Full Profile Of CB Mass’ Gaeko, Fun Facts, Re-debut With ‘Dynamic Duo’, Marriage, Until His Latest News

Career Journey


As a member of Korea’s hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo, his real name is Kim Yun-sung and he was born on January 14th, 1981. In 1999, he worked as a member of an underground four-member hip-hop group KOD in the Club Master Plan, and in the same year, he participated in several songs on Hana’s album. At the time, his name was NOD, not Gaeko. In 2000, he made his debut with CB Mass’s 1st album Mass Mediah, a three-member hip-hop group composed of Choiza, Gaeko, and Curbin.


Until 2003, they released their 3rd album and worked, but after, the team disbanded due to disagreement between the members. In 2004, he formed a two-member hip-hop group, Dynamic Duo, and has been active with Choiza.

In September 2006, he founded Amoeba Culture Co., Ltd. with Choiza. Currently belonging to the Amoeba Culture Label. He graduated from Hongik University College of Art and Design, Department of Advertising Communication (currently, Department of Communication Design). On May 14th, 2011, he married Kim Soo-mi, his girlfriend of two years, and has one son and one daughter.

As a member of Dynamic Duo, he has released many music sources, including 8 full-length albums and 1 solo single under his name, and released his first solo full-length album in 2014. He is one of the few rappers who have maintained the top form in the domestic hip-hop scene for nearly 20 years.

He also has the nickname Baboon because he is commonly known to have a nose that is shaped like a baboon’s. On point, his name refers to a Dog’s Snout. However, if you look at the explanation through his radio interview and chat with fans, he has explained that he was nicknamed Sako in middle school, and he was downgraded and turned into a Gaeko because of his small and skinny figure. He said he didn’t like the nickname either.

His strong vocalization and the pungent flow of high tone mixed with nasal voices are impressive. Choiza, a member of the same group Dynamic Duo, has been a ball friend in the same class since elementary school. Gaeko was the shortest in the class at the time, and Choiza was the tallest. He was one of the few students who were good at rap but also good at vocals.


With this vocal ability, Gaeko participated in the 2015 King of Mask Singer as Ginseng, and showed quite a good singing ability. In addition, before Kim Gura became known about his identity, he was confirmed as comedian Shim Hyun-seop, so he got lucky to touch Kim Gura’s chin.

His skills as a rapper in Korea are outstanding. He is an MC who is also really good at live shows. As mentioned earlier, Gaeko’s unique nasal high-tone flow, the most perfect vocalization and solid tone among Korean hip-hop MCs in history, the strongest lyrics calendar, and the ability to write lyrics that are not second to other rappers and are all unique.

The rap tone that he has is so cheerful and rhythmic that you don’t really feel bored due to the strengths of the person. In addition, the first-generation rapper who started hip-hop in 1999 Gaeko is a peculiar case that gets better over time, such as his ability and influence, rather than regressing, while the prestige of other first-generation rappers who have been active since the 1990s has died out.

It is also said that Gaeko’s vocal skills have also improved, thanks to his military life with Park Hyo-shin. When he was in the military, Gaeko sang Park Hyo-shin’s “Baby Baby” together. Gaeko started his solo career and released his own single in 2013 and also collaborated in a few projects with other rappers and singers as well.

Gaeko Marriage


On May 14th, 2011, Gaeko of rap group Dynamic Duo married his girlfriend of 5 years, Kim Soo-mi, at the Marriott Hotel in Seoul. His wife, who was at time 5 months pregnant, gave her child a temporary name ‘rhythm’ to match the hip-hop roots of the baby’s father.


In an interview with Star News, Gaeko thanked the invitees who took the time to come to the wedding and supported him by saying, “Thank you very much to all of you who congratulated us on this wedding. We promise to live happily ever after.”


