A Former Member of C-REAL, ReDee’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, and More

C-Real's ReDee profile

Everything You Should Know About C-Real’s Vocalist Lee Da-hee a.k.a ReDee!

The career journey of a K-pop group is not easy. It is likewise for the members of the K-pop girl group C-Real that debuted in 2011. Even though their careers were relatively short, they did not continue their promotions after 2013 and were quietly disbanded.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of C-Real, which is ReDee, who became the first member who decided to leave the group.

If you are not familiar with C-Real’s ReDee, let’s find out more about her starting from her full profile, fun facts, to her latest activities after leaving the group in this article below!

C-Real’s ReDee’s Full Profile

C-Real's ReDee profile

Real Name: Lee Dahee (Hangul: 이다희)

Stage Name: ReDeee (Hangul: 레디)

Birth: July 15, 1994

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 161 cm (5’3″)

Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Rapper

Active Period: C-Real (October 2011 – July 2013)

C-Real’s ReDee’s Fun Facts

C-Real's ReDee profile
  1. C-Real’s ReDee was the 1st member to leave the group
  2. C-Real’s ReDee is the tallest member of the group
  3. C-Real’s ReDee suffered hundreds of millions of Won in lawsuits with her agency after attending college
  4. C-Real’s ReDee’s favorite artists are Skrillex, LMFAO, and Beyoncé
  5. C-Real’s ReDee’s favorite type of music is electronic (dubstep) and R&B

C-Real’s ReDee’s Discography

C-Real's ReDee profile

C-Real’s ReDee started her career journey as a member and vocalist in the group. So far, no single has been released by C-Real’s ReDee as a soloist. Some of the singles released by C-Real during their promotions are “No No No No No” (2011), “Joma Joma” (2012), “Sorry But I” (2012), and “Danger Girl” (2012).

C-REAL’s ReDee’s Vocal Skills

C-Real's ReDee profile

In a K-pop group, each member has a different position to bring out the best when performing on stage. In one video on YouTube, C-Real’s ReDee shows her vocal skills when singing her part of the group’s single, and there are also other compilations with C-Real performing live at several events such as radio broadcastings, stage performances, and talk shows.

Watch C-Real’s vocal skills in this video below!

C-Real’s ReDee’s Activity After Leaving C-Real

C-Real's ReDee profile

At the time this article is being published, there is no latest news from C-Real’s ReDee because she also doesn’t have social media to provide the latest updates on her work or daily activities. There is also no entertainment news regarding C-Real’s ReDee after she decided to leave the group.

Even so, it’s good if we continue to give support and love to C-Real’s ReDee, also known as Lee Da-hee, and hope that she stays healthy and happy with what she is doing right now. Let’s hope that Lee Da-hee will return soon to the entertainment industry and greet her fans as soon as possible!

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