Take a Look at How NCT and NCTzens Celebrated Taeyong’s Birthday!

How NCT Members and NCTzens Celebrate Taeyong’s Birthday


Taeyong felt thankful for his fans who gave him special billboards in Times Square, New York, that said “Lee Taeyong Happy Birthday”. As he expressed gratitude, he took a photo in front of the billboard, and uploaded it to Instagram with the caption,

This is my photo of proof. NCTzens, thank you so much. This is so fascinating.”

To celebrate Taeyong’s 24th birthday, his fans made him a gift, the mural on Seoul’s Hongdae Shopping Street, which is a famous destination in South Korea, close to Hongik University. The mural was painted in an eye-catching red, and not only included a portrait of the idol, but also a short English message, reading, “Happy Taeyong Day” and “Superhuman TY Fly High.” Moreover, Taeyong’s fans also gave him an LED screen advertisement, which could be spotted at the Lotte Young Plaza in Seoul’s Myeongdong neighborhood.

Taeyong’s fan club stated, “Hongdae is a place that is full of individuality and artistry, just like Taeyong. We want to share the happiness we get through Taeyong with lots of people.”

Taeyong gave a special response for his fans, saying, “You are always shining and warm with passion. Thank you for making only happy memories for me.”  

Fan sites have also organised Taeyong Birthday Events in Seoul for his 23th birthday celebration.


Social media, especially Twitter, is also always full of warming messages of birthday wishes with the hashtag #HAPPYTAEYONGDAY. Below are some of the wishes from people in the world on Twitter.


Happy Birthday the most handsome, cute and beautiful angel. Thank you for always thinking of members, and your fans. You are the best. I love you so much. We’re by your side, we’ll always support you. Thank you for everything you gave us.

Happy birthday to 1/3 of 구오즈 squad, Ruby’s dad and NCT’s leader, Lee태용. Please take good care of yourself. See you soon. #HAPPYTAEYONGDAY #사랑하고_사랑받는_태용날

happy birthday to our lovely flower. keep blooming as beautifully as you always do. you’re a star on stage and an angel in our hearts. please always illuminate our days with your precious smile. #HAPPYTAEYONGDAY#사랑하고_사랑받는_태용날
Last year I decided to get your name tattoed. Taeyong is one of the most important person to me and he is helping to love myself and keep fighting. baby, you mean the world to me and thank you for being the best idol I could ever have. Happy birthday prince. #HAPPYTAEYONGDAY

Taeyong thank you for working so hard, nctzen love you so much, a whole multitalented sunshine king, have a lovely birthday cutie! #HappyTaeyongDay #사랑하고_사랑받는_태용날

That’s all about Taeyong’s birthday celebrations. Looking at great and warm support for him, you can see that Taeyong very hard working and has a kind character. Cheering and rooting for his next journey in the entertainment industry. Don’t forget to give your comments, and share your thoughts below!