‘Coffee, Do Me A Favor’ Actress Chae Seo-jin: Profile, Movies, Dramas, Dating News

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Everything you need to know about South Korean actress Chae Seo-jin

In this article, we will take a look at the South Korean actress Chae Seo-jin’s full profile, appearances in dramas, movies, theater, and her dating rumor. Beside that, Chae Seo-jin is well known for several successful roles played in K-Dramas, such as in Over The Rainbow (2006), Be Positive (2016), Girls Generation 1979 (2017), Coffee, Do Me a Favor (2018), Melting Me Softly (2019) and many others.

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Chae Seo-jin’s full profile


Real Name: Kim Go-woon (Hangul: 김고운)

Stage Name: Chae Seo-jin (Hangul: 채서진)

Place and Date of Birth: Gwangyang, South Korea, April 30th, 1994

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 169 cm

Blood Type: A

Family Members: Parents and 3 sisters


  • Gwangyang Girls’ Middle School (transfer)→ Kyungil Middle School (Graduation)
  • Seoul Performing Arts High School (Acting Arts Department/Graduation)
  • Korea National University of Arts (Theatrical Center Acting Department/Art History)

Occupation: Actress, Model

Agency: Studio Santa Claus Entertainment

Official Site: Instagram (@ko_woon_)

Chae Seo-jin’s filmography


In the next session, we are going to provide you with an overview of the roles actress Chae Seo-jin has successfully played in K-Dramas!

Chae Seo-jin in Over The Rainbow


Over the Rainbow is starring Ji Hyun-woo and Seo Ji-hye. The other cast members are Hwanhee and Kim Ok-bin. In the drama Over the Rainbow, Ji Hyun-woo plays Kwon Hyuk-joo, a man who is willing to become a dancer because he likes Jung Hee-soo, a female dancer who wants to be a singer but is not talented at being a singer, played by Kim Ok-bin.

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While Jung-hee-soo, whose obsession is an artist, is willing to get involved in a scandal with Rex, the arrogant actor played by Hwanhee. Meanwhile, Seo Ji-hye plays the character Ma Sang-mi, the actor’s fashion stylist Rex, a kind woman who supports Kwon Hyuk-joo when he breaks up with Jung Hee-soo.

In this drama, Ji Hyun-woo is very energetic as a dancer and he also becomes a singer in this drama. There was one episode where the audience was annoyed by the scene of Kwon Hyuk-joo wanting to date Jung-hee-soo and his friends didn’t like it when Hyuk-joo made up with Hee-soo again. Her friends tell Hyuk-joo that Sang-mi likes Hyuk-joo. And Hyuk-joo said, “Why do I have to like someone I don’t like?” and Sang-mi heard it.

In this drama, Chae Seo-jin played the young Jung Hee-soo who after growing up is played by Kim Ok-bin. Over The Rainbow is the debut drama of Chae Seo-jin when she was a child. Over The Rainbow (Hangul: 오버 더 레인보우) was broadcast on MBC in 2006 with a total of 16 episodes.

Chae Seo-jin in Be Positive


In 2016, Chae Soo-jin played the main character in the web drama Be Positive (Hangul: 긍정 이 체질). In this web-drama, Chae Seo-jin plays a woman named Bang Hye-jung who also competes acting with EXO’s D.O with her role named Kim Hwan-dong.

The story presented is about a student’s restlessness who has to complete her assignment. However, there is a hidden story that is actually the essence of this web drama. The hidden message is a return to your ex. In this web drama, the problem started when Hwang-dong didn’t have the funds for the filming. He also doesn’t have the money to pay artists to be cast in films.


Until finally, the school suggested Bang Hye-jung be the main character. And it turns out, Bang Hye-jung is Hwang-dong’s ex-girlfriend. These former lovers end up working on the same project, and the two are told to have a love story again.

Hwang-dong and Hye-jung are said to have had good and bad moments in the past. Their story is beautiful when they have differences but still stick together, they like different things but still love each other. However, their bad relationship is when Hwang-dong gives up on their relationship. Hwang-dong, who feels inferior because Hye-jung has become an artist, feels that Hye-jung is afraid of getting away. Finally, the two break up.


But all of that is only in the past when the two meet again. They can work together and get back into a love relationship. It’s a really sweet thing when we get to meet our exes again and even end up working together. The message that we can take from this drama is about how an ex is also still able to work with us. Ex is not like what people say that they are trash or useless. In fact, through this drama, we learned that an ex can be still really useful, even nice to work with.


This web drama, tells the story of an ex that can still understand us. So the cooperation can begin without having to compromise. Besides that, another message that we can take again is about how that feeling cannot lie. You can’t lie if you still love someone. If you still love them, that means you are still in love. And all those feelings don’t need to be held back, just tell the person. Because if you have one heart, your ex will feel the same way.

Chae Seo-jin in Girls’ Generation 1979


Girls’ Generation 1979, also known as Girls’ Generation’s Lingerie (Hangul: 란제리 소녀 시대), is a Korean drama that aired in 2017 on the KBS2 television station. The eight-episode drama tells the story of the students’ lives in 1979.

In the drama, viewers are treated to the twists and turns of life at that time. Culture, very strict regulations (even at that time a curfew was imposed on all Korean people), also the habits of teenagers at that time. Carrying the theme of friendship and love, there are four values ​​of life that you can learn from watching the drama Girls’ Generation 1979.


There is not one thing in the world that can get in the way of your friendship. Even if your first love falls in love with your best friend. Despite being jealous, Lee Jung-hee (played by WJSN’s Bona) and Park Hye-joo (played by Chae Seo-jin) remained very close friends until the end. Friendship also doesn’t care what other people think. Here it is told that Lee Jung-hee remains steadfastly friendly with Park Hye-joo even though her parents do not like her being friends with a communist’s child.


Girls’ Generation 1979 pretty much raised the theme of justice and equality. It is shown how the innocent Hye-joo was treated unfairly in society because her father was a communist. Gender equality is also an issue in Lee Jung-hee’s family, where the father always considers boys to be more valuable than girls. There is also a love story between Hye-joo, who is the son of a rich person who ends up falling in love with an ex-convict. He judges a person purely from his current attitude, not from a dark past.


Believe that hard work will always pay off. Bae Dong-moon (played by Seo Young-joo), the geeky man Jung-hee never ignored at first, finally managed to get the heart of his ideal woman. He managed to beat other men who were more handsome and popular because of his loyalty and efforts to always accompany and look after Jung-hee. It turns out to be true that the human heart varies, depending on who tries the hardest to win it.


The drama Girls’ Generation 1979 also teaches about the value of honesty. It is said that the main character’s father has an affair with his maid. Also, Son Jin (plated by Yeo Hoe-hyun), always lies and gives hope to Jung-hee just because he doesn’t want to hurt Jung-hee’s heart. In fact, this honesty, although bitter, may actually mean good for others.