Many artists sang at Gaeko’s wedding, including Kim Bum-soo, Tony An, Leessang, and Gaeko himself. There were many hip-hop stars who came to this wedding, including Supreme Team, Leessang, Kebee, and San-E.

After the wedding, Gaeko will soon return to carrying out his military service until it is finished in August 2011. Beside that, there is a video made by Gaeko’s friends at the military service to congratulate Gaeko and his wife on their marriage. In this song, they mention several celebrities who are currently undergoing military service who also congratulate Gaeko’s marriage.

Gaeko’s wife, Kim Soo-mi, was born in 1983 and is a more famous influencer than her husband these days. If you go to her Instagram you will be spoiled by her beauty and fashion. Gaeko’s wife, Kim Soo-mi, met with her husband Gaeko in September 2006 through an acquaintance’s introduction, and raised love for five years, and then married in 2011.

She is the mother of two children with one son and one daughter. But her beauty and body are a whole different story. Kim Soo-mi, who majored in business administration at an American university, is said to have met Gaeko, who came to Korea for a while.


In the broadcast of Life Bar, Gaeko said, “We met when my wife came to Korea for a while from the United States and worked part-time. Two months later, she tried to return to the United States, but because of me, she had been in Korea for more than two years.” Gaeko’s wife, Kim Soo-mi, took a leave of absence from school and stayed in Korea. As a result, Kim Joon-hyun said, “Gaeko has to work out because he doesn’t have a good visual,” and Shin Dong-yeop said, “He’s not ugly. He’s not very handsome. She is attractive.”


In addition, Kim Hee-cheol made efforts to gain love in the broadcast of Life Bar to ask Kim Soo-mi’s husband, Gaeko, “I provided daily necessities and other small items for my wife who lives alone… People around me also compliment me for me. I told my friends to tell my wife. Choiza told me a lot of good things.”

It is said that when a loving wife going home sees Gaeko, she thinks that she is like an older man. Gaeko said that the reason why he decided to marry Kim Soo-mi was when she became pregnant she said, “When I showed a person who understands the person I am.”


If you type ‘Kim Soo-mi’ into a search engine, you can see that it will show ‘public figure’. Obviously, she’s not a celebrity, but Gaeko’s wife, Kim Soo-mi, who is more popular than a celebrity, said, “It was normal, but it’s amazing that he suddenly becomes a topical person and comes here and there.”

In an interview with a media outlet, when she said that having an SNS star and even a beauty brand, she thought that she was really born again as a celebrity. “Rather, it wasn’t bad that I married my husband Gaeko and started working after I got a stable position because I’m much more energetic now than I was in my 20s, and I think my appearance is better. It looks much more lively.”

Until she became a ‘hot topic’, Kim Soo-mi, left the business department and went to work in a normal way, and after doing things like that she decided to go into cosmetics. So, after school, she used to go straight to the cosmetics section.

Until a while ago, Kim Soo-mi became a hot topic as Dynamic Duo Gaeko’s Wife, but recently became an ‘influencer’ by securing her own fandom on Instagram. She has a makeup ability comparable to that of a beauty blogger, a beautiful feature that is not comparable to a celebrity, and a dreamy and exotic atmosphere.

After knowing that she is an Alpha girl who majored in business administration at a prestigious university in the United States, fans must be surprised again. The statement that she has both intelligence and beauty seems to suit her perfectly.


When you’re interested in and making cosmetics yourself would be different. Regarding the opportunity to launch your own brand, she said, “My skin is very thin and sensitive. Hives and allergies come up well. There was a DIY boom in cosmetics, right? While attending a class to make my own toner, I suddenly thought, ‘Shall I make it myself for sensitive people like me?’ I learned about the formulation process here and there and started by running with my feet from start to finish by myself. That’s the end of 2015. But… After preparing for about a year, we launched a brand called Yuira in December 2016.”

She also revealed her selfie and said, “I think the most important thing is the facial expression. If you put on red, you take a look with a gloomy look. If you put on coral, you have to look as innocent as possible.”


