Full Profile Of CB Mass’ Choiza: Fun Facts, Re-debut With Dynamic Duo, Dating, Latest News

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Everything You Should Know About The Rapper Of CB Mass—Choi Jae-ho

Getting recognition from the public, especially when choosing a career as a musician or entertainer in South Korea, is certainly not easy. There are many challenges that every idol and singer who will enter the entertainment or music industry must face. Apart from their talents on stage being in the spotlight, personal life is also important and usually, a lot of the public highlights the lives of celebrities.

One of the musicians and rappers of Dynamic Duo, which is Choiza, has recently become very well known for his dating scandal with Sulli. Having debuted as a member of the CB Mass trio in 2000 and disbanded in 2003, he continued his career with Gaeko as part of Dynamic Duo and released several top singles, such as “Attendance Check”, “Solo”, “Guilty”, “BAAAM”, “Nosedive”, “Bongjeseon”, “MSG”, and many more.

Want to know more details about Choiza? Let’s take a look at the article below provided by Channel-Korea!

Choiza’s Full Profile


Real Name: Choi Jae-ho (Hangul: 최재호)

Stage Name: Choiza (Hangul: 최자)

Place and Date of Birth: Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, March 17th, 1980

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 87 kg

Blood Type: O


  • Apgujeong High School (graduated)
  • Sejong University (Hospitality Management/Bachelor)

Position in the group: Rapper

Agency: Amoeba Culture

Religion: Protestantism

Official Site: Instagram (@choiza11)

Choiza’s Fun Facts

  1. Choiza has a similar face with Epik High’s Mithra
  2. Choiza’s height difference is slightly different from actor Sunghyuk, who is 184 cm tall
  3. Choiza dated f(x)’s Sulli and it became a huge scandal and a source of great controversy involving their relationship
  4. Choiza started military service with his fellow group mate Gaeko from Dynamic Duo, in 2013
  5. Choiza was cyberbullied and accused to be the reason for Sulli’s death even after he said goodbye after his girlfriend passed away

CB Mass’s Choiza’s Visual


Choiza debuted as a rapper and became a musician who released songs with the Hip-Hop and RnB genres. Somewhat different from the K-Pop culture which requires idols to have a handsome or beautiful visual standard, usually K-Hip-Hop or K-Rappers are very famous for their charisma which is very pointed out and looks cool when appearing anywhere. If you aren’t familiar with Choiza, let’s take a look at the section below, which features a collection of Choiza’s pictures and appearances!