C-REAL’s Effie’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, and More

C-REAL's Effie profile

Everything You Should Know About C-REAL’s Lead Vocalist, Lee Ji-hoon a.k.a Effie!

C-REAL (Hangul: 씨리얼) is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2011 with a single titled “No No No No No.” C-REAL debuted with 5 members including Lenny, Re Dee, Chemi, Ann J, and Effie under N.A.P Entertainment.

In this article, there is detailed information about a member of C-REAL, which is Effie who was the lead vocalist of the group. Let’s get to know C-REAL’s Effie closer by checking out her full profile, fun facts, and more in this article!

C-REAL’s Effie’s Full Profile

C-Real's Effie profile

Real Name: Lee Jihoon (Hangul: 이지훈)

Stage Name: Effie (Hangul: 에피)

Birth: April 13, 1994

Star Sign: Aries

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Height: 160 cm (5’2″)

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Lead Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

C-REAL’s Effie’s Fun Facts

C-REAL's Effie profile
  1. C-REAL’s Effie’s favorite type of music is indie music
  2. C-REAL’s Effie’s favorite artists are Beyoncé and 2NE1

C-REAL’s Effie Singing 2NE1’s “Hurt”

C-REAL's Effie profile

During her promotion days with the group, each member of C-REAL did a talent show in front of their fans. On this occasion, C-REAL’s Effie as the vocalist of the group showed her singing skills while playing the keyboard and singing to 2NE1‘s “Hurt” very melodiously.

Watch the video below to see the full performance of C-REAL’s Effie singing 2NE1’s “Hurt!”

C-REAL’s Effie’s Activity After Leaving C-REAL

C-REAL's Effie profile

At the time this article is being published, there is no recent news about C-REAL’s Effie after the group decided to disbanded and the members parted ways. C-REAL went on an indefinite hiatus because the members were still going to school in March 2013 according to an official statement by N.A.P Entertainment.

C-REAL’s Effie also does not have social media, and there is no news about her life and whether she is still working in the entertainment industry as an idol or doing activities as a non-celebrity. Even so, let’s give support and love to C-REAL’s Effie and hope she stays happy with what she is doing now. Let’s hope for the best until she can return to the entertainment industry!

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