Cha Soo-yeon: Profile, Facts, Marriage, Appearances In K-Dramas And Movies

Cha Soo-yeon in Good Casting

cha sooyeon actress

Korean drama Good Casting can be the right choice to watch when you are just at home. This comedy-action genre drama began airing on April 27th, 2020, on SBS with a total of 16 episodes. Tells the story of three women who work as Korean secret agents with the twists and turns of their respective lives.

They are Baek Chan-mi (played by Choi Kang-hee), Im Ye-eun (played by Yoo In-young), and Hwang Mi-soon (played by Kim Ji-young). The three of them are assigned to go undercover and investigate corruption cases in a company. Baek Chan-mi is a skilled black surgery agent, but has a terrible personality.

Baek Chan-mi is the former youngest team leader in Black Operation whom her juniors avoid the most. One day, Chan-mi is transferred to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) cybersecurity team after causing the death of a subordinate and allowing a criminal to escape. Meanwhile, Yoon Seok-ho (played by Lee Sang-yeob) is a CEO who comes from a rich family.

However, Yoon Seok-ho is not experienced in matters of love. When he meets secret agent Baek Chan-mi who closely resembles his first love, Baek Jang-m, Seok-ho becomes suspicious. He also begins investigating the woman. Meanwhile, Im Ye-eun wants to be a proud mother to her daughter, and Hwang Mi-soon has dreamed of falling as the best agent.


In Good Casting (Hangul: 캐스팅), Cha Soo-yeon played the role of Shim Hwa-ran. In one episode, Shin Hwa-ran found something suspicious about Baek Chan-min and Yoon Seok-ho, and hired someone to follow the two of them when they were on a business trip.

cha sooyeon actress

Baek Chan-mi is confronted by a mysterious man who is chasing them, and she’s surprised to find Shim Hwa-ran’s business card in the process. Then, Shim Hwa-ran entered Yoon Seok-ho’s office, and the two of them were in the middle of a serious conversation when his secretary, Baek Chan-mi, walked in.

cha sooyeon actress

Shim Hwa-ran looked at him and when Baek Chan-mi fell, Yoon Seok-ho left, to help her but was stopped by Shim Hwa-ran.

cha sooyeon actress

Baek Chan-mi knew that Shim Hwa-ran was following her and Yoon Seok-ho was following her, Shim Hwa-ran knew Baek Chan-mi’s real identity, and Yoon Seok-ho was standing between the two women.

Cha Soo-yeon in BIG BANG’s “Lies” MV

Not only appearing as an actress in dramas or movies, but who would have thought that Cha Soo-yeon’s acting skills could bring her appearances as a model in music videos?

In 2008, one of the most popular hip-hop boy groups from YG Entertainment, BIG BANG, released their single with a music video titled “Lies” (Hangul: 거짓말). The song is about the pain of losing a love that still continues to shine today.

In this music video, Cha Soo-yeon appears in the early seconds when the scene picks up G-Dragon‘s phone. Her face is still very young and in her teenage years, she looks very beautiful without heavy make-up. Cha Soo-jin looked very iconic in the clothes she was wearing at that time.

cha sooyeon actress

Then, the scene continued when she walked down the suburban streets, and some of the boys who were following her while singing were BIG BANG members. Cha Soo-yeon was also seen getting into the elevator accompanied by G-Dragon who was singing next to her but looked invisible at that time.

cha sooyeon actress

The scene continues with Cha Soo-yeon driving in her car and going to the supermarket to shop alone and he still looks very alone and sad in the music video. In the evening, Chae Soo-yeon decides to go clubbing alone to have fun where BIG BANG perform live at the club.

cha sooyeon actress

When she returns home she finds the scene of the crime. Cha Soo-yeon gets a flashback at the place and it turns out that she was the murderer of her boyfriend who was actually very abusive of her.

cha sooyeon actress

At that moment, G-Dragon tells her to go and he becomes the one who surrenders to the police and confesses that he was the murderer thus saving Cha Soo-yeon who is ordered to leave the murder scene.