Check Out the Career and Journey As Singers & Idols of the Finalists of ‘Superstar K’!

Kim Feel

kim feel

Next is Kim Feel! Just like the others, Kim Feel also was one of the contestants from Superstar K‘s sixth season in 2014, and is famously known as a singer-song writer, as well. Unfortunately, he didn’t become the 1st winner, but he ended up being the runner up. Even so, his love and dedication for music remained the same!

kim feel

Not only that, Kim Feel gained a lot of attention due to his magical vocal skills! No wonder he was already been involved in a lot of official soundtracks for K-Dramas, since his dreamy and delicate voice is very well-suited for drama soundtrack! Some of his best soundtracks are Youth (from Reply 1988), If I Love Again (from Memory), With You (from Tomorrow, With You), and many more!

Top Songs by Kim Feel

Here’s the list of top songs from Kim Feel:

1. Love 2 (2019)

2. Your Voice (2019)

3. Monster (2016)

4. Marry Me (2015)

5. The Wind Blows (2014)

6. Beautiful (2013)

7. I Said I Love You (2012)

8. Crying Again Like a Fool (2011)


Kim Feel’s Best Performance

Watch some of the best performances from Kim Feel:


What about his latest news? Let’s find the answer, here! Kim Feel was has continued his career as a solo singer and songwriter. One of his latest projects was his single Love 2, along with the music video, which were released in October 2019. He wrote the song himself, and it tells about a touching love story, when two people have to go to their separate ways, but neither can really let go of the past. Watch the music video for Love 2, here:

You can also check out the updates from Kim Feel’s official Instagram account, @sincerelyfeel, here:

Kevin Oh

kevin oh

Last, but not least, we have Kevin Oh! He was the first winner of Superstar K‘s seventh season. He’s a Korean-American singer, with a unique voice and good physical appearance, as well. He’s also a graduate of Dartmouth University.

kevin oh

Kevin Oh shared that his win in Superstar K kind of opened up a way for him, and his love for music has remained the same, even though he didn’t really think that being a musician was a career choice, at first.

He released his first extended play, Stardust, in 2017. Not only that, he was also involved in the show Super Band from JTBC. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the second to last episode of Super Band. He also used to be a DJ for TBS’s All Things K-Pop, along with Killagram.

Top Songs by Kevin Oh

Here’s the list of top songs from Kevin Oh:

1. Baby Blue (2016)

2. Be My Light (2017)

3. With You (2017)

4. Stardust (2017)

5. Sorry (2017)

6. One More Fight (2018)


Kevin Oh’s Best Performance

Watch some of the best performances from Kevin Oh:

Let’s move on to his latest news! He just released a studio version of his Super Band audition song, Remember. It was officially released in July 2019. Since his performance of the song went so nicely, people had been asking him to release it. Unfortunately, the song is only available through Korean music streams, but people are able to watch his performance live during Superstar K, here:

Not only that, After Moon, the band Kevin Oh is part of, also released a new single, with the title I Want It All! Basically, After Moon was the name of a band on the Super Band show. It consisted of Kevin Oh (guitar & vocal), DPOLE (DJ/Special Instrument), Choi Young-jin (drum), and Lee Jung-hoon (bass).


Even though After Moon was eliminated, their music remained the same. All I Want is their latest single, which was released on November 23th, 2019. Check out the lyric video for All I Want from After Moon, here:

You can also check out the updates from Kevin Oh’s official Instagram account, @kevinoh_ here:

Well, that was all of the information about the contestants from Superstar K, along with their struggle and journey to become South Korean idols! Although there were a lot of contestants in Superstar K who competed, but didn’t make it, there have been others who made it through the competition and were started on their paths in the entertainment industry.

They have proven that hard work and positive minds pay off, especially when backed with endless support from family, friends, and fans. Let’s always support them and wait for upcoming projects from them!

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