K-Pop Facts: Before and After Chae Soo-bin Plastic Surgery

chae soo bin

Chae Soo-bin, Did She Get Plastic Surgery or Not?

Many people know Chae Soo-bin from the 2017 drama¬†I am Not a Robot¬†starring Yoo Seung-ho. Her chemistry with Yoo Seung-ho looked amazingly well, and they both are so sweet towards each other. The two looked like a perfect couple, and people mistakenly thought they were dating for real. Yoo Seung-ho’s gentle and handsome looks match well with her innocent and cute Chae Soo-bin.

Her beauty is famous in the entertainment industry. She has a cute look and smile that draw people in, and they can’t help but like her. Due to this fact, people started to wonder whether she was born that way or if she had some work done to her face.


Actually, plastic surgery is common in South Korea, even for the common people. There are also many advertisements for plastic surgery in subway stations, buses, and streets. It’s so common that even the parents sometimes would give their children some form of plastic surgery if they do well in school or college. Some jobs would be easier to get if you’re good looking. Their beauty standard is so high that people who don’t meet that standard, sometimes would get bullied.

The standard is even higher in the entertainment industry. They must meet people’s expectations, and if not, some surgery must be done. They also have to look good every time, even the tiniest bit of change could make people criticize them. So, it’s no wonder that every actress/actors, idol, and even a model would be questioned about whether their looks are real, including Chae Soo-bin.

Chae Soo bin

So, did Chae Soo-bin had any surgery done? To find out, check out this childhood photo of her:

chae soo bin childhood

Some people said that she probably got her nose done. But, people also defended her, saying that people who got cast on the street as she did means that she is indeed a pure beauty. It was revealed when she was asked how did she get in the acting industry.

“As I was going home after school, a man gave me a business card and asked whether I was interested in acting. My mom kept in touch with the CEO of the casting agency and when I turned 20, I said I would do it and that led me here.”

She herself once admitted that people would leave ugly comments, saying that her forehead is wide but she didn’t really care about it. She said, “When people call me ugly and say I have a wide forehead, it’s okay because I can’t fix these things.”

It seems that she never had any work done, but what do you guys think? Let us know!