South Korean Celebrities Who Had Nicknames As ‘Choding’: Kang Daniel, Sungyeol, Eun Ji-won, etc.

Get To Know About “Choding” Korean Slang

In every language, people use slang to describe something unusual, including in the Korean language. In Korean slang, “choding” means “elementary school kid”, and is a term to mention someone who’s grown up but who acts like kid or childish in a good way. Here, on Channel-Korea, is a list of South Korean artists who do choding. Let’s take a look!

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel, who was popular after becoming number one in the reality program Produce 101 Season 2 has his own cuteness level, especially to his core fans. His smile enchants people and makes them want to see more of him.

He loves cats a lot, and always shares videos of playing with them. His full level of kid behavior is showing in this picture below! He bites the cat’s ears to tease it.

He’s also tried to imitate a puppy. Look how adorable he is. Daniel decorated his nose to look like a puppy, and his smile and eyes are so pretty.

Another choding from him was his rabbit teeth. On several occasions, Kang Daniel has successfully done is bit to imitate a rabbit. He got  the nickname “Apeach” during Produce 101 Season 2, because of his rabbit teeth.

No doubt, Kang Daniel, who is a highly skilled rapper and break dancer, really has an unforgettable image since his character and Choding moments really charm people who see him.

SECHKIES’s Eun Ji-won

Eun Ji-won is a South Korean rapper, singer, host, dancer, composer, and leader of the first generation idol group SechsKies, who separated in 2000. He got the nickname “Eun Choding” or “Kid Eun” in the reality show Happy Sunday: 1 Night 2 Days, because of his adorable childlike behavior on the show.

In 1 Night 2 Days, Ji-won showed a mischievous and carefree character. He tends to be outspoken and says the oddest things. He also comes up with the strangest ideas and talks about them, which makes people question his 160 IQ. He’s often spontaneously sill and witty, evoking a lot of laughter from the people around him.

Ji-won has a boyish look, and his inner child really comes out in his personality. His jokes and plays around in 1 Night 2 Days, making him remark that Eun Choding suits him so much. The program showed Ji-won and the other members building brotherhood and sharing love and respect for each other. His affection during the show marked him as a Choding person.

INFINITE’s Sung-yeol

Lee Seong Yeol is South Korea singer who is a member INFINITE. He’s known to be talkative and outspoken about backing up his opinions. He studied English hard so he would be able to actively speak the language. One other fact about him is that he loves to collect his fans’ letters because, in his opinion, the letters are more worthy than anything else.

He was called choding because of his childlike personality. This attribute, choding, makes him get a lot of gifts from his fans such color pens, color pencils, and origami paper. His charm is his choding. He still looks handsome and manly without spoiling his image through his choding.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Yoona is South Korean singer, actress, and member of the legendary girl-band Girls’ Generation.  She is the second-youngest member of the group, after Seohyun.  Her beauty is undeniable and she’s been offered the chance to be an ambassador for several brands, including the popular South Korean natural cosmetics brand, Innisfree.

Yoona is popular for her choding, With her facial expressions and her beautiful smile, she can charm anyone who sees her on stage. Her natural beauty, spontaneous gestures, and childlike expression doesn’t ruin her image as elegant woman. She can be both at the same time, which is why Yoona steals so many hearts and becomes everyone’s crush.

Let’s see Yoona’s choding below!

Girls’ Generation’s Hyo-yeon

Hyoyeon is a South Korean singer, dancer, rapper, and member of the legendary girl-group Girls’ Generation. She became the group’s lead dancer, since she has good skill in dancing and can learn choreography faster than anyone,just by watching it once or twice. That’s why some people call her the “Dancing Queen”.

Hyoyeon has also been called Hyoding or Kid Hyoyeon because of her behavior during her appearance on the reality show Invincible Youth with Sunny on October 2011. Hyeyeon expressed her personality and opinions straightforwardly and shows childlike reactions in her daily life. She has a bright smile and is a genuine person. Joining Girls’ Generation which has a young, cute girl image, just reinforces her choding.

Look at her choding moments below!


Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon


Taeyeon, the leader of the South Korean group Girls’ Generation, is a singer and dancer. Since she has a beautiful, smooth voice and is an excellent singer, she released a solo album which has made her one of best singers in South Korea.

Like her fellow group-members, Yoona and Hyoyeon, Taeyeon also gets choding. She earned the choding nickname because her body posture is like an elementary student. She is charming, cute, and somehow childlike.

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That’s all about South Korean artists who have been called “Choding”. This level of cuteness might be one of factors why K-pop keeps becoming more popular, day by day. What do you think, is there anyone else who should be on this list? You can give your comments and thoughts below!