Experienced as an Actor, Check Out BTS V’s Appearance as a Director on the V LIVE ‘BTS Run!’


Let’s Get Closer To BTS’s Awesome Actor – V

V, or Kim Tae-hyung (김태형), is one of the members of the boy-group BTS. He was born in Daegu, on December 30, 1995. He’s the same age as Ji Min and live in the same town as Suga. V is known for his deep voice, You’ll be amazed by his voice in his solo song, “Singularity“. V’s hobby is taking pictures and uploading them with the hashtag #Vantae. He also shares pictures from some of his favorite photographers on Twitter.

He made a song theme-related to photography, “Scenery“, and uploaded it on BTS’s Soundcloud. He  acted in the drama called “Hwarang” and he’s known to be best friends with some of the other actors from the drama, Park Seo-joon and Park Hyung-sik. Other members of BTS have said that he’s the most outgoing member, an idea which is reinforced with his personality type.  He’s an ENFP: extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving.

Now let’s talk about V becoming a director as well as an actor in BTS RUN!, episodes 73,74,75 and 76!

Mission – Acting!


On BTS Run! episode 73, they started in the same place as their last episode of season 2.  the group had a mission to make their own comedy drama located in the “BTS boarding house”. The rules of this mission were that they had to be the actors and also work as the staff. Each of their scenes will have a time limit, so they needed to finish filming the scene before running out of time. If the scene was not finished within the time, the scene is just passed and they had to move on to next scene. Before filming began, there would be an acting skills test. Each of them had to randomly draw a piece of paper with a number on it. The number would decide what scenes from famous dramas that they got and would have to re-create.


Ji Min got number 1, which meant he had to re-enact a scene from the famous drama “Guardian“, more famously known as “Goblin“. Jin got “Lovers in Paris” because he had number 2. As for number 3, Jung Kook got “Kill Me, Heal Me“. “Moon Embracing The Sun“, a period drama for number 4, went to V. No one drew number 5, so moving on to J-hope and number 6. He got “Deep Rooted Tree“, another period drama. RM, with number 7, got “Fight for My Way“, He should acts cute here. Suga, as the last one, got number 8, which was “Boys Over Flowers”, a famous drama which came out 10 years ago.

They studied to re-enact the clips that the staff prepared. Each of them had a chance to practice before officially doing their scenes. You should watch them, they try really hard not to laugh and feel embarrassed while practicing their lines. Watch it here!

Let’s Choose A Role!

After the practice sessions, it became time to choose a role. Other than V, who has acted before, no one in BTS had any experience in acting, which is why the members chose V as the director, because he has knowledge in drama industry. Jin graduated with an art and acting degree, but that had been seven years ago. After choosing the director it was time for other roles. BTS decided the other roles with Ghost Leg. If you don’t know Ghost Leg, check the photo below.


The results were:

  1. Ji Min as a Stand-by and Timer.

  2. Jin as a Prop man.

  3. Jung Kook as a Slate, the one who works without a break.

  4. RM as a Mentality care.

  5.  J-hope as a Stylist

  6. Suga as a Snack man

Finally, it was time to read the scripts and take a few notes!

Director V In Action!


V started the filming by saying “Action!”. The first scene took a few tries to shoot because the guys in the group started laughing every time they started the filming. V, as a director, reminded all BTS members to concentrate more, because Jung Kook will be the busiest if they keep re-taking the same scene again and again. RM, as mentality care, helped the director to keep the members focused by saying that they should think it’s UN speech so they can’t laugh and to think about sad thoughts. Before filming started, V asked the staff if they have a monitor to check how the acting was going. He also asked J-hope, as the stylist, to go check on the monitor to see how the actors looked on camera.

They started shooting again and finally, they made it until J-hope’s line, but RM burst into laughter because of J-hope’s pained expression. V decided to re-take this scene. After the scene’s finished, it’s time for V to decide if he wants another shot or moves to the next scenes. V didn’t seem really confident, so he asked the actor’s feedback to make the decision and, in the end, it’s decided that they don’t need to monitor themselves and to move on to the next scene.

Jung Kook suggested taking one more shot for scene 4 and V said okay, so they shot one more video in case the one they took before disappears.  After the scene was finished, V gave direction for the camera angle before move on to the next scene, which was funny because he just changed one thing because Suga teased him. V directed the actors again and asked them to be cooperative because they still had quite a few scenes to shoot before the time was up. He was really patient every time an actor made a mistake and just quietly re-shot the scenes. For example, for scene 18 they made it with just one take and it was one of the most naturally-acted scenes in their drama, but they had to re-take it because of Suga’s, who left the script on the sofa and it showed up in the frame. After all the scenes in the living room were finished, V remembered to remind the actors to take their scripts.

V showed great skill as a director, giving suggestions to Jung Kook when he asked if he should put toner on his face because he wore makeup. He worried about that and V suggested that he only needed to rub the toner on his hand or neck. He is a director who cares a lot about his actors. He kept making improvements on every scene they took. He quickly became more confident about directing the actors, despite it just being a few minutes difference after the previous scenes. He even used some filming lingo, such as OSS (Over Shoulder Shot) and asked the stylist to make the actor looks better on camera. He was still the same director as before, considering the actor’s feedback and the feedback from the “real director”, even though sometimes he just said “yes” to every suggestion the actors gave him.

After a while, V started looking tired and he let other members to be his substitute directors, they alternately said “Ready, action!” and “Cut!”. All of them looked tired and V decided to just take one shot per scene, and immediately move to the next scene. Even so, he still managed to detect mistakes in the shooting, like when it was RM and Jin’s scene and Jin was cut from the frame and V directed the staff to re-take it.

V seemed to have disappeared in the first few minutes of the last episode of BTS’s Dalbang Drama and Ji Min took the lead in directing the drama. V came back after changing his clothes and took his place as the director again. He also had the same ideas as the “real director”, even though he was just acting like one. You could see his improvement over the course of the day, he is so detailed that he even noticed the staff’s shadow in the frame that other members didn’t see. He also reminded Ji Min to check how much time was left.

While V acted his scene, other members replaced V as the director. Finally, the shoot was finished after V monitored it for the last time. They managed to shoot all scenes within the given time and end the filming quite quickly, thanks to the staff and member’s feedback, the cooperation of the team, the group’s hard work as the actors and the staff and, obviously, V’s directing skills.