Updates on AKMU’s Chanhyuk’s Military Service


Do You Miss Chan-hyuk from AKMU? Here’s an Update of His Military Service!

The sibling duo from YG Entertainment, Akdong Musician, or also known as AKMU, have been inactive for more than a year. The reason is that Chan-hyuk, as a Korean male citizen, had to leave due to enlisting in the military service on September 18th, 2017. He left to join the marine division and will be discharged this May.


While waiting for him to come back, let’s take a look at updates of him while serving the military!

Military Service Enlistment

After Chan-hyuk has joined the military for more than a year, AKMU haven’t done any promotional activities. However, it’s not like Chan-hyuk has been completely isolated while being in the military. He is just focused on doing his military duty. However, sometimes, he posts an update on his Instagram account, even though he only posts selfies of him. Usually, he does that when he has days off.


At one point, Chan-hyuk got visited by his family when he couldn’t go out and had to serve his duty in the marine division. Not only Su-hyun, his partner in AKMU, but his sister, as well as his parents, came by to visit him in his base camp. As he had hard days being military personnel, it must have been so great to finally see the ones he loves to cheer him up.


He looks very mature and manly in the picture. Also, look at how proud his family is! The smiles on his parents’ and sister’s face are so wide because their lovely Chan-hyuk has been working hard to serve the country.

On another occasion, Su-hyun came by to visit him again and posted the cute picture of them on her Instagram account. It makes us AKMU fans anxious to see the two of them come back with new amazing songs.


But hey, now that a year and a half has passed, it means that Chan-hyuk’s discharge date is coming soon. As he started his service on September 18th, 2017, he is scheduled to be discharged on May 29th, 2019. Until then, we can wait for him while listening to AKMU songs. The next comeback of the duo will probably be very awesome after a long hiatus.

It would appear that even while serving the military he still cares about AKMU and cannot wait to greet fans with their next amazing project. On September 10th, 2018, Chan-hyuk had days off and he paid a visit to the YG office and met his beloved boss, Yang Hyun-suk.


Even the CEO of YG Entertainment got a jacket as a gift from the marine military with his name patched on the right side.


We really cannot wait to see him again after getting discharged from Marine military. Come back stronger, Chan-hyuk!


Seeing the pictures of Chan-hyuk above makes us miss him even more, don’t you agree? But don’t worry, let’s see other pictures of him from his own Instagram account. Yes, he updates sometimes when he’s on his days off. Let’s see what he has posted below!

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11년친구들 징글징글벨

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Chan-hyuk with his long-time friends had a little party before Christmas.

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He spent his off days by watching a circus show with his beloved sister, Su-hyun.

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Still looking stylish in glasses. Lots of fans commented that he looks more handsome in the pictures.


Spending time with friends is literally one of the best ways to spend the holidays.