South Korean Legendary Girl Group Chakra’s Profile, Discography, Performance

Where Are They Now?

Chakra kpop profile

Chakra underwent their career journey from 2000 to 2006 with one member change, leaving only Hwangbo and Bona as members who remained members of the group. They can be said to have been a rising girl group in the early 2000s with a pretty good reputation and are quite legendary until now in South Korea. Chakra was disbanded in 2006, and the members began focusing on their respective careers and personal lives.

Chakra kpop profileEani

Eani’s real name is Im Seon-hong. As she was from Miss Korea in 1997, she boasted considerable beauty, but at the time of her debut, she did not gain much popularity with her short cut style. She was in charge as the leader during Chakra’s promotions.

But, as she left the group too soon while studying abroad, Hwangbo was actually recognized as the leader. After leaving the entertainment industry, she practically retired from the entertainment industry. In 2008, she married a Korean-American businessman and lives in the United States. Since then, the status quo is unknown.

Chakra Hwangbo

Hwangbo became the unofficial leader of Chakra and another visual of the group. She received the most attention. In other words, she is the main visual of ChakraWhile working part-time as a waitress, she was cast with an Indian-looking appearance. It is said that she was so attached to Chakra that she strongly opposed it when they disbanded.

However, during Chakra’s activities, income was not properly distributed among the members, and Hwangbo said that she had to pay taxes because she was the leader. After the group’s disbandment, she was active as a singer for a while. From time to time, she starts to upload daily activities about her current situation through her social media.

Chakra Ryeowon

Ryeowon mostly received attention for her lively personality and cute and pretty face. She was the member who received the loudest cheers from fans at music shows because the fandom was also strong. It is said that Lee Sang-min cast Ryeowon when he saw her wearing a beanie and hip-hop pants at an arcade in Gangnam and was inspired by her neutral appearance and cast her on the spot.

There were a lot of high-pitched parts, but after the 2nd album, there were more mid-bass parts as she sang with sincerity. After the disbandment of Chakra, she became an actress and achieved success beyond her singing career.

Chakra Eun

Born on September 30, 1984, her real name is Lee Kyung-eun. At the time of Chakra’s promotions, she was the least important member and the youngest in Chakra. Her active name was Eun, but as she turned into an actress, she used the stage name Lee Eun.

After the disbandment of Chakra in January 2006, Eric, Han Ji-min, and Uhm Tae-woong appeared as the main characters in the drama Wolf which aired in January 2006. However, during the filming of the drama, the production was stopped due to injuries to Eric and Han Ji-min. In the end, the drama was overturned after only three episodes were aired. The production team of Wolf tried to resume filming depending on the condition of the main actors, but in the end, it failed.

After marriage, she retired from the entertainment industry. She has three daughters. After marriage, she appeared on the SBS childcare show Oh My Baby for a long time, but soon got out. It was reported that Eun became divorced at the end of 2016.

Chakra BOna

Born on June 11, 1982, her real name is Choi Hyun-jung. She was a newer member who joined and replaced the position of Eani who went to the United States to study in 2002. She was the main vocalist who led the part by helping Chakra which had a weak vocal line. She is a member who came in after auditioning from a new agency and is not a member Lee Sang-min selected above.

The other members of Chakra did not renew their contract after the contract period was over and went out to find a way to promote their own personal activities. She renewed her contract and prepared for a solo debut, but without any results, she moved to another agency, but fell over again and had to move to three agencies alone. Bona also participated in the audition for Superstar K2 in 2010 and became a hot topic.

In 2012 and 2013, she released a ballad single and wanted to spend a long break like that again, but in March 2018, she returned as a trot singer. It is said that she has been promoting occasionally in China and other places, but her appearance has changed a lot. There is a sense of disparity, but it seems that she has settled down with the youngest and prettiest face since her debut.

Well, that is all of the information about Chakras and everything you should know about them. Let’s continue to give support to every member who has taken a different path after Chakra disbanded, may they continue to be happy with their current lives. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!