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C-REAL’s Debut Era


The debut album Round 1 of the new girl group C-REAL attracted attention as the top producers in Korea fired all-out support for the album released on October 12, 2011.

C-REAL is the first girl group from NAP Entertainment by producer Choi Gap-won who has been producing albums for artists with sensibility and explosive singing ability, including IU. The five members were said to have all the singing skills, dance skills, and even visuals. They were ambitious to reorganize an innocent and confident teenage girl and redefine the word “girl.”

C-REAL prepared its debut album as a mini album and planned to present a total of 6 songs that are strongly addictive with melodies and excellent singing skills that make you feel the absolute sensibility of teenagers.

Brave Brothers was in charge of the intro and title song, professional producer Kim Do-hoon helped with emotional beats and melodies along with sensual song producer Shinsa-dong Tiger, and Choi Gap-won and Wheesung assisted with emotional lyrics like clothes that fit a teenage girl group. It is the back door saying that even if it is the title song of all the songs, it is comparable to the completeness and popularity of the song.

In particular, C-REAL’s first title song dreaming of a “real girl group” is “No No No No No” produced by Brave Brothers, a hitmaker for idol groups, especially girl groups, with producer Choi Gap-won.


While preparing for their debut, they learned an instrument and became greedy for writing lyrics and composing despite not being able to take care of their looks without hesitation. Singers have to show their skills rather than their looks.

“Completely Real” (C-REAL) means “completely real.” The members really want to sing and want to show people how to grow closer to perfection on every stage. “We want to call ourselves ‘nurture idols’ and ‘growth idols.’ Please watch us grow together. Eating cereal is also correct. When I wake up in the morning and listen to our music, my strength comes up,” C-REAL stated in their interview with No Cut News.

c-real kpop profile

“We do not have the concept of a main vocalist. The member who best fits the mood of the song out of the five is the main vocalist of the song. All five of us are very greedy about music. I have a lot of interest in lyrics, composing, and musical instruments. Actually, with a girl group, you can focus more on external things, but that’s not the case. Music comes first,” C-REAL explained about each position in the group.

C-Real Chemi

C-REAL’s members also shared their thoughts on becoming singers. Chemi as the leader also shared about her dreams of becoming a singer, saying, “There is no decisive reason. I liked to just sing along to the song and vaguely kept dreaming of becoming a singer. I auditioned a lot, and I always thought that I wanted to become a singer like Boa unnie. You can digest any stage in your own style.”

C-Real ReDee

“I have a very loud voice, so when I was in elementary school, I was always scolded for being loud. But, by chance, I was singing on stage, and my voice could be heard far away even without a microphone. I knew that was my strength. When I was in 5th grade, my voice became husky and I started singing songs, and I used to sing songs of seniors Lim Jae-beom and Lee Eun-mi,” C-REAL’s ReDee said.

C-Real Effie

“I majored in classical piano from a young age and continued to study there. But, when I was in 6th grade in elementary school, I accidentally heard Kim Yeon-woo’s ‘Common Words of Love’ on my brother’s MP3, and it was so sad that I spent a month depressed. From then on, I started to be interested in songs and singing, and I was the last to join C-REAL,” stated C-REAL’s Effie about what made her debut in the group when she was still 16 years old.

C-Real Ann J

“When I was young, I wanted to be a child actress, but strangely, my singing is much better. So, I became a singer,” C-REAL’s Ann J said.

C-Real Lenny

“I also learned musicals while preparing for vocal music when I was young. But, from a certain point, I like the song and I’m more interested in it. So I persuaded my parents to change direction,” C-REAL’s Lenny said.

As a rookie group that had just debuted in 2011, C-REAL shared that they were very worried at first. But, they keep trying to keep their minds calm and control their minds. “If our worries and burdens are too advanced, we may not be able to show you everything we originally had. There may be mistakes, but I want to show that growth process. Rather than being made up and made for competition, it’s who we really are,” they said.


C-REAL also shared about their dreams and future goal, “I want to fill the album with each member’s own song. We play our own songs while listening to our own songs at our solo concerts. Well… after that, we want to go to Europe and America. We are going to study music more and make our own colorful music.”

C-REAL’s Stage Performances


Korean entertainment usually has several stage performances when it comes to music. K-pop idols when it comes to girl groups and boy groups have their chances to perform on several stages, such as a comeback stage, debut stage, busking, concert, fansigning, or any other event.

In this session, let’s take a closer look at C-REAL’s stage performances so you can get to know more about them!

On November 19, 2011, C-Real appeared on their debut stage that was aired on Music Core with a song called “No No No No No.” The five members of C-REAL looked so cute when they performed their debut stage and wore different costumes in shades of blue. Some of the members wore skirts and shorts but still gave the impression of cute and sweet girls just like their song concept in this debut era.

On March 13, 2012, C-REAL held their comeback stage that was aired on Music Core by performing their comeback single titled “Joma Joma.” In this comeback stage, all the members wore the same outfit with skirts and bow ties that lined the front of their shirts. The comeback stage also featured several male backup dancers who accompanied the members while performing and creating a unique performance with happy vibes.

What do you think about C-REAL’s stage performances?

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