Chae Tae-hyun’s Wife: Their Love Story, Married Choi Suk-eun, Children

chae tae hyun wife

Who is Chae Tae-hyun’s Wife?

Chae Tae-hyun is a South Korean actor who is popular for his role in the dramas My Sassy Girl(2001), Hello Ghost (2010), Scandal Makers (2008), etc. Chae Tae-hyun who signed under Blossom Entertainment succeeds in living up a comedy genre with his character. His wife is Choi Suk-eun and Chae Tae-hyun met her in their teenage age. Check their Chae Tae-hyun’s lovely and up-downs love story on this Channel-Korea below! Stay reading!

Chae Tae-hyun’s and His Wife Love Story

chae tae hyun wife

Chae Tae-hyun and his wife, Choi Suk-eun might like real Korean drama. They met at such young age, his first love, and got married at a mature age. Chae Tae-hyun actually married at the age of 31 years old. His wife, Choi Suk-eun is always there during part of his beginning acting career, the success point, and also the failure.

His wife often sends him a hand-written letter to strengthen and support him. Choi Suk-eun felt sorry and wrote a warm message to him. It works for Chae Tae-hyun who suffered from panic disorder. He almost reads it daily and carries it in his wallet. Such a sweet couple!

Chae Tae-hyun Dating His Wife: First Love in High School

chae tae hyun wife

Chae Tae-hyun has often been called a romantic man since he married his high school girlfriend. Although it looks like a love drama story, they faced the beauty of falling in love, the bitterness of couple quarrels and break-ups. They did have normal couple situations until finally get married. Follow their love story below!

Chae Tae-hyun started dating Choi Suk-eun in their second year of high school or in the 11th grade of school. He admitted to following her wherever she goes. Are you familiar with young blood love, so sweet!

He confirmed that Choi Suk-eun is his first and only love. However, his wife, she didn’t the only boyfriend, she had ever dated. She was ever three or four dating other boys when they broke up. He was strongly sure, her wife’s past dating wasn’t serious.

On the contrary, Chae Tae-hyun only dated her in his life, Choi Suk-eun is just only romantic love he ever experienced. Do you believe it?

Chae Tae-hyun Almost Made Wedding-Off and Reconcile

chae tae hyun wife

When they were dating, Chae Tae-hyun was building his career as an actor. He promised to marry her at age of 30. However, Chae Tae-hyun faced difficulties in his job after his massive success in the drama My Sassy Girl, so he postponed the wedding.

Chae Tae-hyun has his own ideal marriage condition. He was eager to get married after a hit project, so that’s the reason he kept postponing the wedding.

On the other hand, Choi Suk-eun find him breaking his promise, so she wanted to end the relationship. Chae Tae-hyun who is in the middle of shooting, couldn’t focus and asked to stop the filming then he went to Jeju island to see Choi Suk-eun. He made a reason to the shooting staff, so he could go and delayed his part.

He believed that if he didn’t go, he will lose her forever. Hence, he catch up to Jeju and apologized to her. Then, they are finally still together.

Chae Tae-hyun Finally Married Choi Suk-eun

chae tae hyun wife

After 13 years of dating, Chae Tae-hyun and Choi Suk-eun married. On June 1, 2006, they tied the knot. Choi Suk-eun is a pop lyricist. He might seem so faithful and sweet guy since he married his high school girlfriend.

On the KBS show’s Win-Win, he revealed he has no option other than Choi Suk-eun. He stuck with her and his only love, no other one. Choi Suk-eun also said, if he could go back in time, he still would marry his wife.

Chae Tae-hyun Having First Child: Stay Home for 8 months

chae tae hyun wife

Chae Tae-hyun is truly a family man and he always tries to prioritize his family. During his first child, he decided to stay at home for 8 months for his wife and his child. Chae Tae-hyun wanted to be a good father and support his wife. He didn’t work for eight months and fully accompanied his wife and his firstborn child, Cha Soo-chan.

Chae Tae-hyun Now Big Family with Three Children

chae tae hyun wife

Now, Chae Tae-hyun is having a huge family with three children. The first son, Cha Soo-chan, and two daughters Cha Tae-eun and Cha Su-jin. Chae Tae-hyun confessed that he needs to be popular until his first child in high school, so he tried to join some variety show to make it happen. Such a visionary and dedicated family man indeed! He surely appeared in many varieties shows such as the famous variety show 2 Days & 1 Night, Camping Vibes on JTBC.

chae tae hyun wife

His three children also appeared in his variety show 2 Days & 1 Night traveling to Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi Province. Every cast including Kim Joon-ho, Kim Jong-min, Yoon Shi-yoon, Jung Joon-young, and Defconn looks so amazed by the warmful, charm, and strong energy of his three children. It is surely part of Chae Tae-hyun and his wife’s work in educating them at home. They are indeed the best family!

That’s all about Chae Tae-hyun’s wife, their love story, and their children. Do you dream to have such a beautiful family like Chae Tae-hyun? Put your comment below and share your thoughts on social media too!