Check Out All The Crazy Things Sasaeng Have Done To BTS!

Booking a Flight on the Same Plane with Them


Since BTS also a busy schedule, they are often seen going on trips abroad, whether it’s for their world tour concerts, photoshoot sessions, interview sessions, and many more. Even though BTS also goes abroad on a private jet or private plane, there are still sasaeng fans who knew where they were going, what plane they were been using, and everything else.

BTS’ V also revealed that actually they wanted to went abroad on a regular plane, but due to their safety, they would ended up in private planes, instead. He also said that usually, certain people such as sasaeng already know about their boarding schedule, and have booked seats on the same flight as them, or even booked a seat next to theirs, as well.

bts sasaeng fans

One of that moments that occured and was captured by a Big Hit Entertainment employee. That employee was a witness and saw everything on that plane. There were a bunch of sasaeng fans on the plane, and right after the flight landed, they were quickly getting off and saw the BTS members. Fortunately, it was also reported that the BTS members were safe and nothing happened to them that time.

Following Members During Their Private Time


It seems like sasaeng BTS fans never get tired of following them. Even when BTS had their private free time, there were still a bunch of sasaeng who were looking for them. It happened when BTS went to Sweden to film their project, and they had to run away from sasaeng fans!

At that time, the group had gone to a certain café to grab a meal and chill for a little bit. However, in front of that cafe there were some sasaeng fans who already knew their location and were waiting for them to come out. The strange behavior from sasaeng fans was caught by a cameraman, then the cameraman ask them to stay away from the group members.

bts sasaeng

Meanwhile, the sasaeng fans were pretending to stay away from them, but when the group came out of the cafe, the fans went running after the BTS members. The incident was also caught by the camera, and viewers can see how creepy that was!

The Infamous “No Pants” Sasaeng


The “No Pants” sasaeng fan is a female sasaeng who appeared through an VIP gate, which is also the same gate that BTS’ members used. Not only that, she also went to the same flight and the same plane as BTS, as well! The reasons why ARMYs call her the “No Pants” sasaeng is because she was there with no pants on!

She has often been caught being too close to the BTS members, compared to other fans. While they were at the airport, the woman also followed the BTS members more closely than usual fans did. ARMYs all over the world started to recognize her after incidents, because the woman has been caught so many times while she was stalking the BTS members.

bts sasaeng fans

Even though she was publicly humiliated after her appearance at the airport, it seems like that didn’t deter her, and she still continued her journey as the “No Pants” sasaeng. She even got a private Instagram account and she posted the BTS members’ private pictures there, as well.

Not only that, through her private Instagram account, ARMYs have found strong evidence that the “No Pants” sasaeng followed BTS several times. She was posting not only the private pictures of BTS, but also airport pictures that people rarely see, BTS members’ picture in front of their hotel room, and many more! It was also reported that the woman was blacklisted by Big Hit Entertainment, as well.

Interview with ex-BTS Sasaeng


There’s an exclusive interview with one of the ex-sasaeng fans of BTS! Through the interview, the fan explained what they did in order to stalk their idols. One of the most likely things among sasaeng fans was to book a private flight along with certain idols. The reasons why they do it is because the idols can’t run away, and because many idols have to use air travel often.

The foreign YouTuber Sherliza Moé had a chance to have an interview with one of the ex-sasaeng fans of BTS. That sasaeng gave her a picture where she was on the same plane as BTS before. This particular sasaeng fan was a girl from Turkey, but she lived in Seoul for around two years. She explained that she was a sasaeng fan for almost three years before she decided to stop.

The reason she stopped being sasaeng was because she realized that all of those sasaeng things wouldn’t lead her anywhere good. She also started to get anxious, and she just couldn’t follow the sasaeng things or contact her sasaeng friends any longer, due to her depression at the time.

bts sasaeng

She also received a lot of private information about the group while she was a sasaeng. She got illegal flights, illegal photos, private telephone numbers, and more. She also revealed that the more information that you got, the more of it you would crave. She said that the worst thing that she did was to be on the same plane as BTS.

She went to explain the creepy behavior from the fans’ side. When sasaeng fans were able to sit on the same flight as BTS, such as in business class, they would find any way they could to be near the group. One of the creepy things they did was following the BTS members when they were going to the toilet. Even the sasaeng from ecomony class also found a way to follow the BTS member through the business class toilet.

Watch the full interview here:

Big Hit Entertainment Bans a List of BTS Sasaengs


Previously, we have talked about the interview with an ex-sasaeng fan of BTS. The girl also explained that the worst part of being a sasaeng fan was you could be blacklisted by the entertainment company. Moreover, they would also be banned to attending any concerts, fan meetings, orother events the group was attending, as well.

Big Hit Entertainment has taken action due to the sasaeng BTS fans to prevent unpleasant incidents and to protect the BTS members. Another reason why did these fansites/fans were blacklisted by BigHit Entertainment is because they were spreading illegal private information, illegal pictures, and many more.

And here are some blacklisted people or sasaeng fans who were banned by Big Hit Entertainment:

blacklisted sasaeng
blacklisted sasaeng

That’s it for today’s article about BTS’s bad experiences with sasaeng fans! As fans, we shouldn’t do that. We should be supporting and cheering them, instead. Meanwhile, being sasaeng fans doesn’t get you respected by BTS. They would be more likely to be mad and disappointed at you. Let’s always support BTS all the time, and keep them away from sasaeng fans!

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