Kim Soo-mi, who is not even a celebrity, but is also an MC in the Get It Beauty 2018 program, said, “I was puzzled after receiving the call from the production crew. ‘Why me?’ I met and talked about it, and they said they were looking for a hot beauty-related creator on social media. I needed such a person for each generation. I guess I was suitable for my age in my 30s.”

“I thought, ‘How can I?’ I had a reputation for Get It Beauty, but I was worried that I would hear the same sound as when I went out and came in the bag because I am Gaeko’s wife. But when I listened to the contents, I decided to appear because it would be fun to remove all the makeup and put on the makeup again according to the concept of the day.”

Gaeko’s wife Kim Soo-mi, also appeared in Life Bar, “I was worried because my tone wasn’t so beautiful. It wasn’t just a simple style. I believed that the PD just told me to make it easy so I would edit it well, but rather, only those aspects were broadcast. I got on.”

“I don’t use foundation at all. I usually apply the paste on the entire face, but it also goes to the parts that don’t need to be covered. In the afternoon, it’s obviously mixed with sebum and I’m excited. Apply lightly items with less coverage like a makeup base and cover only the blemishes with a concealer. It is too natural… After that, there are two colors: light and dark for Yuira. The bright one is used to light up dark areas such as dark circles or cheeks, and the dark color covers up blemishes. Then the end of the base.”

She can’t believe that she’s a mother of two children, “What’s the secret? Ah… I’m a little casual in my clothes, and my hairstyle also plays a part, and in fact, I’m still young.”


Kim Soo-mi, who has straight short hair and looks so chic! “It was about two years ago. I had long straight hair at that time. I went to the beauty salon with short hair and short hair when I saw a picture, but the hair designer was rather scared and hesitated. So I kept shouting shorter and straight hair 2 cm below my ears. It’s okay. People around me say it suits me really well, and I like it, so I’ve been sticking to it.”

The beauty items in her real pouch are Yuira’s Coral Muse lipstick, lip oil, concealer, cheek tint, Byredo’s La Tulip perfume, Etude House’s New Recipe eyeshadow, RMS’s highlighter the daily ‘love item’.

She has also become a representative for tone-up cream and lipstick No. 954. Currently, Kim Soo-mi’s brand Yuira has been recognized not only in Korea but also overseas, and has also entered the beauty editing shop Riley Rose of Forever 21, an American fashion spa brand.

Gaeko’s wife, Kim Soo-mi, who is loved not only for beauty but also for fashion sense, is famous for enjoying basic style (daily fashion). She enjoys point styling like wearing a statement earring on a plain T-shirt and pants.


As you can see from Kim Soo-mi’s Instagram, she is also best friends with models. In tvN’s Life Bar, which airs with Lee Hyun-i, Lee Hye-jung, Kim Soo-mi appeared as a guest as MC Han Hye-jin’s best friend and discussed various stories.

Not only beautiful, but this photo of Gaeko’s wife attracts attention because of her youthful figure. Even when posing with Sulli, it looks like the two of them are the same age. Seeing the circulating photos, netters also competed to praise the beauty of Gaeko’s wife. Even netters think that Gaeko is more fortunate than Choiza in choosing female friends.


“If I were Gaeko, I wouldn’t be jealous of Choiza, hahaha,” wrote a netter. “In terms of finding female friends, Gaeko is the winner,” added another netter.

“She’s prettier than Sulli, I’m serious,” added another netter. “She is very beautiful. I can’t believe she is 36 years old. She looks like she is in her 20s,” said a netter praising Gaeko’s wife.


Well, that was all the information about Gaeko, from his full profile, fun facts, career journey, to his wedding and marriage. It wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that Gaeko has a good career when it comes to music and can showcase the best work at his job.

Let us support Gaeko and hope his career will shine even more in the future. Also, if you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for other interesting articles from Channel-Korea!