANG BTS Drama is Finally Here!


After a long day of filming, finally the drama was ready to show. This was a comedy drama that starred BTS and they did all acting as themselves. The made RM English School, Eat Jin Chicken, Su-mmons Bed, Hope Dance Academy, Manggae Rice Cake Shop, Vtae Cosmetics, and Kook Electronics. The story of the drama is the group talking about other members’ bad habits and, because of that, they had to make rules in the DALBANG dorm in order to make dorm life better. I don’t want to give you any spoilers, so you can just start watching the drama here!

V’s Latest News


V just released a music video that he directed himself on August 10, 2019. He produced the song along with RM, ADORA and Hiss noise. If that’s not enough to make you impressed by him, the lyrics of the song are in English. He uploaded it on BTS’s Soundcloud and Bangtantv YouTube. check out the lyrics here.

Watch the music video here.

Stream from the Soundcloud here