Who Is Chanyeol’s Sister? Here Are the Details!



EXO’s Chanyeol and His Pretty Sister

Of course, many of the famous artists have siblings, like a brother or a sister. Moreover, when the artist is a member of a boy band or a girl band, they sometimes spend more of their time with the members of their group than their families. They often times take vacation time to meet with their family.

The fans of the artist are always curious to find out how the brother or sister of their beloved idols looks like. Sometimes, fans hope to be able to be fans of the brother or sister of the artist as well. Some artists’ siblings have chosen the same career path as their popular sibling, however, some haven’t and are just ordinary people. Such is the case of EXO’s Chanyeol, who has a pretty sister, who many people think is his twin sister because of the uncanny similarity between them. 

Park Chanyeol is a member of the Korean boy band EXO. He debuted with EXO in 2012. Chanyeol has a very extraordinary talent. Aside from being a singer in EXO, he has also participated in the making of some of EXO’s songs. He became a song producer, in several interviews he showed that he knew the meaning of the song even more than EXO’s leader, Suho. Lately, he also made an appearance as an actor in the drama titled The Memories of Alhambra.

As mentioned earlier, Chanyeol has a very beautiful sister. When talking about Chanyeol’s family, it consists of a father, mother, him and his sister who is three years older than him. Chanyeol’s father is the owner of a live cafe. Chanyeol used to visit the cafe, his mother is also the owner of an Italian restaurant. EXO fans sometimes like to visit Chanyeol’s family cafe or restaurant. There, we can see some EXO photos and albums on display. Pretty frequently, Chanyeol’s mother interacts with the fans (EXO-L) and also his sister Park Yoo-ra.

Park Yoo-ra is Chanyeol’s sister who is three years older than him. They were both born in Korea and they both work in the Korean entertainment industry. Chanyeol’s sister is a presenter for a Korean news channel called CBS. She was featured in the April edition of The Herald for her work as a presenter. But now, she is presenting at YTN and once had the opportunity to read the news about EXO’s success! As siblings, Chanyeol is very close to Yoo-ra. On one occasion, they both commented on each other’s posts on Instagram.

On another occasion, Chanyeol admitted to the public that he often fought with Yoo-ra over computers. However, when Chanyeol had to move to the dorm, the two siblings missed each other. Relatively frequently, Chanyeol and Yoo-ra go to eat and shop together.


Yoo-ra also uses family ties to have fun outside the newsroom. In a 2014 teaser, Yoo-ra reports that hurricanes will hit the hip-hop scene. “Typhoon”, ironically titled “Nice Weather”, is a collaboration between Rap Star and Outsider. Outsider is reported to be one of Yoo-ra’s favorite artists. Others include Maroon 5, Oasis, Busker Busker, Jamiroquai, Tahiti 80, Roy Kim and, of course, EXO.

During the radio program, Chanyeol told his band members that he and Yoo-ra often fought when they were young. He would always lose his patience when Yoo-ra evicted him from using the computer, especially while he was playing games, or forbidding him to use the computer at all.

Park Yoo-ra married in the fall of this year. Her husband is also a person who works as a journalist and is three years older than her. They fell in love with each other after a close friend introduced them. After dating for a year, Park Yoo-ra and the fiancee decided to tie the knot.

Then, what is Chanyeol’s opinion about his sister’s marriage? “My brother didn’t overreact as I had imagined,” she said in an interview. At her wedding in Seoul, Chanyeol lent his voice and sang a song for his beloved sister’s wedding. Chanyeol also posted a photo of his sister’s wedding with the caption “congratulations.”