C-REAL’s Ann J’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, and More

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Everything You Should Know About C-REAL’s Lead Vocalist, Cho Yeo-yoon a.k.a Ann J!

There are so many South Korean girl groups who try very hard to maintain their career journey and also promote from time to time. However, this does not cover their various reasons for being disbanded because they did not get proper promotion and because of lack of response from the public for their group.

Likewise with C-REAL, the girl group that debuted under N.A.P Entertainment in 2011 and was unofficially disbanded in 2014. There has been no official statement until now and no news about any members. However, let’s get to know one member of C-REAL, which is Ann J, starting from her full profile, fun facts, to her latest news in the article below!

C-REAL’s Ann J’s Full Profile


Real Name: Cho Yeo-yoon (Hangul: 조여윤)

Stage Name: Ann J (Hangul: 앤제이)

Birth: September 26, 1995

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 160 cm (5’2″)

Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)

Position in the Group: Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Nationality: Korean

C-REAL’s Ann J’s Fun Facts

  1. C-REAL’s Ann J’s hobby is fixing electronics
  2. C-REAL’s Ann J’s favorite type of music is R&B and pop
  3. C-REAL’s Ann J’s favorite artists are NAVI and Rihanna

C-REAL’s Ann J’s Focus Fancams


Focus fancam is usually a video recorded by fans when it comes to certain events where their favorite K-pop idols performed, whether it was a busking, guerilla performance, comeback stage, concert, or any other performance as a form of support for a fan.

In this session, let’s take a closer look at C-REAL’s Ann J’s focus fancams so you can get to know more about her!

On June 22, 2013, C-REAL attended Nexen Heroes vs NC Dinos held at Mokdong Stadium, and during the event, C-REAL’s Ann J threw the pitch during the baseball game. In this short clip, you can see C-REAL’s Ann J who was very excited about this event and participated directly on the baseball field because many people were watching it.

On May 4, 2012, C-REAL attended the Incheon Hwadojin Festival and performed their debut single titled “No No No No No.” In this focus fancam, you can see C-REAL’s Ann J performing on stage with other members wearing the same outfit in the yellow theme. In this performance, the maknae of the group looks very cute with her soft, natural, and cute dress.

On March 31, 2012, C-REAL held a performance at Cheonggyecheon Nanum Concert and performed their single titled “Joma Joma.” In this focus fancam, you can see C-REAL’s Ann J who looks cute while wearing the same baby blue dress just like the other members and also dances very actively. Her aegyo side really shines in this performance, and she also looks gorgeous with her ponytails and red hair during this era.

On November 16, 2012, C-REAL attended Big Love Festival and delivered “No No No No No” in this performance. If you’re watching this focus fancam, you will be shown C-REAL’s Ann J who is very playful and also cute when performing at many events just like this fancam. The member who has the real name Cho Yeo-yoon does have a very natural aegyo side, and she is also very suitable when wearing the school uniform in this performance.

On September 20, 2012, C-REAL attended Asia Aviation College Founder and performed their debut single again, “No No No No No.” As you can see from this focus fancam, C-REAL’s Ann J appeared wearing another school uniform outfit which made her appearance very cute and also sweet at the same time. As the youngest member of this group, Ann J looks beautiful and cute as always. Besides that, she also has a slim body that is not too fat and not too skinny.

What do you think about C-REAL’s Ann J’s focus fancams?

C-REAL’s Ann J’s Activity After Leaving C-REAL


At the time this article is being published, there is no updated news about C-REAL’s Ann J about whether she is still working in the entertainment industry or not. Since N.A.P Entertainment announced C-REAL’s indefinite hiatus in March 2013, the members returned to school and completing their education. After a long wait, there is still no news about C-REAL, and many fans speculate that the group disbanded without an official statement being released by their agency.


Nevertheless, let’s continue to give support and love to C-REAL’s Ann J who once debuted and promoted as a K-pop idol. Hopefully, what she is doing now can keep her happy, and let’s wait patiently until she can return as a K-pop idol!

Well, that is all of the information about C-REAL’s Ann J and everything about her that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!