Chae Min-seo: Profile, Dramas and Movies, Controversies, Appearance in ‘Babel’

cha min-seo actress

South Korean competent аctress famous for her acting in The Wig

Chae Min-seo first debuted as an actress in Champion in 2002. She started to draw attention with her role in the horror movie The Wig. Chae Min-seo gained popularity due to her consistency and fine skills in acting. That’s why she often gets the main role in movies and dramas.

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Chae Min-seo’s full profile

cha min-seo actress
  • Name: Chae Min-Seo (Hangeul: 채민서)
  • Real name: Jo Ah Ra (Cho A Ra) (Hangeul: 조아라 )
  • Date of Birth: March 16th, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Blood type: AB

6 Chae Min-seo’s fun facts

cha min-seo actress

1. Chae Min-seo has a sibling, which is one brother.

2. She graduated from Daeduk University.

3. She debuted as an actress in Champion in 2002.

4. Chae Min-seo bravely cut all her hair for her role in the movie The Wig.

5. Her prominent movies that should be watched are The Loner (2008), Vegetarian (2010), Sookhee (2014), and Young Mother: What’s Wrong with My Age (2015).

6. She became a lot skinnier, lost 8 kg for her role in the movie Vegetarian, while mostly eating noodles.

Chae Min-seo’s leading roles in movies

cha min-seo actress

Chae Min-seo has been focused on acting and has taken on roles in various movies. Most of her movies have made a good impression and her role as the leading cast is undoubtedly cool. Here are some prominent movies that she has played a role in:

Chae Min-seo in The Wig

cha min-seo actress

This movie was released on August 12th, 2005. Chae Min-seo was playing a cancer patient, Soo-hyun. She got a long silky black wig that she gradually grew into. The time was passing by steadily as she started developing a mysterious superpower that made her family thunderstruck, especially her sister Ji-hyun.

cha min-seo actress

This horror movie The Wig made Chae Min-seo skyrocket in the acting world. She shaved her head to get into this character and it was quite successful. The story involved the legitimate acting depth that is amazingly simulated by Chae Min-seo.

Don’t miss this movie!

Chae Min-seo in The Loner

cha min-seo actress

Chae Min-seo also played the main role in The Loner that was released on September 18th, 2008. She played the role of Yoon-mi, a psychologist specializing in hikikomori (people who withdraw themselves from society).

The movie is about a cute girl, Su-na who locks herself into a room after her best friend commits suicide. Su-na starts hallucinating herself with an imaginary friend in her room. Then her uncle brings Yoon Min, his fiancée who is also a psychologist. This brings to light a secret from the family’s past.

Her acting again involved strong mindset characters that needed serious acting skills. Chae Min-seo surely nailed it as one of the essential roles of The Loner.

Chae Min-seo in Vegetarian

cha min-seo actress

Vegetarian is a movie where Chae min-seo plays the role of Young-hye. The movie Vegetarian released on February 18th, 2010, is about Young-hye who is really suffering as a vegetarian. Some facts and struggles of the vegetarians have been revealed in this movie.

Chae Min-seo revealed that after this movie, she went to do acupuncture because she ate a lot of noodles. Moreover, she also lost a lot of weight, around 8 kg since eating ramen noodles with rice.

She also shared that the movie Vegetarian made her stomach not well because of the ramen eating habit. However, she again appeared qualified and showed some real vegetarian experience. She herself claimed to have become malnourished and her nails turned white as a result of getting into character. Such professionalism!

Chae Min-seo in Sookhee

cha min-seo actress

Chae Min-seo acted in the movie Sookhee that was released on July 10th, 2014. She becomes a Sook-Hee who is a caregiver that always has her own rules. Later on, she meets a patient, Professor Yun who had a stroke and is now paralyzed. This Professor got into trouble and got fired from the seminary school because he was having sex with a student. Yet, the wife of Professor Yun is really religious.

The story has an interesting line and premise, Chae Min-seo as a strict caregiver who needs to face the dynamic character of Professor Yun. This movie was interesting indeed!

Chae Min-seo in Young Mother: What’s Wrong with My Age?

cha min-seo actress

Chae Min-seo played in the movie Young Mother: What’s Wrong with My Age? that was released on May 7th, 2015. She played as Jin-hee who is a 29-year-old sexy mother.

The movie is about Dong-tae who owns a pharmacy and suffers from terminal cancer. Since his wife passed away a long time ago, he has been living with his son and grandson. Later on, Jin-hee comes into their lives and the story begins.

Another attractive character played by Chae Min-seo portrays her as a competent actress in South Korea.

Chae Min-seo’s appearances as the main character in dramas

cha min-seo actress

Not only in movies, but Chae Min-seo has also spread her wings in South Korean dramas. She has played many roles that have sharpened her skills. Here are some of her leading roles in dramas:

Chae Min-seo in You Don’t Know Women (2010)

cha min-seo actress

She played as Yoo-ran in the drama You Don’t Know Women that was on the air from August 2nd to December 31st, 2010. She falls in love with Sung-chan who she didn’t know before, but he’s already married. However, Sung-chan is married to Min-jung because of their parents’ objection.

The drama includes a romantic conflict that leads to complicated love life. Chae Min-seo set herself as a kind of third-person here, yet her acting is nice and attractive.

Chae Min-seo in Bad Couple (2007)

cha min-seo actress

On the air from June 2nd to July 22nd, 2007, on SBS, the drama Bad Couple also has Chae Min-seo as the main character. She played the role of Kim Sae-yun. The drama is about an editor of fashion magazines who stumbles upon a man to be her target to have her own baby since she opposes the marriage idea but wants a child. Such an intriguing story!

Chae Min-seo in Romance Hunter (2007)

cha min-seo actress

Che Min-seo played as Song Han-na in Romance Hunter that was being aired from February 7th to May 23rd, 2007. The Romance Hunter‘s story is about five different women in their thirties who are trying to find their true love and happiness, while one of them works as a romance consultant on the radio show Romance Hunter.

The aspect of the life of finding the right one is portrayed in this drama well. Chae Min-seo has experience in playing romantic characters and acted as the state of her age which is undoubtedly cool.

Chae Min-seo in Pearl Necklace (2003)

cha min-seo actress

Chae Min-seo played in the drama Pearl Necklace from September 20th, 2003 to March 14, 2004, on KBS2. She played one of the main characters Oh Yeon-jung.

The drama is the story of a man with an ambitious career in a musical falling in love with a girl from a wealthy family who has to marry a fund manager. Gradually, conflict comes up as the family’s past gets unraveled.