Chae Min-seo: Profile, Dramas and Movies, Controversies, Appearance in ‘Babel’

Chae Min-seo as a host of the variety show Real Story Tomb

cha min-seo actress

In 2009, Chae Min-seo even appeared in one of the variety shows titled Real Story Tomb, which is close to a historical variety show. She was the host of this show.

Chae Min-seo’s controversy involving “drunk driving”

cha min-seo actress

Along with all her accomplishments in acting, Chae Min-seo has even gotten into trouble while driving drunk. South Korea has a very strict policy about drunk driving rules, as this country has its inhabitants drinking alcohol culture.

Chae Min-seo was rammed into the parking area and caused an accident while driving her Mercedes Benz in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The person in the passenger seat had to be hospitalized for two weeks. She was reported to have had 0.0811 percent of alcohol where the legal limit is 0.05 percent, which could lead to a cancelation of her driver’s license.

Chae Min-seo expressed her apology for making a public disturbance on her Cyworld website due to this drunk driving incident.

Chae Min-seo’s acting in Babel (2019)

cha min-seo actress

This recent drama Babel has been waiting for Chae Min-seo to come back to the small screen. Her last small screen appearance was actually in 2010 in the drama You Don’t Know Women. Chae Min-seo appeared in a drama titled Babel that is aired by Chosun broadcasting company. She plays the wife of the captain of the crashed helicopter as a supporting role.

The drama Babel itself is about Cha Woo Hyuk who finds out about his father’s accident related to a conglomerate that made his father go bankrupt. The drama involves the love and tragedy of a family that attracted attention easily.

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