Chang Mi-hee: Profile, Career, Marriage, Scandals, Dramas and Movies

chang mi hee actress

Find out more about charismatic actress Chang Mi-hee

Chang Mi-hee is a charismatic Korean actress. She made her first drama appearance in 1976. She is known as a second-generation Korean actress. Her second movie, Winter Woman, was recorded as the movie with the highest attendance in her time. Throughout her glittering acting career, she has collected many awards. More than four decades later, she is still performing at the highest level in Korean dramas.

Earlier in her career, she was known as one of the sexy actresses. In later years, Chang Mi-hee is more popularly known for her strong and tough characters. She is a charismatic actress and an excellent role model for young actresses.

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Chang Mi-hee’s full profile

chang mi hee actress

Name: Chang Mi-hee

Original Name: Lee Yun-hui

Date of Birth: January 27th, 1958

Place of birth: Seoul

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Blood Type: B

Religion: Christian

Chang Mi-hee’s facts

chang mi hee actress
  • Chang Mi-hee is the third child in her family. She has an older brother and an older sister
  • Chang Mi-hee debuted in the drama Seong Chun-yang Jeon in 1976.
  • She received a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from Myongji University, majoring in Education in both degrees.
  • Chang Mi-hee loved playing soccer when she was a child.
  • Chang Mi-hee was known as the silver tongue kid because she was able to convince other people into believing her words or doing her some favor.
  • Chang Mi-hee wanted to be an elementary school teacher but her older sister forced her to do other things.

Chang Mi-hee’s career

chang mi hee actress

In 1972, Chang Mi-hee participated in an art competition. In the competition, she received a golden statue. In 1975, Chang Mi-hee participated in another talent search, this time, she was also selected as one of the winners. Veteran director, Park Tae-won held public recruitment for new actresses.

She defeated 276 contestants and got the leading role as Chun-yang. She made her debut in 1976. Chang Mi-hee recorded a new milestone in Korean movie history. Her movie Winter Lady became the highest-selling movie, at that time, and recorded more than half a million viewers. After her success, she became one of the highest-earning actresses in her era.

Chang Mi-hee marriage and family

chang mi hee actress

Chang Mi-hee isn’t officially married but according to rumors, she was engaged with the owner of a big company. In movies and dramas, she has been married to a lot of famous actors. In dramas, she has been married to actors Yoo Dong-geun, Kim Sang-jung, and Choi Bool-am. In real life, there is no information about Chang Mi-hee’s boyfriend or husband and there hasn’t been any public announcement of her being in a relationship.

Chang Mi-hee’s scandal with a famous person

chang mi hee actress

Throughout her career, Chang Mi-hee has been involved in many scandals. Among her scandals, the scandal with former Korean president Chun Doo-hwan was the most famous. It is believed that Chang Mi-hee was kidnapped by the jealous Korean first lady and wife of President Chun Do-hwan. She was kidnapped after filming a movie and put in a cell with a man for five days. Even though Chang Mi-hee denied this scandal, many older people still remember the event.

There was a rumor that Chang Mi-hee was engaged with the owner of Gyeongnam Company in 1983. In other scandals, movie director Bae Chang-ho revealed his relationship with Chang Mi-hee. He knew her during her early career when she wasn’t famous yet. They become close after working together on a project.

Other than acting in dramas, Chang Mi-hee also works as a professor and teaches at Myongji University. Rumors surfaced that her academic degree was forged. Chang Mi-hee stated that she graduated from Dongguk University, but Dongguk University claimed to have no record of her enrollment. In Korea, even though a person is talented or popular, he or she might run into difficulties in finding a job without any academic degree.

Chang Mi-hee’s most popular movies and TV shows

chang mi hee actress

It is extremely hard to point Chang Mi-hee’s best and most popular role in dramas and movies. Chang Mi-hee’s movies and tv shows are always successful and collect huge ratings. In the drama Mom’s Dead Upset, Chang Mi-hee earned an award for the best couple with actor Kim Young-gun. Chang Mi-hee seems to be aging very slow. Despite Chang Mi-hee’s age, she still looks extremely young. She gets many commercial offers for her ageless appearance.

Chang Mi-hee in Mom’s Dead Upset

chang mi hee actress

Chang Mi-hee was nominated for the Top Excellence Actress Award for her role in one of the highest-rated Korean dramas, Mom’s Dead Upset. Chang Me-hee performed as the daughter of an influential family. Growing up in a rich family, she lived in her own opinion and barely considered other people’s opinions. She is strict and strong toward her daughter-in-law.

Chang Mi-hee in Marry Me Now

chang mi hee actress

Chang Mi-hee performed as a hardworking and successful married woman. She has a strong wit and a die-hard attitude. Her husband left her when their business collapsed but she managed to get back on her feet and started her own business. One day, she met her first love who was widowed and had four successful children. Many things happened after they met for the second time.

Chang Mi-hee’s latest drama Secret Boutique

chang mi hee actress

Chang Mi-hee showed that she isn’t finished in acting by performing in the leading role as a tough CEO in Secret Boutique. This high-class drama is about the stories and intrigues in a boutique law firm where everyone competes fiercely for power and influence. As a veteran actress, Chang Mi-hee barely needs any conversation to show her character to viewers. Viewers were captivated by her acting.

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