EXO’s Chanyeol: Full Profile, Plastic Surgery, Tattoos, Dramas, and Facts

Chanyeol’s Plastic Surgery Rumor

chanyeol pre debut plastic surgery before after

It is a universal agreement that Chanyeol has very handsome facial features that make women swoon over. Upon his ethereal look, some people started to wonder whether he had gone under the needle for some fixing to make his face look as perfects as it does now. Although there is no confirmation from SM Entertainment nor himself about this matter, we can analyze a few differences on his pre-debut and present photos. It is apparent that Chanyeol had received double eyelid surgery to widen his eyes and a minor nose job to achieve his current perfect nose shape. Whether the analysis is true or not, let us tell you that Chanyeol was also actually blessed with good genes and a pretty face way before his trainee days. Take a look at that cute baby face!

Chanyeol’s Tattoos- Are They Real?

chanyeol-tattoo loey

As for now, Chanyeol is the only member in EXO who has permanent tattoos. He currently has four tattoos that range in shape and design. The first tattoo to be revealed is located on the side of his left hand’s middle finger, which reads ‘LOEY,’ Chanyeol’s registered name as a producer. It is seen that this tattoo is a representation of his love and passion towards music.

chanyeol new tattoo ;-1485

The next tattoo is the one on his right wrist that reads ‘L-1485’ with a black rectangle border. FaHe fully revealed the tattoo to fans at EXO’s concert in November 2017, but fans had previously caught a glimpse of it on Chanyeol’s Instagram post earlier in the month. The tattoo itself has a special meaning both to Chanyeol and EXO-L as the ‘L’ stands for ‘EXO-L’ and the numbers refer to the date when the fandom was officially established, which is August 5, 2014. Chanyeol also added that “All of you will always be a part of my body until the day I die.”

chanyeol new tattoo

Chanyeol revealed his third tattoo for the first time at EXO’s fan meeting event in September 2017. He rolled up his sleeves for fans to see the tattoo up close. This tattoo is located on the outside of his right forearm, presenting an illustration of twin moons that resemble a guitar together. He added that it was painful when he got it inked. Chanyeol decided not to reveal the meaning behind this tattoo, leaving it to the fans’ imaginations.

chanyeol monkey tattoo

His fourth tattoo is a silhouette of a monkey and is also located on his right forearm. The tattoo was first seen at EXO’s stop in Osaka for their ‘EXO PLANET#4 – The EℓyXiOn’ tour in February 2018. It is believed that the tattoo is a representation of Chanyeol’s birth year, 1992, which was the year of the monkey in the Chinese zodiac. What do you think about Chanyeol’s tattoos? Do you think he should get more?